It’s Friday again! Showtime!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Ten in the morning my time. Airs via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 all the way up through Miami-Dade County. Can be viewed world wide on the internet.

Some major issues to be discussed include the Democrat failure re the filibuster, three degrees of fraud, and the Italian Lehman Brothers. Interesting stuff! Make an effort to watch. I guarantee you will enjoy.

My yesterday started with a haircut and beard trim by Lori. The beard is starting to fill in. Looks pretty good.

Then coffee at the Plantation Coffee House. Business good. Diane running around.

The smell of freshly baked goods permeated the shop. What was it, I asked Diane. Freshly baked cookies, she responded. Smelled, oh so good!

I had a short business meeting at noon.

The afternoon was spent fine tuning today’s show.

Chart Room time last night! Three hour worth. A good time.

I enjoyed great conversation with Peter, Sean, Katherine, Sheila, David, and Emily. Then it was me and Emily alone. Everyone gone, including tourists. I like Emily. Enjoyed our private time together.

The locals, including me, are concerned with what will happen with the Chart Room when the Pier House sells. Would a new owner close it down? The Chart Room has been where it is since the late 1960s when the Pier House first opened. Never renovated. Never changed in any way by human hands. The room has a character all its own.

I have started to think where my new watering hole might be. Would my friends come? Would it have a unique flavor as the Chart Room?

Lets hope the questions never need be answered and the Chart Room remains as is.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I wrote of this problem before it was acknowledged as a big one several weeks ago. Talked about it on my show two different times. Now, it is a major problem!

All fifty plus 787s in service world wide have been grounded. For over a week now. A problem with the lithium batteries. Caused the batteries to burn and a fire to occur. Not good when the plane is in the air and flying.

An FAA representative stated this week that the problem was a “…very serious air safety concern.” Hope it gets corrected properly. Properly being the operative word.

Enjoy your day!




3 comments on “SHOWTIME 10 AM

  1. Several years ago, I sought out the Chart Room because as the story goes that was the first place Jerry Jeff Walker took Jimmy Buffett when Jerry Jeff took Jimmy to Key West for the first time. At the time Tom Corcoran was the bartender and on learning that this was Buffett’s first time to Key West he gave him the first beer on the house! This was the very beginning of what became a pretty successful singing career. So, much Key West history in such a small space. A little hard to find but, worth the effort. I am glad I made the effort to find it and I really hope nothing happens to it. It is a Key West treasure …

  2. I have a fear that a chain hotel will buy the Pier House and turn it into a sterile cookie cutter resort. It’s our home away from home when visiting Key West and we don’t want it to change. If they renovate and change the Chart Room, I envision a TGI Friday’s environment… UGH!!!!
    Let’s hope whomever buys the property, they will have the good sense to keep it’s character intact. It is a Key West treasure that needs to be preserved!!!

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