Fog is common in many beach areas. Not Key West, however. Maybe once or twice a year.

This morning was one of those times. I woke to heavy fog. The kind described as thick as pea soup. I could see nothing. Not even the MTV house across the way. The fog has gradually lifted. Finally totally gone two hours after I first saw it.

The day is projected to be a warm one. Whether the fog has to do with it, I do not know.

Mel Fisher Museum is like a second home. I have visited many times. The Museum apparently has an attic. I did not know. Attics are uncommon in the keys. Crawl spaces prevail.

The famous playwrite Arthur Miller wrote The Price. It takes place in an attic. The show starts its run tonight for several weeks. Presented by the Fringe Theater of Key West. The show is being performed in the attic of the Museum.

Garret is another way of describing an attic. The show is advertised as taking place in the garret of the Museum.

Christmas has encouraged my writing habits. I seem to be spending more time at it. Most of yesterday involved knocking out three chapters of Growing Up Italian. Rough, of course. Refining and editing will take more time than putting the words on paper for the first time. Whatever, I was both pleased and excited by what I accomplished yesterday.

It became habit with me over the years to spend a bit of time at the end of Christmas or New Years Eves sitting alone or with my father and doing some soul searching. It has not occurred since I moved to Key West. Last night, I enjoyed the experience again.

I was with Don at Don’s place. He and I alone at the bar for a couple of hours. Serious conversation. Excellent conversation.

On the way home, my grumbling stomach told me I was on hungry. Even on a diet, one must still eat something. I stopped at Hogfish. Packed! Chatted with the fishermen who frequent the bar evenings.

Enjoy your day!




My heart cannot take much more of Syracuse basketball this season! It is constantly in my throat.

It is a game by game situation. One good game followed by three bad ones. Not good for my health!

Yesterday blew me out. Syracuse played long time foe Georgetown. I expected a close game. The Vegas line had us up by 7. Syracuse lost by 11.

What bothers me is why we lost. I read a couple of reports on the game this morning. No one is calling a spade a spade. Syracuse lost because it could not play against Georgetown’s zone defense. Plain and simple. Syracuse could not get a decent shot off from any where.

Boeheim says the team did not shoot well and that is the reason for the loss. With all due respect, it goes a step further. We could not penetrate effectively against Georgetown’s zone defense. That is why Syracuse did not shoot well.

Coach Louis suggests Syracuse practice big time over the next few days as to how to play against a zone defense. I see a lot of teams utilizing the zone defense against Syracuse in future games.

Son in law Corey has been affiliated with the Mel Fisher Museum for about a quarter of a century. He is the Museum’s Chief Archaeologist.

Corey has come up with a brilliant idea to educate people as to the wonders of underwater ship discovery and subsequent restoration. Mel Fisher will be scheduling evening get togethers to explain how a ship wreck is discovered and the ship and its contents restored. An interesting process. I have already been exposed to it.

The cost for an evening of fun and marvel is $20 per person. Do it alone, with your better half or with a group of friends. Telephone 305-294-633, extension 22, for reservations.

Big day today!

Frankie the Plumber had massive heart surgery recently. He is still mending. A fundraiser to help with the medical costs is being held this afternoon from 1-6 at Don’s Place. Everyone come! Frankie is the best of the best.

Then tonight the Academy Awards. I love watching the award show every year. Will be doing so this evening from the comfort of my bed.

Italy’s national election starts today. It is already underway. A two day event. Will end tomorrow evening. I am curious to see the direction the Italian people take.

Sloan and I worked together yesterday morning. She is educating me step by step. I am getting pretty familiar with my tablet. Published my first photo on Facebook. A big deal for me!

The Chart Room first last night. Peter and JJ there. Peter and I had a good discussion concerning Block island. He sailed into Block many times. I did a couple of times and also rented homes a few summers. A great place for a summer vacation!

Tourists included a Delaware couple and a group from Cleveland. All were repeat visitors to Key West. Having a terrific time!

JJ was surprised I was doing a TV show. He happened upon it friday morning. He had to run so he taped it for future viewing. Another viewer! That makes 3. No, I am joking. Fortunately, many are enjoying the show. From 35 different countries roughly.

There was no room at Outback. I walked over to the Chinese restaurant for dinner. I should not have. Ate too much. Enjoyed every morsel, however. I will have an extra 2 pounds of water bloat for a couple of days.

A very old friend and I crossed paths again. Dee. I met Dee for the first time 25 years ago.  The last time I saw her was 10 years ago. We ran into each other friday evening.

I mentioned to Dee her face, eyes and neck looked strange. Bloated. I wanted to be delicate. Our first meeting in 10 years. She could have gotten fat. I doubted that was the cause, however.

Her eyes were puffy slits. I asked if she was taking steroids or had a thyroid problem. No.

Whatever, I roused Dee’s concern. She went to the emergency room yesterday afternoon at 2 and was released at 10 in the evening. She was on intravenous and got two shots in the butt during that time.

Dee has a cat. Her cat would not come out from under the bed. Dee reached in for the cat. The cat scratched her arm several times. Whatever cat infection can occur, Dee got. Supposedly very dangerous. Gets in one’s glands also. Can be fatal.

I told Dee she owes me. I saved her life.

Enjoy your sunday!