To all fathers, Happy Father’s Day! Recognition earned and well deserved. Ain’t easy to be a father!

Who do we thank for Father’s Day? The idea began in 1910. A woman named Sonora Dodd started pushing the concept. It took hold a bit, and then kerplunk! The idea bounced around, was suggested off and on, over the years. It started taking hold again with World War II.

President Johnson signed a Proclamation in 1966 declaring the 3rd Sunday in June to be known as Father’s Day. President Nixon made it law. He signed the necessary legislation in 1972.

Walked yesterday. In Home Depot. That is where I will be walking for the next three months. The humidity is already a killer!

Researched further in preparation for my Tuesday blog talk radio show. Some interesting points of information will be discussed. Like Merkel and the Muslims, England and the Muslims, the Kurds and oil companies, the US Supreme Court permitting a lawsuit against Coke for false advertising, a skirt a half inch too short, the impact on Boeing of Eric Cantor’s defeat, and more.

Bobby Nesbitt and a prime rib! Last night at Marriott Beachside’s Tavern ‘n Town. A great combination! Nothing better!

Don’t forget PrideFest’s parade tonight beginning at 5. One of the best of the year!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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