The Hemingway Look A Like Contest ran well into the evening saturday night. At Sloppy Joe’s. 131 contestants. Wally Collins, a Phoenix restaurateur won.

I do not know how many years Collins has been a contestant. The word on the street is it takes at least 10 years of participating before anyone is seriously considered. My friend Hank from Melbourne has been trying for 21 years. Has not made it yet!

Hemingway and Key West go hand in hand. He lived in Key West from 1931-39. Wrote To Have and Have Not and A Farewell to Arms while here. Worked on parts of other novels.

Tennessee Williams was another outstanding writer who made his home in Key West. From 1949-83, he lived at 1431 Duncan Street. One and a half blocks from where Lisa now lives. While visiting and not yet having settled in Key West, Williams wrote a first draft of A Streetcar Named Desire. He wrote it in 1947 while staying at the La Concha Hotel on Duval. The La Concha stands to this day.

During the Civil War, Florida seceded. Key West however remained in Union hands. The Union had a naval base and military personnel here.

A Conch today is a person who was born in Key West. A much respected designation. Those who came here to live but were not born in Key West, and have resided in Key West for seven years, are known as Freshwater Conchs.

The term Conch has a far deeper history. The first Conchs were persons of European ancestry who immigrated from the Bahamas. They came in increasing numbers beginning in the 1830’s.

By 1889, Key West was the largest and wealthiest city in Florida. The salt and salvage businesses though good were starting to decline. Cigar making was on the rise.

Key West was isolated prior to 1912. No railroad or highway. Water the only access. In 1912, Henry Flagler completed his railroad to Key West.  Flagler’s Overseas Railroad. Much of the railroad was destroyed by the Labor Day hurricane of 1935. It was never rebuilt.

US 1 was completed in 1938. A highway connecting Key West with mainland Florida. Called the Overseas Highway.

The one person close in Key West fame to Hemingway is Harry Truman. Truman spent a total of 175 days over a course of 11 visits while President. He stayed at a part of the Naval Base which is now Truman Annex. The building was known as the Little White House. It is now listed on the National Registry.

The Naval Base was first established in 1820. It remains to this day. Spread around and significantly smaller. At its strength, it had 15,000 military and 3,400 civilian personnel.

Cruise ships first docked in Key West at Mallory Square in 1984.

Key West is reputed to be the southernmost point in the United States. Close, but not actually. Ballast Key which is a privately owned island to the south and west of Key West is the southernmost point.

Cuba is a mere 90 miles from Key West. Closer than Miami which is 155 miles from Key West.

Hurricanes are always a concern. Yearly. Generally in the fall months. Though some on occasion a bit earlier. Wilma in 2005 and Georges in 1998 were the two worst hurricanes in recent years.

Hope you found these bits of information interesting.

Enjoy your day!



Yesterday was the day! The running of the Bulls! An integral part of Hemingway Days.

Over a hundred Hemingway look a likes gathered on Green Street. White pants and white shirts. Red berets. Red sashes around the waist.

The bulls not for real. Though they did look ominous. Made of wood. On wheels.  One Hemingway look a like riding and a dozen others pushing and pulling.

I don’t know why, but I love this part of Hemingway Days the best each year.

Last night was Tavern ‘n Town and Bobby Nesbitt. Sat quietly alone at a corner of the bar, read the newspapers, enjoyed a drink and had something to eat. All the time humming away to whatever Bobby was singing.

Manager Judy there again last night. Does a good job. The Marriott Beachside is a first class hotel. Top shelf dining a must. Judy helps supply it. Her dining room precision run.

I was hit with some nostalgia last night.

I was driving to Tavern ‘n Town. Had the radio playing. It was on Sirius station 4. Music from the Forties. The tune…..Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree. Don’t laugh. Songs with such names were popular back then.

It was during World War II that Don’t Sit Under the Apple tree was a hit tune. Around 1943. A popular radio show was Your Hit Parade. Saturday nights at 9. The top tunes of the week were sung. My father bought sheet music. Just the words. My mother, father and I would sit in the living room with the radio on. No TV back then. We would sing a long with the songs being sung on the show.

Snooky Lanson was one of the male stars. Strange, I remember his name. Even at 8, I sensed something was wrong with the name Snooky.

Frank Sinatra was one of the show’s performers. But only for a while. He was just merging as a popular soloist. He screwed up the words to the #1 song of the week. Don’t Fence Me In. Another one of those titles! The show fired him. How stupid! Little did they know.

The show was sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes. Most adults smoked back then.

James Garner died yesterday. A great movie star. He was in his mid 80s. I enjoyed his movie and TV work. Our lives closely paralled age wise. I enjoyed him all my adult life.

Enjoy your Sunday!




Getting out of the house yesterday started with a mid afternoon appointment with Dr. McIvor, my heart specialist.  I was almost an hour late. McIvor said you should not have worried… took me 45 minutes to get in from the hospital!

The Boulevard construction has us totally screwed up. Now only one lane each way into town. Yesterday’s problem was at the triangle at the end of US 1 and the beginning of Key West. They were rewiring and otherwise working on the triangle. Police trying to help. Directing traffic. It took me 40 minutes to travel 2.5 miles. From where I enter onto US 1 at Key Haven until I reach Key West.

Part of my examination was my blood pressure. The nurse took it. It was high. To be expected! Took it 15 minutes later and everything was ok. McIvor said I was in good shape…..see you in 3 months.

It was well after 5 by the time I left the doctor’s office. Headed over to Don’s Place. Enjoyed time with Jimmy and Joanie, Erika and Hershel, and Grant.

My next stop was downtown. Duval! I wanted to see how Hemingway Days was doing.

Everywhere I walked there was a Hemingway. More than 130 are entered in this year’s contest. There was one or more in every bar and on the streets. Sloppy Joe’s had quite a few holding court.

Hemingway was a bit of a drinker. Quite a bit. He also was a bit paunchy. Today’s Hemingway Days activities  besides drinking include two athletic events. A 5K race and a paddle boat race. Not Hemingwayish.

Most of the contestants actually look like Hemingway. Not just his famous beard. The paunch!

Today is the actual look a like contest. Sloppy Joe’s at 1. Today also the famous Run of the Bulls. A sight to see!

Soapbox time again! Something is bothering me.

The 50,00 plus children who immigrated here. Washington is not doing enough. The Republicans are bucking the President. In the meantime, the children are in a downward spiral situation. Katrina all over again.

Don’t believe me. Go to the internet and search through the many photos appearing of the children. A picture does say a thousand words. We should be ashamed!

Illness is creeping in. Some of the kids are not getting proper physicals or follow ups. More children will get sick. What ever the bugs, they will find their way into our lives.

We need a better system/organization to deal with the situation. Obama’s $3,7 billion request would help.

My grandfather came over from Italy at the age of 12 around 1910. Alone. He never knew his parents. He grew up alone on the streets of Naples. When he arrived at Ellis Island, he had some communicable disease. Typhus, I think. Though I am not sure. Ellis Island had a hospital. My grandfather was hospitalized for three months before he was permitted to enter the United States.

The 50,000 plus children are living in makeshift facilities without proper care. There are those trying to help. Trying soon will not be enough.

I became aware that Florida is starting to receive some of the children. The Governor and his people are concerned. About communicable diseases.

Today is the anniversary of Don’t ask, don’t tell. Clinton put it into effect in 1993. I thought he was crazy at the time. He was avoiding the issue. I have since changed my mind. He was correct. He sensed the country was not ready to accept gays. His program turned out to be a bridge to today. Smart guy, that Clinton!

Tomorrow is the anniversary of man stepping on the moon. July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong. I shall never forget. The greatest happening in my 79 years.

Enjoy your day!


I love politics. Without question. Governmental and social issues have become my forte. I am happy it has occurred. Over my Key West years, the internet show, TV show, blog talk radio show, and KONK Life column have created this monster in me that enjoys speaking out. I almost forgot. Also, the book I wrote.

For many years, I have been of the opinion that Key West should have a Cheers type TV show. Generally regarding political and social matters. There is genius undiscovered in Key West. My words fall on deaf ears. No one envisions what I see.

There are two bars where untapped genius can be found. Don’s Place and the Chart Room. My vision is a camera at a corner of Don’s outside bar. Then a group drinking and chatting for three hours. Edit the time down to one half or an hour.

The comments elicited would blow your mind! The humor factor.

I seek the political and social, also. There are inquiring minds at Don’s Place. People like Hershel and Jimmy. I love talking politics and world events with these guys. Both are extremely and surprisingly knowledgeable. Jimmy is a house painter and Hershel an engineer of sorts. Both a bit left of center.

The Chart Room is another story. A great venue for a show. However, I prefer Don’s. There is less seriousness at Don’s Place. In any event, I doubt the Pier House would permit a politically engaging show to be performed on its premises.

I enjoy chatting with my local friends at the Chart Room. Emily can be tough, Sheila loving, David right on, Che opinionated.

My friends would provide the flavor. There are other minds that would make the political jargon challenging. It is the tourists. A good number are from middle America. Politically they range from conservative backward to tea party mentality. Most however conservative. Rock hard Republicans.

I enjoy chatting with them. I try to ease the conversations into politics to see how others think. They are happy to share. I have one problem. The middle country folk always seem to repeat Republican speaking points. I rarely find deviation.

I have only met one tea party person. At least, I think so. He was crazy! Enough said.

If anyone out there has any interest in my Don’s Place concept for a show, let me know. I would love to get such a show off the ground.

Hemingway Days start tomorrow. One of my favorite Key West events. The Hemingway look alikes. Some 125 strong. And the running of the bulls, Key West style. The bull run is saturday afternoon.

Me thinks I have a black cloud over my head. The car last week. Last night, my kitchen sinks and one of my toilets started working in reverse. I needed my friend Frankie the Plumber. Nowhere to be found. He is somewhere in New York City. After about seven telephone calls, I was able to track down one of his men. Mark or Pete. I cannot remember for sure. One of them will be here this morning.

Which means… gym again. I missed last week and will be missing this morning. Makes me unhappy. My routines will be more difficult when I return.

Enjoy your day!



I am sort of land locked. No car yesterday. Ergo, confined to home. All day and night.

Not a bad day, however. I got to work on my Greece book. I have avoided moving forward on it for three weeks. No particular reason. I have read that the hardest thing for an “author” to do is sit down to write. I got lazy. The daily blog, the weekly KONK Life column, and my blog talk radio show eat up a lot of time and energy. I love doing all three and would not eliminate any one. I have to allocate my time better.

I have completed reviewing the first 16 days of the Greece trip. There are a total of 31 days. It is exciting! I am reliving the trip all over again. Day 16 was one of the Mykonos days. It was also the day I got hit by a car and thrown over a three foot stone wall. A hit and run. The bastard never stopped.

I sent Guy deBoer next week’s KONK Life column today. John Paul Jones Part 1. Part 2 will be published the following week. Hope you enjoy both parts! John Paul Jones was an interesting person.

Sloan stopped in late in the afternoon. We plugged away at a couple of things. I am not computer literate. I need a Sloan.

I have been doing Blog Talk Radio for two years. Love doing the show! It is a quick half hour of Louis expressing his thoughts on political and social issues. The half hour requires 10-12 hours weekly of preparation. Which I enjoy! I was a lawyer. Lawyers research.

Blog Talk Radio advised me this week that I have been elevated to Featured Host. The designation is noted on my blog talk radio page. Additionally, I will be listed picture and all as a Featured Host on Blog Talk’s home page. Do not be impressed. Blog Talk is a big operation and has many hosts. Featured Hosts number about one hundred.

Blog Talk indicated the reason for the designation being applied to the show was two fold. A growing audience and the quality of the subject matter presented.

I like it. Thank you Blog Talk Radio.

It has been seven months since The World Upside Down was published. Would you believe… is still selling! Worldwide. The book is available for purchase on and

One of my favorite Key West events each year is Hemingway Days. Next week! July 15-20. The best part from my perspective is the Hemingway Look A Like Contest. There will be 125 plus contestants. Most return each year. Hoping to win, but really to share in the fun of the event.

My car is supposed to be ready tomorrow. I hope so. There is a degree of loss of freedom in not be able to hop in your car and take off.

Enjoy your day!




Here I am sitting on the Greek isle of Amorgos and I will be writing about Germany and Hemingway Days today. Neither has anything to do with each other nor with Amorogos.

The reason the topics are what they are is that I did nothing yesterday. I spent several hours writing next week’s KONK Life column. Then laid around. In the sun, in bed. Period.

The next KONK Life column will be published thursday. The title: Germany…..Biggest Whore House In Europe. It is. Germany has become the sex discount capital of the world.

The thrust of the column has nothing to do with sex per se. It has to do with Germany’s pattern of failing those it initially claimed would be helped. The euro union is an example. All the countries going down the drain economically and socially. Germany pushed the euro union. Promised a new world. Easy money. An end to economic concerns. Fifteen or so years later, Germany is raking in the dollars while other countries are suffering big time.

Prostitution is another example. Germany legalized prostitution in 2002. It was a new day for the ladies of the night. Social acceptance, pensions, medical, etc. Eleven years later, the prostitutes are in dramatically worse shape. Germany on the other hand is thriving from their pain. Big time tax dollars are being collected on prostitution earnings. Germany has become the biggest pimp of all.

The bottom line is Germany is not to be trusted. They sell great up front, but do not produce for anyone but themselves in the end.

Hemingway Days. A big weekend the past few days in Key West. An annual event. Sorry I missed it.

Hemingway lived in Key West 10 years. Wrote some of his best novels there. Key West is proud to have been a part of his life.

Two events I especially enjoy. The Hemingway Look-A-Like Contest and the Bull Run.

Roughly 125 Hemingway look alikes compete to see who looks closest to the original. All white bearded, of course. All wandering around over the weekend in white shirt and pants, with a fire engine red beret on their heads and scarf belt around their waists.

The Bull Run is exciting. Replicated from The Sun Also Rises. The Key West bulls are cardboard machete.

Perhaps, I will be more active today. I do not know.

Enjoy your day!


I visited Chora last night. Also known as hora.

Most Greek isles have a Chora. A community of sorts. Generally, a town. Most are medieval in origin. Go back 1,500 to 2,000 years. They still look the same. Unchanged by time. White buildings, narrow walkways.

Choras were built on hilltops. For protective and defensive purposes. Amorgos’ Chora is on top of a tall mountain. Just over the top. So it could not be seen by ships entering the bay. Way back when, pirates were a problem. By constructing their homes just over the crest, the early Greeks were hopeful their community would not be spotted.

If discovered, the set up of the Chora assisted in its defense. The entrance to the Chora was always a very narrow walkway. The attackers were only able to enter single file or two abreast at the most. Chora’s defenders were better able to protect their homes and families and at the same time do the most damage to invaders.

People still live in Chora. Old and young alike. Businesses have opened. Tiny specialty stores and restaurants.

I took the bus to Chora. A ten minute drive. 1.60 euros each way. A bargain.

The buses are magnificent. Large. Air conditioned. Comfortable. The drivers friendly and adept at driving. They have to be. The road up and down is steep and full of dangerous curves. The drivers carry themselves as if they were Captains on a jet airliner.

I walked the same path as last year. You will recall Chora killed me last year. Steps up. Everything up. It was a horrible trip.

This year, I did it with ease. Surprised even myself. I am in better condition.

I went to the same cafe/restaurant as last year. Along the way, I spotted Maria’s store. Maria who did my nails a couple of days ago. Her store is named Kwati. Sells soaps, oils and some foodstuffs. I was especially taken by pint jars of broccoli in oil and garlic.

I sat outside the cafe and drank. Three gins. They were all big. I was surprised. Even had Tanqueray. I sat there close to three hours.

Marie had mentioned I should try raki psimeni. A Greek drink made with burnt sugar. I did. Sweet. Good.

I cannot tell you the name of the restaurant. It was in Greek. Not an easy language written wise. Letters not arabic.

I have discovered that when I ask someone to spell a Greek word in English, there is difficulty. However most can spell it in Latin. It does help. I took three years of Latin in high school and also served as an altar boy.

Cats are a big deal in Chora, as well as all of Amorgos. They are well liked. Permitted in restaurants and cafes. They are beggars. People constantly feed them. I cannot. I find it repulsive.

Trees. I mentioned yesterday or the day before that there were no trees on Amorgos. There are. In Chora. Tons of them. Why not elsewhere, I do not know.

The evenings have been cold while I have been on Amorgos. Chora was cold by day and even colder by night. The wind on top of the mountain was strong. Could knock you over. You bent with it. Came from every direction. Buildings were no protective help. The wind moved around corners with ease.

I had planned to have dinner in Chora. The cold dissuaded me. I decided to leave.

I screwed up. Got the return trip wrong time wise. My fault. I did not understand the bus driver. Missed the bus. There was a 1 1/2 hour wait for the next one.

The bus stop is just outside Chora. No protection. The wind bellowed. So cold I could have used a winter jacket. And long pants. I was wearing shorts. Fortunately, I found a small bar just at the entrance and got the protection from the wind that I needed.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning! From glorious Key West. Where it is raining! And looks like it is going to rain all day.

I am sorry there are so many photos of my trip. Over 600. To be expected I guess from a seven week trip.

I spent the better part of yesterday going through the pictures. Selecting the ones I thought best to share with you. I did not finish. Selected too many. They are all good!

I have been advised I cannot run 600 pics. Would slow down everyone’s computers. A decision has been made. I am going to break the photos down to each of the seven places visited. Plus an extra category or two for some unusual experiences. Like the volcano. Then select the best ten of each category.

I feel bad. Like I am cheating everyone. Any ideas, let me know.

I walked Duval a bit early in the evening. Hemingway Days in full swing. Booths along the street selling all kinds of things. One of the most active booths was selling food. Greek food. I looked. Nothing looked like what I ate in Greece. I passed. Did not try any of the items.

Worked my way into Sloppy Joe’s. More people than the fire laws probably allowed. The Hemingway look a likes were on stage. It was the finals.

The heat was too much for me. I left Sloppy’s and Duval. Headed for the air conditioned Chart Room.

JJ bartending. Sheila and Captain Peter at the bar.

I sat next to a lovely woman. Turned out she was Greek. Her name Elena. Likes to be referred to as the Key West Greek.

I had never met her before. Elena has been in and out of Key West her whole life. She has lived elesewhere, also. All over the world!

Elena is an artist. A mixed media artist. Paintings, woood burning, etc. Her work is being shown at Hogfish, the Greene Street Cigar Company, and the Estate Liquidation Warehouse.

I enjoyed her company. She knew Greece intimately. Great conversation!

Elena made me feel good. She brought up ages. Told me she was older than me. I said no way. I am older than everyone. She said she was 59. Blew her mind when I told her I was 77. I think it is the beard. I may never shave it off.

Sheila had a friend. Mary Antoine. Mary was down from Fort Lauderdale. She is into cruising and franchising.

I desired a veal chop. To Michael’s.

Sat at the bar.

Two gentlemen next to me. In their early 60s. We chatted. One started talking about Woodstock back in 1969. He had been there. For all three days. Made sense. Once you were in, you could not get out.

He told us about his experiences at Woodstock. Except for one. His friend and I asked simultaneolusly…..But did you get laid? The laughs were gut wrenching. He did. In the mud and rain.

It was celebrity night at Michael’s. Paula Dean came in. With a large group. Her husband is a contestant in the Hemingway look alike contest. Paula is the TV chef. Oprah loves her. She is world famous.

Paula was well received. Most knew of her. I did not realize so many people were into cooking. She was gracious. Acknowledged everyone. Enjoyed her evening.

Robert got home last night. Lisa and Corey drove to Miami to pick him up. Lisa said he was tired. He looked like he had not slept in a week.

The family and I are having dinner together tonight at the Yacht Club.

It is 10 am. The British Open is coming up on television. Must hurry to watch it.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Yesterday’s internet show a winner! The Key West Lou Legal hour was back to normal. The trip is yesterday’s news.

I was bombarded following the show with e mails and telephone calls. People telling me what topics interested them most. Yesterday’s were the two stories concerning Presidents.

The John Holland story. Holland was a forefather of FDR and the two Bushes. Said a better way, FDR and the two Bushes are Holland’s descendants.

The other involved Grover Cleveland. Cleveland was the Democratic candidate for President in the 1884 election. Politics back then as dirty as today. It came out during the campaign that Cleveland had a 10 year old illegitimate son. He was supporting both the son and his former mistress. The Republicans came up with a tidbit for the campaign: “Ma, Ma, where’s my
Pa? Gone to the white House, ha, ha, ha.”

Cleveland won the election. I doubt he could today.

Visited Lisa for a while after the show. Robert somewhere in middle Florida with the cancer survivor group and Ally at day camp. Lisa and Corey pick up Robert today in Miami. The family will be a unit once more.

Then a visit to the dentist. A minor problem.

Last night started with the Chart Room. Big crowd. Many locals. Emily, Sheila, Captain Peter, Sean and Katherine. Hemingway Hank was back with his wife Patricia. Hank was proudly wearing a medal around his neck. For the ninth year, he has been selected as a finalist in the Hemingway Look A Like Contest. Hope he wins. He’s due.

Met Billy and Cindy Schott.

Billy is a true blue loyal reader of this blog. Every day. He and Cindy were married last year at this time on Smathers Beach. Key West is in their blood. Billy occasionally e mails me. He was at the Chart Room last night to meet me.

Billy and Cindy are from the Austin, Texas area. Billy was a kicker for the 1971-1975 Texas University football teams. Later, he played pro ball with the Houston Oilers. Today, he works for the Big 12 as a TV liason. Off season, his responsibilities incude collecting urine samples for testing. He might be described as the Pee Commissioner of Texas.

Cindy is an art teacher and also has her own catering business.

I spent my whole time at the Chart Room with them. Interesting and nice people. I suspect that since they were married in Key West, they will continue to visit each year at this time.

Dinner was at the bar at the Hot Tin Roof. Great food, as usual. I had chicken. I had had it before and liked it. The breast is splayed, grilled, and then quickly seared in a light oil. Magnificent!

A packed house at the Hot Tin Roof, also. Joseph and Valerie were kept busy.

The new Publix opened thursday where Albertson’s used to be. It was pushing 11 in the evening. I decided to stop by and see it on my way home.

The store is set up just as Albertsons was. I knew none of the employees. I suspect they were all former Albertson employees.

Publix is going all out in the customer war with Winn Dixie. Visitors since the opening get a lovely bouquet of flowers. Baskets emptied by an employee at check out. Carts delivered to your car with the groceries by an employee. It will not last. However, it is a nice touch.

I purchased nothing so I received none of the benefits described.

There has been an increase in dolphin deaths in the Gulf area. A significant increase. 186 washed up on shore in a three month period. More than half young ones. Calves. This is occurring in the area between Louisiana and western Florida. The dead dolphins are grossly underweight and anemic.

Some experts attribute the deaths to the BP spill and the cold waters of the last two years. They zero in on the BP spill as a causing factor because tests indicate the dolphins were undernourished and anemic before the cold waters came. It is thought that the BP spill screwed up the dolphin food chain.

BP came out last year and said everything A-OK. Worry not folks. I said no way could such a mammoth problem be cured in such a short time. The effects of the spill would be felt for years. The dolphin problem is an example.

A brief comment regarding the Colorado movie house shootings. There are two schools of thought on how to avoid such a situation. One is better gun control. The other is everyone should carry a firearm for protection purposes. Shoot the bad guy before he shoots you.

The right to bear arms has been clearly recognized by the courts in the past few years. Most people seem to have missed these decisions. In some states, people may openly carry a fire arm. Some college campuses permitt students to do so.

Those against guns walk around with the misconception that laws are in place to protect them from weapon bearing individuals. They are clearly wrong. While they slept, the NRA did its job.

Let me say what I have said before on my show and in writing. Twenty years from now we will be a gun bearing society. Just as in the Old West.

My day is going to be busy. I have to work through the trip photos so they can be posted in due course.

Enjoy your day!


I wrote yesterday that Robert was attending a one week fun trip under the auspices of the Miami Childrens Hospital for youthful cancer survivors. The group consists of about 32 kids. Boys and girls.

Saturday night they attended the Marlins game. The group received all kinds of goodies and acknowledgements. Met the players, practised on the field, one threw out the opening pitch, etc.

I write this blog and everyone things I am very computer savy. I am not.

Lisa received a picture yesterday of Robert at the Marlins game. He is standing in a line with the other cancer survivors. Some Marlin players behind them.

Lisa posted the picture on Facebook this morning. Go to facebook and see it. Search Lisa Malcom. Robert is the third from left. The one with the blond hair. The picture will touch your heart. Guaranteed.

Because I am computer inept when it comes to posting pics, I have to send you directly to Lisa on Facebook.

These children are cancer survivors. Lisa talked with the mother of one of the other children last night. The mother had visited with the kids briefly yesterday. When she came upon them, they were openly talking about having had cancer and that they could have died. They were showing each other their scars.

Robert is aware of what he went through at birth. Even though cured, he is aware it affects his life. For example, he has to be checked at Miami Childrens Hospital till he is 21. He and the family pack up the car and go several times a year. How could he not understand!

God bless these kids!

Sloan and I worked long and hard yesterday morning. Our early Sunday was committed to organizing the 600 pictures taken on my trip. Soon some will be exhibited in epilogue fashion. Not all 600. That became clear yesterday. We have decided on showing the best 50. We are still getting down to that number. If 50 does not do it, I will figure some way of showing more. You shall not miss the good ones.

Walked big time again. After Sloan and I had finished. Longer than the previous day. I must keep it up! That last comment sounds sensual. Not meant to be. Sounds good, though.

There are many tourists in Key West. I am pleased. Both tourists and merchants are happy. This is a good time to visit Key West. Prices are generally half off. Meals 2 for 1. A bargain.

I spent a lot of time at the Plantation Coffee House. Reading the Sunday newspapers and sipping coffee. Both Theo and Diane were there. A hard working couple. Pleasant people.

There were several tourists seated in one area. They were chatting about the weather. The topic of discussion was whether it was going to rain yesterday. It was around one. The sun was bright and hot. Few clouds. The morning had been the same. They were convinced it would not. One of them even said he checked everything out on the internet and he was certain that it was going to be a dry day.

I wanted to tell them how wrong they were. I did not want to bust their bubble, however. It rains every day in Key West in the summer. it is our rainy season.

Sure enough around four, the deluge came. Torrential rain.

Chickens have been a problem over the years in Key West. Several years ago the city fathers paid someone to remove the chickens. Chickens are some sort of an endangered species in Florida. They cannot be killed. They must be captured, properly crated, and sent to a chicken farm somewhere in northern Florida to enjoy the rest of their days.

Key West hired a chicken catcher. He was to receive $20 per chicken. The caging and trucking expenses north were to come out of the $20. The chicken catcher did not last long. He quit. Said he could not make money. The chickens still rule the streets of Key West.

Yesterday’s Key West Citizen had an interesting article. Somewhat related.

Page 2 of the Citizen daily publishes historical events. The paper calls it Today In Key West History. One of the items mentioned occurred 100 years ago. It involved the city and county commissions getting together at a special meeting to combat what apparently was a problem at the time. The bubonic plague. Heavy stuff. The two commissions voted to pay anyone who would help to eliminate the rodents who caused the problem. Five cents per rat, one cent per mouse. Dead or alive.

Hemingway Days start to day. Run through Sunday. One of the big events is the Hemingway Look A-Like Contest. It is held annually at Sloppy Joe’s. Now that I have a beard, all of seven weeks old, I considered entering. On second thought, I realized I am not ready. The beard needs to grow more. Perhaps next year.

I feel good. The jet lag seems to have gone. However, I layed down again yesterday afternoon at 4 for a short nap. Did not wake till 9. Screwed up my game plan for the night. It was to have been dinner at the bar at La Trattoria and visiting with Kathy and Becha. Perhaps next week.

Enjoy your day!