This mechanized world can be a pain in the butt!

I have my blog talk radio show down to a science. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Works well  every week. I decided to expand a bit. I wanted to be able to do the show from where I might be in the world. Greece, China, where ever.

After some investigatory work, the solution was Skype. The audio portion.

Sloan and I worked on it. Thought we had it. Sunday morning spent 1.5 hours with the Skype people making sure we were doing it correctly. We were. No problem.

Tonight, the show would not broadcast. I tried the Skype way first. No success. Then went back to the old way with a telephone. Again, no success. I suspect it is the Skype involvement that is screwing things up. Or maybe my ineptitude.

I called an end to my attempts at what would have been 10 minutes into the show. During that time, I had Sloan on my cell phone. We were trying to figure things out. I uttered a few well chosen cuss words.

I suspect the archive portion of the show might have been recording. There is where most of my audience is. They will get an earful!

We now have another conference call with the blog talk people tomorrow night and a test run.

Sad the show could not go forward. The material was terrific. All because we live in a crazy topsy turvy time.

The topics for the show included Senator McCain and Syria, Catholic hypocrisy, Myrtle Beach’s attack on thongs, my prediction of what will occur next in the Jodi Aria saga, Prague love trains, an 87 year old grandfather who sky dived to bring attention to his grandson who might need a lung transplant, a post Rubygate trial Silvio Berlusconi update, and  horsemeat’s popularity.

There is a benefit/advantage derived. I can still use the research on friday’s tv/internet show. Which means I am half way home in my preparation for friday’s show.

Dinner tonight was alone at Hogfish. Me and the newspapers. I ate a Philly cheese steak sandwich. First time at Hogfish. Absolutely delicious! Out of sight! Recommended!

Today’s Key West Citizen headline article was on hurricanes. The experts say  an “… season expected.” The season starts in a few days. June 1.

Three reasons were given. There is no El Nino this year, increased rainfall in western Africa, and warmer Caribbean sea temperatures.

All of this does not mean Key West will definitely be hit. The article suggested a greater number of hurricanes, noting it is problematic what areas will be affected.

To those less knowledgeable, most of the hurricanes that hit the Florida keys get started in the ocean waters off the western coast of Africa. We follow them across the ocean hoping they will not pass over Key West.

There is no certainty till the last minute specifically where a hurricane will hit. Hurricanes are fickle and unpredictable. Much like women. They do what they want when they want.

The weather today was unusual. It poured big time non stop with booming thunder and lightning. It was ok by me. We needed the water. A storm like this also cleans things up a bit.

I have always enjoyed seashore storms. When my children were young, we vacationed at the Jersey Shore every summer. I loved the rainy days. The feel, the smell. You could taste the salt air.

Enjoy your day!




  1. I saw the pics from around Duval & Front, along the Pier House parking lot, etc., and the flooding was quite shocking! Hoping you’re able to get around but it looked as though things came to a standstill today. Good luck, hope the waters go down quickly.

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