It is amazing the range of stories/issues I get to cover here.

Today, it is Donald Duck.

Yesterday was Donald Duck’s 80th birthday. A belated happy birthday to Donald!

The world is heavy today with saddening news. Donald’s birthday was important. He is an American icon. Loved by most, if not all. We grew up with him and Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Why was his birthday basically forgotten yesterday?

I did not know till later in the day when I heard it on the car radio. I believe the media should have shared the news of Donald’s birthday with us. The media basically failed. Good feeling news does not hurt. It can bring a smile to one’s face.

The Key West Citizen failed to make any mention of the event. Nor did KONK Life E-Blast. The New York Times failed, also. Except for a brief article it published on the internet, but not in the paper.

I was out and about driving yesterday afternoon listening to the radio. Sirius station 6. Music from the 1960s. My time. The announcer interjected it was Donald Duck’s 80th birthday. Later in the day, someone I had complained to called me to say she had just heard of it on another Sirius radio station, NPR.

Newspapers wonder why heir sales are going down. One reason may be a failure to print all the news that should be read.

It was time gym again yesterday morning. Day #5. Albert killed me! The worst yet! I hurt and he laughs!

Sloan was over later in the afternoon. I needed to be spoon fed some steps to be able to accomplish more with the computer. I truly am computer illiterate. You may not think so because I use the computer so much. However, it is true. I envy my grandchildren. They are already adept at computer use. The school have them and the kids are required to use them. Computers did not exist when I was their age.

I stopped at Hogfish a bit late. Very few people. Had a sandwich and drink at the bar. Made three new friends. Fishermen, of course. We got along well. I bought them each a beer and shot of Jack Beam.

I fell last night. When I was leaving for Hogfish. Was going back into the house to get something I forgot. Using the front door. A six inch stoop. My right foot only went up five inches. My whole right side still aches. I was fearful as I lay there that I might have broken my wrist, elbow, shoulder and/or hip. All hurt immediately. Apparently not. I merely ache this morning.

I fall a lot. Though not much recently. The reason generally is I do not lift my feet enough to make a step. Or, so I think.

The Key West Citizen carried a brief news note of an event with which most Key Westers are familiar.

In the early 1930s, Karl Tanzler Von Cosel was in love with Elena Hoyos. She 22, Karl 44. She died of tuberculosis. Karl could not live without her. He stole her body from its tomb in a mausoleum. Karl took Elena home and laid her on his bed. He kept her there for seven years. Ugh! A true story.

Today is tuesday and tuesday is my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine this evening my time. A quick half hour of interesting and revealing things.

Topics tonight include my Donald Duck dissertation, Putin screwing American banks this past week, American oil companies doing business with Russia the past couple of weeks, Argentina appointing their own Joseph Goebbels to the new post of Secretary for National Thought, a Katharine update, the story of turtles Yertle and Mack, an update concerning the Sudanese woman who refused to renounce her faith and was sentenced to death, and more.

Enjoy your day!


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