Isaac never made it as predicted. Not even a limp dick.

Isaac started around 1 yesterday afternoon. The winds picked up. Rain a steady drizzle. By 2, Issac was blowing. A swift wind. The rain continued  a steady drizzle. By 6, it was all over. The worst of Issac had passed Key West by.

Isaac never achieved the intensity predicted.

Good. No question about it. I would rather have it this way all the time. Preparation no problem. We have become accustomed to it. Better safe than sorry.

I do not think Isaac ever achieved hurricane level. It stayed a tropical storm. Fortunately!

Winds yesterday were generally 40 miles an hour. Gusts may have gotten up to 60.

I just walked out the back door onto the deck. A beautiful morning! Sun shining. Scattered clouds. Warm. Wind blowing. About 20 miles per hour. I suspect we will have rain off and on today.

Television reporting regarding Isaac sucked. Hype! All the time!

TV continued reporting….. IT IS COMING! THE BIG ONE! Then a nothing comparatively as yesterday turned out. I felt sorry for Al Roker. He was standing on the Weston Pier saying it is coming. It never came. The picture behind him was one of basic calm.

I went out on my deck around 3. During the height of the storm. Normally, I would not be able to do it. I would be swept up by the wind and my body would become a flying missile. They would probably find me in New Orleans.

My walk on the deck was uneventful. A strong, but not overwhelming, wind. My body did not even bend with it. A steady drizzle.

The only problem I encountered during all of Isaac was TV. During the height of the storm, my TV went off 3 times. For only 5 minutes each time.

It will take Adam a couple of days to get here to take off the plywood panels covering the doors and windows. The grandkids, Corey and I threw the deck furniture in the pool. It will be Adam’s responsibility to get it out. It is much harder to take out than throw in.

The one good thing about Isaac were the experiences Robert and Ally enjoyed and will remember. Their first hurricane. They will never forget the joy of tossing deck furniture in the pool.

Enjoy your day!

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