My Tuesday nights have become stay at home ones. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is aired tuesday evenings at 9. My blog talk radio show. I do the show from home. Actually, the kitchen table. Headset and all.

I do not mind missing a night out on the town. I derive great pleasure from doing the show.

I spent some time last night discussing poverty. The 99 per cent are on  a fast road downhill. Not a good situation. The stats are shocking. Like 1.2 million public school students are homeless. Can you imagine going to school from a “home” under the bridge, in the woods, or an abandoned car. Consider also that the U.S. is purported to be the wealthiest nation in the world. If so, why is one out of every four children enrolled in the food stamp program?

Snuck off for a little Louis time during the day. Went to Fort Zachery Taylor. The most beautiful beach in Key West.

I tried to find Peter. He spends his days there. Could not. He might have taken yesterday off.

The water always clear. The views spectacular. Especially of the boats coming in and out of the channel. All sizes, including the big cruise ships

Did a bit of research on gender inequality. An interesting topic. If I decide at some point to do a column on the issue, it will take considerably more research.

I did learn a few things from my brief perusal. Women have always been considered second class citizens. Religion one of the reasons. Another is insecure men who try to keep women in their place, so to speak. Whereas, a real man would not.

The thrust of the research again was that women are basically inferior to men.

These thoughts are the same ones that have existed since the beginning of time. Inroads have been made. However Congress is a perfect example of why women have such a hard time being equated with men. The thinking of the males in Congress is the same that has permeated society for thousands of years. Even before the birth of Christ.

The Key West Citizen carried an interesting article this morning. A small airline is planning to open direct flights between Key West and Havana on November 15. Some approvals are still required. Can you imagine, a weekend in Havana!

Key West loves Harry Truman. No question. Key West was his vacation home during and after his Presidency.

I learned something about the President I never knew. It bothers me that I did not know. I read the Pulitzer Prize winning 1,000 page plus book written about ten years ago. A Harry Truman biography.

What I do not recall having known: Truman was the least formally educated President in history. His education consisted of nine years of schooling.

Sometimes it is not all in the books. Truman made some of the heaviest decisions ever confronting a President. Like should the atomic bomb be dropped on Japan. His life is proof that it is not all in the books.

Enjoy your day!



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