Requiem aetemam dona eis, Domine. Grant them eternal rest, O Lord.


It is all over. Syracuse lost to Michigan last night in the Final Four 61-56. It was Michigan all the way. Syracuse was down 11-12 points at one time. Came back. Could not win. The last two minutes were bad for Syracuse.

Syracuse’s fabled defense was good. The offense not so good. Especially where 3 pointers were involved. Michigan made 8 to Syracuse’s 3.

Overall, Syracuse went far. This has been a season of ups and downs. The team crested well at the end. Made it to the Final Four. A never give up team all the way. Coached well once again by Jim Boeheim. Congrats to team and coach.

Michigan fans were less than pleasant. A bunch of arrogant asses from my perspective. There were many Michigan fans at the Sports Pub. Few Syracuse fans. I had to move around because of the crowd. Sat near two different groups. The Michigan fans were out for blood. They were in your face with their lack of friendliness during and when the game was over. Not nice at all. I attribute their attitude to the fact that Michigan has not gone this far in the Big Tournament in 20 years. They did not know how a winner behaves.

I am glad the Syracuse basketball season is over. It was not good for my heart!

Louisville looked good in the second half of their game. Their full court press hurt Wichita State. Wichita played poorly the last five minutes. Stupid turnovers. I attribute Wichita’s poor playing at the end to a lack of experience, also. They had not been that far in the Big Tournament since the 1960s. There is something to be said for having been there. The next time a team generally is smarter and does not make the mistakes that cost them an earlier game.

Friday’s USA Today had a listing of the top ten donut places in America. Key West was #1. The place is called Glazed Donuts of Key West. I have never heard of it. The shop is purported to be located at 420 Eaton street. I cannot see it mentally. I intend to search it out.

Key West is handicapped for 2-3 years with big time boulevard construction. It takes me 15 minutes longer to get into town and 20 minutes longer to get home. A mess! Now a year old. We have learned to live with it and make do.

Key West City fathers do not always make the right moves. I sometimes think they have their heads up their asses. An example is Duck Ave. Duck Ave. is a collateral route when traveling Flagler. Flagler is generally the way out of town. Some have discovered Duck Ave. It goes the same direction as Flagler, runs parallel to Flagler. Some of us use Duck Ave. to avoid for a part of the way the heavy Flagler traffic.

It was announced front page in the Key West Citizen that a major renovation was soon to to be done to Duck Ave. Terrific! The city fathers must think this is the right time. Get it done before the boulevard construction is completed!

Enjoy your day!

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