What a busy week!

In two days, I will be off on my trip. An adventure. I leave for Italy and Greece saturday morning. For two months!

I am excited.

Getting ready is a lot of work. I am not complaining. When I am lying around on the beaches in Santorini and Mykinosis, it will  have been worth it.

Yesterday started with the dentist. I thought I was finished.  Am not. I will be back there again at 9 this morning. Something is wrong. The implants are not working. That is the only way to describe it at the moment.

Ran around a lot yesterday. The bank. Had to figure out the euros situation. If Greece collapses and the eoru with it, the American dollar will be king. Sloan and I worked diligently preparing for You Tube.  Spent time at Walgreens getting my prescriptions in order for two months. Shopped for some incidental clothing. Key West needs more than a Sears and K Mart.

Speaking of You Tube, I now plan on starting my daily You Tube show next week. It will be a 2-3 minute commentary. Daily. One issue. It will come to you for the first time from Italy and then for several weeks from Greece. I am excited about the show!

Last night the Chart Room. I needed a couple of drinks. Then to the Hot Tin Roof. I watched a bit off the Miami/Indiana game while eating. I left before the game was over. Do not know who won. Miami was ahead by about 8 points when I left.

Another busy day ahead of me.

Yankee Jack made a funny yesterday. Yankee is a dear friend. Everyone’s friend. He is a bit over weight. Weighs about 440 pounds. No kidding.

Yankee wrote me on Facebook yesterday. We have not seen each other in a while. He sings at the Bull afternoons. He said stop into the Bull and see me. I’m the thin guy!

Enjoy your day!


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