The front page of yesterday’s Key West Citizen had a photo of some whales. A brief article described them as killer whales and indicated they were discovered about 30 miles offshore of Key West.

A question entered my mind. Who do killer whales kill? I did a bit of research

Killer whales kill no one, except for seals and fish to feed themselves. There is no recorded instance of any human fatality involving killer whales. There have been situations however where those in captivity have turned on their keepers and killed them.

Turns out killer whales are good people, so to speak. They live in groups. Known  as pods. They live their entire lives within the group. Do not go out of it even for sex. Killer whale society is matriarchal. The mother/grandmother rules the roost. Females live to 80-90 years of age. The males only 40-50 years of age.

I learned much more. I plan on sharing additional information during the Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning.

I was up early yesterday. Had chores to perform. The cleaners, post office, and optician. The optician to tighten up two pairs of glasses.

The optician’s door was closed and locked. A phone number on the window. I called. The optician said she did not feel like working yesterday, might do two hours today and did not know about friday.

I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home to see if he was there. As I was leaving, someone was behind me. As we walked to our cars, he told me he had called his employer and told him he would not be in yesterday. It was too nice to work, he said. This was before the rain storm.

There must be something in the air or water in Key West. Two people who did not feel like working and did not. Typical Key West.

Stopped at the Plantation Coffee House. Enjoyed the coffee and morning papers. Diane working.

Theo her husband is an artist. He is painting up a storm. Every time I visit, there are new works on the walls. The place is turning into an art gallery. A lovely one.

Rained again yesterday. I do not know where all the rain is coming from. Torrential. Went on for a while. Streets flooded again.

I was driving north on Fogarty. It had not rained yet. All of a sudden, I saw this dark gray wall four blocks ahead. It was coming straight at me. It was the rain! It hit like a ton of bricks.

Florida’s Governor Scott signed a bill into law yesterday. A much needed one. An anti-texting law. No texting and driving from this point forward.

The Key West Citizen does a Day in Key West History. One of yesterday’s entries  set forth that Sloppy Joe’s had its grand opening on Duval on this day back when. Sloppy Joe’s advertised the grand opening. Its ad stated…..Free Dancing!

My Tuesday night blog talk radio show was a total screw up. We switched to Skype and everything became confused. I thought I was not on the air. I telephoned Sloan while the computer was still on. I said a bad word. The whole world heard me. The show had been broadcasting correctly. I heard from Italy, Indonesia, Key West, and Iowa that they heard me say a naughty.

I still have the Skype problem. Sloan and I worked on it with the blog talk radio people for two hours at dinner time. Still screwed up. I finally called computer guru Tim Reynolds and asked if he knew what to do. He will hopefully have an answer this evening.

On my way into town last night, I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted a bit with Don, Hershel, David, Tom, and Joanie.

Then to the Chart Room. Not many people. Emily, Peter and I. Plus, two tourists. Don showed up. He never goes to the Chart Room unless he is with me. He came to find me.

Don and I had dinner at Hot Tin Roof. Lite fare. We shared shataki, mashed potatoes and a shrimp cocktail.

Please watch my tv/internet show tomorrow morning at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I have a terrific show prepared! Comcast Channel 87, U-Verse Channel 19, and

Haircut time this morning. I have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!

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