Good morning! Happy Sunday! An absolutely glorious morning! Key West at its best!

Spent yesterday afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life column. Human Organs For Sale. Got it to de Boer two days late. He will not be happy.

Watched the Belmont at Don’s Place. A happy jovial crowd. I felt sorry for California Chrome. I question whether any horse today is capable of winning all three races of the Triple Crown. Horses of yesteryear were trained for stamina. Today’s horses, speed. One and a half miles is a long jaunt. Especially after running two big races within weeks of the Belmont.

One of California Chrome’s owners spouted off after the race about horses that only run one of the races. As happened yesterday. The winner did not run the Kentucky Derby and Preakness. I thought the owner was out of line. Showed poor sportsmanship. He should have saved his heart felt comments for a week from now. Rules and tradition are rules and tradition. The horse that won yesterday won within the rules and traditions of a great race.

I was on my way home when I decided to stop at Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. Glad I did.

Bobby Nesbitt was playing. His singing makes me happy. Bobby is one of Key West’s best entertainers!

It was old home week! Bobby’s fans follow him. I saw some people I have not seen in a while. Like Lynda and Bob Fraschette. Jimmy Olsen. And Stevie! Steve is the former bartender at the Wine Galley. The new management upset him and he told then to shove it. About a year ago. I have not seen him since. He looked good. Thinner. Was as happy to see me as I him.

I did my bar routine. Read the newspapers and listened to Bobby sing while enjoying a first rate dinner. I had salmon over risotto. Wow! Delicious! I was pleased by my choice.

I was too overjoyed with the evening, perhaps. I finished it off with a snifter of Grand Marnier. It did me in! I could not believe it! I have been exercising and watching what I eat of late. My drinking has been substantially less as a result. My drinking was out of training last night.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. “I finished it off with a snifter of Grand Marnier.”

    Life if short, you can cross-train in Heaven. There is always time for a snifter of Grand Marnier; to me sipping it slowly brings me closer to Heaven anyway.

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