Happy Thanksgiving!

May all enjoy this day. Good food, some drink, friends and family. Then to sleep with an overindulged stomach.

We owe the holiday to two sources. First, the Pilgrims who gave thanks with a big dinner with their then Indian friends at Plymouth in 1621. Followed by George Washington. Washington decreed in 1789 there should be a day of thanksgiving. To rejoice and thank God for the many blessings He had bestowed on the new country.

My Thanksgiving will be with Lisa and family. The big dinner at 1. I am curious how my diet will fare. The diet that now has me at a 17 pound loss.

I ran some errands mid day yesterday. Then stopped at Don’s Place. For a glass of water. Sat and chatted with Jimmy and John. House painters, the weather had rained them out.

Dinner at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town last night. Packed again. Some locals, mostly tourists. The place does a hell of a business!

Adair was at the bar. I had not seen him in a while. Adair is a trainer. His body is the best advertisement for his business. Adair is somewhere in his 60s. Looks a lot younger. Has a magnificent tight torso.

I have learned to feel sorry for the women on Thanksgiving. They are up early in the morning to get the turkey in the oven at the right time. Stuffing it first, of course. Then watching the turkey for several hours and preparing all the side dishes.

Thanksgiving is a good time to be a man. It is like child birth. It is the woman’s thing to do!

Call me a chauvinist. Though I am not.

There are two special things to celebrate today.

The hurricane season comes to an end November 30. No hurricane this year! No hurricanes for 10 years. Key West deserved it after Wilma.

Thirty turtles arrived at the Marathon Turtle Hospital. From the cold waters of Cape Code. Hypothermia. More to follow. The turtles have it made. They do not need Obamacare. They will receive the best medical care at no cost.

A question comes to mind re the Ferguson fallout. There have been 37 demonstrations in various parts of the United States in recent days. All a part of the Ferguson fallout. The demonstrations have been well organized. Similar in nature. The question I raise is who is behind these protest marches. There has to be someone or some group. Who? It concerns me.

I leave you this morning with two Louis thoughts re Ferguson. I suspect the reason Wilson was not indicted was because the local authorities were not going to let a dead black man put a white police officer in jail. The other is that what happened in Ferguson is a perfect example of might winning out over right.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving day!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lou and family! I hope is will be special.

    “I leave you this morning with two Louis thoughts re Ferguson. I suspect the reason Wilson was not indicted was because the local authorities were not going to let a dead black man put a white police officer in jail. The other is that what happened in Ferguson is a perfect example of might winning out over right.”

    While I am not naive to the Jim Crow past in the Old South, as a retired law enforcement officer who faced numerous suspects, armed and unarmed, of all races (skin color at the time was not particularly relevant as to the violence; I have to disagree with the idea this is just another “White Wash.”

    If it is, and the evidence, especially the physical evidence does not support the indictment of the officer than even Holder’s DOJ won’t be able to drum-up charges to placate the angry masses. We expect a lot of our police, protect us at all times, react instantly and perfectly when confronted by enraged people, typically high or totally out of control, who want to either injure or kill you (or both).

    In my opinion, this is but a snippet of a larger picture of a society fraying, lacking respect for the Rule of Law, each other and trumpeting personal rights at everyone else’s expense. The social contract that keeps 315 million people living more-or-less in harmony or at least a truce is going away; to everyone’s ultimate detriment, especially our future generations. This is due to complex reasons ranging from an economy dominated by the top 001% to a sick media culture that glorifies sex, violence and social dysfunction as the norm.

    What happened in Missouri is but a symptom, the officer a sacrificial lamb to slaughter for our sins. If the suspect was surrendering and shot in cold blood by the officer, that is murder. Should be simple to prove. A Federal indictment imminent. We will see.

    I respect few individual’s opinion in this regard, only those of fellow cops and combat veterans who have actually had another human attack them and even try really kill them. Very few people really experience that event fortunately (outside TV, movies and video games, most people would freeze and be a victim when it hits for real. When the violence is in your face and not on your video screen the men from the boys are separated.

    So I pass judgement on the actions of officers with great thought and if the entire system is not corrupt to the core and the officer a thug, the prosecutors (local and federal) need to prove it and indict him now.

    Based on the suspect’s video showing his kind interaction with the store clerk during a robbery preceding the interaction with the officer, I doubt things are as the media is painting. A much more complex interaction now trumped up by a scandalous and sold-out media to serve as an example of everything “wrong” with America today.

  2. Again, just more liberalness.
    Again, actually look at the facts.
    Again, the grand jury after 70 hrs of testimony from 60 witness’s came to the correct decision.

    As usual, or typical, there is no mention from you regarding the other recent killings of white officers by blacks.

    Since the Brown incident there have been 244 teenagers murdered in Chicago alone.

    The rose colored glasses need to be taken off and this as, well as all other matters, need to be looked at from reality.

  3. >I suspect the reason Wilson was not indicted

    I think that the Grand Jury got it right.

    And, that the American Grand Jury should move back to the old English Grand Jury system, where it was a check on the power of politicians and bureaucrats.

    The Grand Jury should not indict “ham sandwiches”, but hold the Prosecutor to a high standard for what is “evidence”.

    The cost of a lawyer makes for Plea Bargains. And, injustice.

    I think that there should NEVER be a plea bargain.

    Make the Prosecutor run the bases all the way around.


    That’s why innocent people get jail or executed!

    Sloppy justice is no justice.

    • If there were no plea bargaining, taxes would go up dramatically. More people would go to jail. More jails would have to be built and staffed. Additional court rooms, judges and staff would be required. More prosecutors also. That is why we have plea bargaining. If people do not want it, no problem. However be prepared to pay for a perfect justice system.

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