First, the weather. The cold front is gone. Key West is back to glorious weather. High 70’s by day, low 70’s by night. No air conditioning day or night. No humidity.

The sun is shining brightly this morning on the MTV house across the water from me. The house is multi colored. Yellow the basic color, with blue and pink trim. Really hues. Even the mangrove trees fronting on the water are a special green this morning.

The MTV house is reflecting full size in the water between our homes. A magnificent sight!

My day yesterday started early. A fasting blood test. The steroids screwed up my last one and so we are redoing.

Hemingway, stone crabs and Africa. All in one evening. In one place. The Chart Room.

Someone wrote in chalk on the blackboard at the end of the bar in large letters…..HEMINGWAY WAS NEVER HERE! A Chart Room question often asked. Did Hemingway hang out at the Chart Room? He could not have. Hemingway had been long dead when the Chart Room came into existence in 1965.

Emily was bartending. She lucked out. One of the Pier House guests and his wife had been stone crabbing in the afternoon. They brought Emily several (crushed) and the mustard sauce. Emily dined well!

Africa came into the Chart Room in the form of Amy Culver. Amy has lived in Key West forever. A prominent citizen. She visits Africa 2-3 times a year. Has been doing so for years. She arrived with two friends. One a former American Airlines attendant, the other a Baltimore-Annapolis realtor. I had a fun time chatting with the three. Especially the realtor. I forgot to get their names.

After the two visitors left, Amy remained and we talked alone a while.

Then to the Hot Tin roof for dinner.

The bar unusually busy.

A combination of locals and visitors. The dinning room full.

Many of the guests were power boaters. Power boaters are easy to spot. The women dress a bit more.The men generally in long pants. Two were wearing jackets. No one wears a jacket in Key West. Whatever they were wearing exuded affluence. As it should. Power boating is an expensive sport. Requires big bucks. Only the rich can afford to participate.

The issue of corporate taxes keeps coming up. Many corporations have become technically foreign based in order to avoid U.S. taxes. It was recently disclosed that Pepsi Cola, Fed Ex, and Proctor & Gamble are among those that do so.

What bugs me is that if the rich do not pay their taxes, how is this country run? The answer is obvious. It is run on the backs of the middle class and those of lesser economic status. The middle class has eroded, however. So the responsibility is that of the working poor and those fortunate to be a step up from them on the economic scale. Not right! Not fair! The tax laws must be fixed so those American dollars can come home.

Enjoy your day!


Stone crab season opens today. The season runs from October 15 to May 15. I consider stone crabs the best of foods. If I were to be executed and had one last meal, it would be stone crabs.

I was first introduced to stone crabs in the early 1960s in Miami Beach. Where else but Joe’s Stone Crabs! I have been addicted ever since.

Local fisherman are not sure whether it will be a good season or bad. They never know at the beginning. Two months into the season they will.

Fantasy Fest had an early beginning this week. Not in Key West. In Marathon. A 60 year old man was arrested for running up and down US 1 bare ass.

The Pier House recently remodeled its beach bar. I lunched there yesterday. The remodeling was not extensive. It involved redoing the wall behind the bar. The wall is now covered with a huge wood panel with some insignificant design. Pretty. Not beachy, however.

I spent the whole afternoon writing. Two days in a row. I am into it.

Growing Up Italian has been set aside for the moment. My publisher insists on another World Upside Down work. The World Upside Down is becoming a series. I have promised to have it out forthwith.

I can see already the book will be a third longer than the first. I have decided to sneak in a couple of the Growing Up Italian and Greece book chapters. They will fit. The Growing
Up Italian has so many chapters already that it will probably end up a series, also.

I needed a taste of old time Key West. It was dinner at Hogfish at the bar. Chatted the time away with fishermen typical of days gone by. Bearded, somewhat toothless, extremely thin, bronzed and weathered. I enjoyed a comical time discussing the mundane.

Last night was Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I love doing the show! I appreciate all who listen.

Post show comments indicated the ebola portion garnered the most interest. All I said was cool it. Every one getting excited. McCain wants an ebola czar, a nurses’ union wants better training, Afro-Americans are saying the man from Liberia died because he was black. The last item bothers me. Not every issue is a black issue. Saying it is does not make it so. Keep playing the black card and eventually a legitimate cause will not gain support.

Friday night Goombay. Two days away. Fantasy Fest around the corner.

Enjoy your day! Continue Reading



The streets of Old Town are fraught with danger. Tourists crossing streets without looking, crossing against the light, the trains and buses. One of the worst problems involves bicycles and now tricycles.

Bikes are rented all over Old Town. Key West is one of the best places in the world to ride a bike and enjoy scenery and serenity. Key West provides bike paths on many streets. Some streets are without.

Bicyclists appear to be under he impression that they are the only ones on the street. They forget there is automobile traffic. The bikes travel not on the bike paths and not to the left side. Generally down the middle of the road. Red lights and stop signs are ignored. It is as if they do not exist. Turns are made without signaling.

Driving a car can be a pressure packed experience.

Florida laws state that bikes are to be treated the same as motor vehicles. Bikes must follow the same rules of the road as autos.

Bicyclists do not.

The vacationing society is becoming older. Baby boomers are vacationing. Those older, also. A bike can be a difficult thing to maneuver as one ages. A wobbly ride as opposed to a smooth one. Ergo, the tricycle business has boomed. A tricycle is a three wheeled bike. Also known as a trike.

The tricycles are even a worse danger. They are wider than an ordinary bicycle. Especially the back wheels. More for a car to hit!

I have written this dissertation not because I do not like bicycles and tricycles. I own two bikes. Ride them often. I write because accidents are occurring and more will occur. Simply because bicycle riders are not careful in the operation of their bikes.

Riding a bicycle/tricycle and driving a car have become sad events waiting to happen on the streets of Old Town.

Cold! Very cold during the night and this morning. Fiftys during the evening. Fifty seven at the moment. The high today is projected in the low 60s.

The cold front will have moved out friday and the temperature for friday and the weekend will be in the mid 70s.

Technically, this cold front is not a normal one. Key West cold fronts generally come off the ocean. This one from the northeast U.S. Whenever the weather is extremely cold up north, it stretches down to the Florida keys. We feel the impact. Our temps drop. Though no where near what it does in the north country.

Visited Jake yesterday. He was outside chasing tiny lizards/geckos. What a happy life!

Did Dante’s for lunch. An outdoor restaurant/bar on the water front. I ate at one of the bars. There were heaters overhead so the cold was not a problem.

Afterwards worked on last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou.

Sloan came over and worked with me a while.

The blog talk radio show last night was a good one. Discussed at length two topics. The Cyprus bank situation and the U.S. Supreme Court same sex marriage issue.

For the second week in a row, a screw up occurred. No one could hear me!

I do not know the source of the problem. Those who called in could hear me as they waited. Everyone else, nothing.


The show is archived and available 24 hours a day. Even though I was not heard at the time of the broadcast, for whatever reason the archive recording was not affected.  Ninety per cent of my listeners tune into the archive and will be able to hear it at any time. Not all was lost.

I have been in communication with the blog talk people. An Allan is supposed to call me to work the problem out.

I apologize to those who could not hear me last night. Disappointing to all of us. Please return next week.

The Key West Citizen reported this morning that the lobster and stone crab fishermen are complaining that this has been one of the worse seasons ever. One fisherman claimed it has been the worst in 40 years.

We Key Westers have been aware of the situation. Fishing friends frequent the Chart Room and Hogfish. May next year be better!

I must go out on the town this evening! I have been in 2-3 nights in a row. Need to have a couple of drinks and enjoy the company of others.

Enjoy your day!