Thirty three years ago this week  I was in Portland, Maine. First and last time. Said I would never return and I have not.

Bob and Helen got married. I was their best man. The ceremony took place in a small Lutheran Church. The same Church Helen’s parents had been married in during World War II. Nostalgia was in the air. Helen wore the same suit and hat her mother had worn. She was lovely!

The ceremony was by candlelight. Not because of the mood it created. Rather because there was an electricity problem which you will understand better as this tale unwinds.

Afterwards, we celebrated with dinner at what was purported to be the oldest restaurant in Portland. I believed it. The structure was just clapboard. Nothing else. No more wood, no plaster board, no insulation.

I froze my ass off! The whole time in Portland. The restaurant being the worst. It was twenty below zero!

I had driven to Portland with a friend. Bob Mazza. I had a cold before I even started the trip. It got much worse in the -20 degree weather. By the time I hit the restaurant, I thought I was going to die.

Heat. forget it. There was no heat anywhere. It was 1981. Carter was President. We were experiencing our first big fuel crisis. An example of how bad it was was when I went to a mammoth shopping center to buy something to help cure my cold. The place was like a refrigerator. No, a deep freeze. The store the employees all wearing winter coats and fur lined boots. The boots still stick in my mind.

The next day Bob and I headed south. He was to drop me off at the Boston airport. I had planned to go to a Club Med in Martinique. Bob thought I was too sick to go. I thought so too. I was feverish and felt like shit. All of a sudden I decided screw it! Take  me to the airport! The sun would kill whatever was bothering my body.

I went to Martinique. Two days on the beach in the sun and I was cured!

Bob and Helen. Happy anniversary! You are two of the loveliest people I know. I was honored  when Bob asked me to be best man. I continue to feel honored to this day. It is unfortunate we do not see more of each other. My fault more than yours.

Bob and Helen have retired to Las Vegas.

Last night was dinner at the Hogfish bar with Pati.

At noon today, the Syracuse/North Carolina basketball game. Syracuse is a 7 point favorite. I will be watching the game at the Sports Pub.

I know Bob will be watching the game. He is a die hard Syracuse fan as I am.

Enjoy your day!

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