The world is full of oppression and depression. International events bombard us. Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, China, etc. Nationally, the VA problem, military suicides, the economy, jobs, etc. Yet, a natural event has captured the attention of many.

I refer to Katharine. The Great White Shark. Pregnant or no? Traveling to the Gulf of Mexico or returning to the waters off Cape Cod?

I first spoke of Katharine several days ago. What follows is what I know as of this morning.

Katharine is now somewhere south west of Key West. Between Key West and Cuba. She definitely appears to be heading for the Gulf of Mexico.

Pregnancy comes into play. If pregnant, she will go to the Gulf to deliver. If not, she will return to the waters off Cape Cod which apparently are the breeding grounds for great white sharks. The present assumption is that she is pregnant since she continues in the direction of the Gulf.

There is a video on You Tube taken by a diver spear fishing off Vero Beach last week. He saw Katharine and filmed her. The guy had to be nuts! The music of Jaws was added to the video. Made it more menacing. The shark darted around the diver. Fortunately, never that close.

Katharine’s Twitter following continues to grow. It now exceeds 8,000.

A contractor spent the morning at my home yesterday. Someone considering buying the house wanted some numbers. I had to get out. Went to Lisa’s. Did my blog and next week’s KONK Life column while there.

Jake has it made! It is his home!

No question about it. He lies in his small bed, on the couch and on the floor. He lets Lisa know when he wants to go out. He chases the tiny lizards through the bushes. When he wants a treat, he stands at the bag holding them and looks at Lisa with sorrowful eyes.

The title of next week’s KONK Life column is “You Should Know…..” Little things that escape the attention of many. Like the giant rise in CEO salaries while most CEO’s are opposed to a raise in the minimum wage, General Motors dragging its ass in repairing the more than 2 million recalls with the defective ignition switch, Sears in bigger trouble because of the 1 percent not having purchasing power, the shocking number of military suicides since the first of the year, the shame of the VA screw ups, the government profiting to the tune of $41.3 billion last year off the college tuition program, and why didn’t the government tell us Snowden was utilized as a spy as well as a computer geek when his story first broke more than a year ago.

This week’s edition of KONK Life hit the stands yesterday. My column concerned demanded renunciations of faith or crucifixion in certain countries. One was Vietnam. In addition to crucifixions, I also mentioned Vietnam having a special unit of religious police.

As with most communities today in the United States, Key West is a veritable United Nations. Two Vietnamese contacted me after reading the article.

One has been in the United States 20 years. She left Vietnam when she was 14. She recalled hearing about crucifixions when there, but never saw one. As to the religious police, she knew of one. The other said right on. His former country was very anti Protestant and Catholic. It practiced forced renunciations.

Enjoy your day!



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