My 15 minutes of notoriety are gone. This week’s KONK Life hit the stands yesterday. There is a new face on the cover.

I once again thank Guy de Boer for featuring me on last week’s cover. Every where I went, people mentioned it to me.

I wrote about condoms and government waste yesterday. I spent time researching the issue in detail yesterday afternoon. My thought was to do next week’s KONK Life column on condoms and government waste. The research educated me. I learned a few things I was previously unaware of. I also realized there was not enough background material upon which to build a newspaper article.

Some pieces of unrelated information stuck out. Permit me to share them with you.

1. The grant was made to a Georgia condom manufacturer. I tried to figure out the name. Turns out there are several condom  manufacturers in Georgia. Maybe Georgia is the condom capital of the world.

2. Trojan manufactures 75 percent of all condoms. Whether in the United States or world wide, I could not figure out.

3. Trojan produces 1 million condoms a day. I did not realize there were that many in use.

4. China and India are the biggest users of condoms in the world.

5. The government grant was to design condoms in various sizes. Like 95, I read some where. I thought this better fit thing was baloney. Turns out it is not. There is a problem. Especially among African-American men. It is claimed they have more problems with fit and feel than Caucasians. The result is condom failure while in use.

I babysat late yesterday afternoon and into the early evening. Robert had fallen behind in his homework. Lisa’s marching orders to me were to keep him working at his homework… not believe him if he says he’s done. I did not have to follow instructions. Poor Robert stayed buried at his desk working hard. Ally had no homework. She watched TV with me.

Jake got into the picture. He likes me. He was up on the couch lying next to me. Of course, I had to rub his head and back.

Stopped at Don’s Place afterwards. Several people commented in effect that my picture was all over town. I suggested they should buy the book.

Chatted a bit with Don, Jimmy, Hershel, Rob, Frankie, and Grant. Grant is the Bad Boy Burrito cook. Soon to be famous when the cooking show that filmed him airs.

You can tell bocce is around the corner. It is THE topic of conversation. We have too many players, who should play the first game, do we want to win or have a good time, etc. Don, Frankie and I had the discussion last night.

It was an early evening. I was home in bed by 9.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. So u have become like the Nuns and Brothers of my grammAr school? Wardens! Children deserve e to be free to learn at their own pace. You should be the enabler; not the warden. Laff besides how do you want to be remembered? Homework or fun?????

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