World War I. Popularly referred to at the time and immediately thereafter as the war to end all wars. Turned out to be poor judgment. Mentally reference all the wars since 1918.

To honor those who fought in World War I, President Woodrow Wilson decreed that November 11 would henceforth be celebrated as Armistice Day.

The name Armistice Day derives from November 11, 1918. On that day, the Allies and Germany signed a document known as the Armistice which as a practical matter ended World War I. Fighting ceased on day.

Subsequent Presidents and Congress decided that Armistice Day should include all veterans. Armistice Day became known as Veterans Day to reflect the change.

A  proper recognition. However, there is some sort of joke involved in the thought that World War I was the war to end all wars. Man will never be war free. It is part of his psyche to seek out/participate in war. War is intrinsic in man’s nature.

Key West will enjoy its Veterans Day Parade this afternoon. The parade route will run opposite to that of Fantasy Fest. The parade will start at the southernmost end of Duval and end at Front Street.

More significant than the parade will be the groundbreaking at Bayview Park for a Vietnam Memorial. Well deserved. Late in coming in most communities.

I remember the Vietnam war. I was practising law. Married and the father of four. The war was not a popular one. Many protests against the war. When those who fought returned home, they were greeted not with cheers but jeers. Some spit upon.

The Vietnam vets never received the glory they had earned. Time heals all wounds, however. In recent years, our country has recognized its wrongs in this regard. The people of the United States now go out of their way to acknowledge and honor these veterans who were dishonored.

The power boat races ended yesterday. It was dark and gloomy. Threatening rain. Actually did rain in Key Haven. Poured. I decided to skip the races and do something else.

The something else turned out to be a late afternoon lunch at No Name Pub. Always a good time. As anticipated, the place was packed. Rain seems to attract a larger than usual crowd to the Pub.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. War is a function of government. Without the funding of a fiat currency to silently supply the government with all the funding it ever wants, war would depend upon taxation. People tend to react badly to tax increases and taxation in general. The taxpayers have no way to withhold the wealth that is needed to pursue war.

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