My yesterday began with a lengthy noon time meeting downtown. The balance of the afternoon following the meeting watching TV at home. It was a lazy day.

Several years ago, I mentioned that I had spent a few days with Rodney Dangerfield at the fat farm La Costa. A place where people went to lose weight. We got chummy. We would chat in the hot tub and steam room. Played volley ball together bare ass twice a day. Ate together. Each off us on the 800 calorie a day diet.

I watched a Rodney Dangerfield movie in the afternoon. The one where he went to college when a senior citizen. He was as wacky as ever.

Rodney was wacky in his everyday life, also. What you saw on the movie screen and on TV was Rodney Dangerfield in the flesh. It was the real him. He made millions merely being himself.

Last night was Tavern ‘n Town. Saturday seems to attract me to the place. Probably because it is the night Bobby Nesbitt entertains.

As I walked into the Marriott, I ran into Joe and Beth Pizzo. I had not seen them in a couple of years. Key West friends going back more than 20 years. Happy hellos and hugs exchanged.

A corner of the bar had several male members of the Yacht club enjoying drinks together. The same group that were at the Yacht Club bar almost daily. The Yacht club is closed Saturday nights. Happy hellos again.

Bobby’s music I love! Songs from the ’50s and ’60s. Bobby came over and chatted while he was on break. He looks the same as when I met him for the first time 25 years ago. Nary a wrinkle.

Journey and Judy bartending. I asked for my usual Beefeaters. Judy said no Beefeaters. First time. I knew why. I said to Judy, you have a new alcohol distributor. Yes, she said. There is one who services the keys that does not handle Beefeaters.

I felt like I was back in London where I spent a week a few years ago. Only one bar carried Beefeaters. Most did not even know what it was. Shocking since the bottle looks like London and suggests Beefeaters is a drink of English origin.

It dawned on me last night that Tavern ‘n Town has become a local’s hangout.

Salt Island Seaplanes has been in business three weeks. The seaplane service between Naples and Key West. A 55 minute air trip.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but I do not see how the company is going to succeed. The ride is expensive. $210 one way. The plane does not land in Key West. It lands at a mooring field somewhere northeast of Fleming Key. Passengers then get a seven minute boat ride to the Conch Harbor Marina dock. From there, you either walk or cab to where ever you are going.

This week’s Keynoter had two interesting items.

The first was the man who was arrested on the complaint of his girl friend that he had stolen her money. While in the back of the police car, the officer driving heard “chewing and chomping.” The guy was eating the cash. He got $277 down before stopped.

The other involved the Southern Keys Cemetery in Big Coppit. The cemetery ran an ad stating there were 75,351 residents in Monroe County and only 4,200 burial plots. Brilliant advertising!

I have been to the Cemetery. It is modern compared to the Key West one. I have gone there several times. An old friend, Jack Baron, is buried there. I enjoyed my almost daily conversations with him over the years and consider him one of the smartest people I ever met. Crazy as it may sound, I stop by not only to pay my respects but also to talk to him a bit.

Syracuse basketball today at 4. Syracuse is playing Long Beach State. Syracuse an 11 point favorite.

I have Sloan here at 10:30 to work. Have to hustle.

Enjoy your Sunday!




It seems like I have been up all night. I had my blog talk radio show at 7. Was out of bed at 5 in anticipation. I am going to bed when I finish this blog for a couple of hours of much needed shut eye.

Syracuse, my Syracuse! Rarely loved by anyone other than the alumni.

#6 Syracuse beat #1 Louisville saturday by 2 points. A top notch game. I assumed Syracuse would be ranked first when the new rankings came out yesterday. Syracuse was not. Tied for third in one and fourth in another. The teams ahead of us have one defeat also. However, none beat Louisville.

Then I read an article by a spoprtswriter. He spelled out five teams from which the Final Four would emerge. He never mentioned Syracuse.

Remember Rodney Dangerfield? His best line was that he never got any respect. So it appears with Syracuse. Previous years, as well as this one.

It does not matter as long as we keep winning. Screw them all!

Syracuse played Cincinnati yesterday afternoon. Another squeaker. Syracuse won by 2 points. Syracuse did not play well. Cincinnati did. Cincinnati was deadly with their three pointers.

Watched the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub with Don and Chris and Dan and Lisa and others.

Then it was to the Chart Room with Don and Chris. Followed by dinner with them at the Hot Tin Roof.

A pleasant afternoon and evening. Especially good company.

I watched the inauguration yesterday. The swearing in portion. Excellent! Moving! Produced a tear or two out of me. I thought the ceremony was upbeat and positive. Almot 1 million standing out in the cold watching. I switched to FOX afterwards for their comments. They cut up and dissected every part of the ceremony, including Obama’s speech. It was disgraceful. They should know better. Yesterday was  a Democrat AND Republican day.

Robert and Ally are into the theatrical world. Key West High School is having a play late in February. The Wizard of Oz. Robert and Ally will play munchkins. They are excited!

Cameron is also in the presentation. He is playing the scare crow.

I was up before the crack of dawn this morning. At 7 was the Key West Lou Talk Show. A one half hour call in show on blog talk radio. Finally, some one called in. Anna from Novara, Italy. Her concerns involved the Italian economy, the euro, and Germany.

This afternoon I have my other radio show. Around 4. On Pirate Radio in Key West. Ryno’s show. Only 8-10 minutes. Ryno and I talk about anything and everything. Locals, if you are free, listen in.

Enjoy your day!