My day yesterday started at the TV studio at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Once again, it was enjoyable to do.

There is always some topic that garners the most interest. I base which one on post show comments. Yesterday, it was my tirade on Black Friday. I do not mind Black Friday on Friday. I do mind it starting Thanksgiving. I believe every one is entitled to a paid day off on a holiday. Especially low paid employees. A day of rest and feast with the family.

Back when I was young and up through my early years in the practice, there were something called Blue Laws. All over the United states. Blue Laws prohibited stores from being open and selling on Sundays. The day was one of rest and also to pay homage to God. The keep holy the Sabbath thing.

Blue Laws are no more, except in a few small places. Commercial greed has won over. I say bring back the Blue Laws. Prohibit Black Friday on Thanksgiving. Give everyone a break.

I spent the afternoon writing. I have two books going at the present. One is Growing Up Italian. It covers my life from birth through college. I worked on the book yesterday. I am still at the outlining stage. Much to do. I hope to devote 3-4 hours a day to it through December.

The publisher and I are in a bit of a disagreement. I want the growing up book. He thinks I should come out with a book of essays similar to the one just published. Book publication and promotion are not my field.  I rely on the publisher. We shall see.

In the mean time, The World Upside Down appears to have been acquired by some. I am at the stage where people are asking me to autograph their copy of the book. Amazing!

Cold yesterday morning. Cold last night. In between, terrific weather. By day, high 70s. This morning 70. Cold for me. Cold for most Key Westers. I repeat myself. Once you have lived on a sub-tropical island as Key West for an extended time, your blood thins. The cold is more dramatically felt.

Last night spent at Hogfish. Had dinner with Pati. Ran into Steve. Steve is a Syracuse graduate, also. We used to watch Syracuse basketball together. Last season, he was nowhere to be found. We were happy to see each other last night. He is back. I will once again have a pro Syracuse companion at the games.

I was home early. Early enough to see a good part of the Arizona/Duke game.

Syracuse plays Indiana Tuesday night. Tuesday is blog talk radio for me. I will probably only catch half the game and that will be at home.

Enjoy your day!

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