Three Blind Mice. We all recall one of the first children’s nursery rhymes learned.

Three Blind Mice was published on this day in London in 1609. The author was Thomas Ravenscroft, an English musician and folk music composer.

Three Blind Mice was not a nursery rhyme when first published. It took till 1842 to become one. Ravenscroft’s 1609 version was a tale referring to England’s Queen Mary. It told of her blinding and executing three Protestant bishops. Another variation is that she merely had them burned at the stake.

The 1842 publication was in a book of children’s literature. It was the first time the diddy was identified as a nursery rhyme.

Regardless from whence it came, the nursery rhyme is the one we learned to love as children and taught our children in return.

Syracuse football was at noon at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. Syracuse played Florida State. Number one ranked team in the country. Florida State was in no danger of losing its ranking. Florida State beat Syracuse 38-20.

Syracuse looked good in the first half. Three times they were under 10 yards at the goal line. Each time, Syracuse failed to get the ball over. It might have been a different game if they had.

Florida State is a powerful team. When they hit, they hit! Syracuse had to feel physically beat up last night.

Peti still tending tables at Lukas’ place. Rob was bartending the back bar. I have not seen Rob in a couple of months. Missed him.

I left at the end of the first half. I could not stand the beating Syracuse was taking.

I watched the first half with my legs up on a chair. Ankles still swollen with fluid. I thought I had the problem beat. Had not taken a water pill in two days. I was wrong.

When I got home, I took a water pill and two potassium pills. Then laid down and watched the rest of the Syracuse game. Followed it up with most of the Notre Dame/North Carolina game. Dr. Mc Ivor says it is best to lie flat after having taken the pill. He claims it works better.

My ankles were still swollen when I went to bed last night. I had stayed in. I wanted to keep my feet up as much as possible.

Such was my exciting Saturday. Two hours at the Sports Pub. The rest of the day and evening at home working on my ankles. At the very least, restful.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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