I drive a 2010 Volkswagen Beatle convertible. Blue and white. Got it new. Seven years later, only 36,000 miles on it.

One of my lady friends refers to it as Vinny. Why I am not sure. Suspect it reminds her of Vinny from the Joe Pesci movie.

Vinny has been acting strange the past few days. I suspect a ghost has found a home in Vinny. Three of the windows suddenly go up and down as I am driving. One window never moves, even if I am trying to open it. The door lock on the passenger door sometimes does not work. Lock up noises for the car itself not always heard. Windshield wipers suddenly working. Etc.

The car is at a mechanics. Since yesterday. I was landlocked last night. Too far to get anywhere without a car. Ergo, remained home. Can do without the car today. It is tuesday. Generally remain in because of my podcast show tonight. Definitely need it tomorrow. An early afternoon doctor’s visit I want to keep.

If you see a blue and white Volkswagen Beatle convertible driving down the road with no driver behind the wheel, it’s mine. Vinny driving!

A big Fantasy Fest day today! Lots of fun events. The Southernmost Beach Blast from the Past. Twisting the feature of the afternoon. Rick’s has Cocktails for those wearing animal tails. A Tutu walk/crawl parade. In the evening, a Tutu Prom at Dante’s. Captain Tony’s Plaid Party. Hot! The Green Parrot Green Party.

Plus, more.

Have fun!

An Irma housing crisis remains. Compounded by Fantasy Fest. Up to yesterday, 482 households had found homes in Key West hotels and guest houses. Booted yesterday. Fantasy Fest open. Hotels/guest houses needed the rooms. Big money!

Which means, 482 households looking for lodging.

The situation sucks!

Sears is Key West’s premier department store. Key West’s only department store.

Things have been tough for years for Sears nationwide. There is a constant concern we will lose Sears. Not the greatest store. Better than nothing, however.

Sears announced yesterday that due to a pricing issue, it will no longer sell Whirlpool products. Includes Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, and Jenn-Air. Sears will continue to handle Kenmore and other brands.

I hope the Whirlpool issue does not indicate the beginning of the end for Sears.

My podcast tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

I have a slew of topics to discuss. Could be one of my better shows. Interesting and definitely eye opening.

Join me.

Topics include too many generals in the White House, Trump’s corruption of General Kelly, the Niger situation, armed mercenaries, armed masked mercenaries still in Puerto Rico, a crocodile swimming off the White Street Pier.

Also, mastectomy breasts can be tattooed with nipple or anything else rather than nipple and areola rebuilding, a Terri update, Dickinson, Texas and an Israel boycott, active duty enlistment bonuses, Cuban missile crisis, draft or compulsory military service, poorer quality inductees, expanding U.S. wars, tip toeing towards war, and more.

I agree. Too many topics. It was that kind of week. More reportable happenings than normal. I will go till the half hour is up. Guaranteed you will enjoy!

Irma has affected my happy home.

The area of the golf course where I live was shaded with tall full trees. Higher than my two story home. Half the trees blown over by Irma.

The house recently has been warmer. The air conditioning running longer than usual. Hit me yesterday. The trees! Nature’s shade gone!

Enjoy your day!


The Chart Room and Berlin’s walked hand in hand last night.

The Chart Room was packed. Standing was tight. The group in their 60-70s. From the Fort Lauderdale area. Obviously affluent. Celebrating the birthday of one of the group.

The guest of honor was outfitted in a white tuxedo jacket, white shirt, black tie, black shorts and sandals.

I left before the partiers did. Headed for Berlin’s. Dinner at the bar. Emilie bartending. Introduced me to her fellow bartender Sean.

Before you knew it, the Chart Room party group showed up. They had to wait for their table. Ordered drinks. The same for all of them. Key Lime Martinis. Twenty six of them.

Ellie and Shawn lined the 26 martini glasses on the bar. Then proceeded to make the drink and fill the glasses. Done very efficiently. In record time. Not a drop missed.

When things quieted down, Emilie and I chatted a bit. She vacationed in Iceland for two weeks. Loved it! I would like to try it some day.

Sean is an Alabama graduate. A new friend for Jean Thornton.

Everywhere I go lately, I hear people ordering Tito’s vodka. New to me. A relatively new drink. John poured me a very short shot. Tasted good. Did not taste like vodka. Worry not, I shall not be deserting Beefeaters.

I bought the new tire yesterday and had it put on the car. A simple task. Should not take long. Familiar however with how Sears can take forever, people waiting in line, etc, I called and asked if I could make an appointment. Yes. At 8 or 1. I picked 1. Promptly at 1? No, means you are the next car in line. Ok. Better than the other way.

I got there a half hour early. 12:30. Was told it would take 1-1 1/2 hours, in spite of the appointment. Told the counter man I would be in the sitting room reading the newspapers. Ok, I’ll call you.

He forgot me. Two hours later, I went to the counter and asked about my car. Oh, he said. It’s finished. It has been sitting outside quite a while.

You can’t win!

I listened to a Hillary talk mid afternoon. I am getting depressed. She failed to impress me again.

She was speaking quietly and slowly. I have to assume to contrast Trump. Does not come over well.

Her hair was a mess. A real mess. I would assume she has a hair person traveling with her.

I hate to say this, she looked like she was sick.

I saw her in the give and take with reporters an hour later. Hair still a mess. However, it was Hilary talking. Perky! Brightly!

I was home early. Wanted to watch the Syracuse/Louisville game. Caught the second half. A knife in my chest! Syracuse lost 62-28. Defense and offense sucked! Obviously!

This Zika thing is out of control. From Key Haven to Washington to the rest of the world. Out of control as to what to do, allocate money, etc. Not out of control as to number infected in the U.S.. Not yet. Maybe never.

The Oxitec war with Key Haven is turning into Goliath/David situation.

Oxitec is owned by the British company Intrexon. It was recently announced Intrexon had hired a Tallahassee public relations firm to assist Oxitec with the Key Haven and full key votes. The PR firm appears to have raised its ugly head. Jumped into the fray.

There is a lengthy Letter to the Editor in this morning’s KONK E-Blast. Tears apart every argument made by Key Haven residents. Skillfully slices away. Representations not all correct. Some  twisting of the facts. False reasons claimed as to why Key Haven residents are opposed to the testing.

The letter is purportedly by Big Pine’s Walter Lagraves. I question whether he actually wrote the letter. Could it have been the PR people? I do not know Lagraves. If he wrote the letter, I apologize for suspecting he did not. The letter is too long, too knowledgeable and too scientific. A professional opposition paper.

If Lagraves is serious, I suggest he go a step further. He should recommend the testing be done in Big Pine rather than Key Haven.

It’s called put your money where your mouth is!

Enjoy your day!



This is the night! Perhaps the best of Fantasy Fest! Toga Party!

The place Sloppy Joe’s. Inside and out. The street packed.

Men and women wearing white togas. More women than men. Togas skimpy.

It is negotiation time. The key for the ladies is to get as many beads as possible. The men want to see and the women are willing to show. First, the breasts. Then a move downward, front and back. Each a separate transaction. The lower the body part exhibited, the more expensive. Breasts go for one ring of beads. The southern exhibits, two or more.

Ain’t nothing under the toga or covering the privates.

I suspect I enjoy Toga Party best for three reasons. First, I am a voyeur. What a bad boy am I! Second, I am a man. Men are visual. We enjoy looking at naked women. Third, I never got to a toga party while in college. Remember the movie Animal House? I went to a Catholic college and we did not do those things.

Years ago, I would not have missed the Toga Party. In recent years, they are not as important any more. Tonight, I have bocce. Bocce supersedes toga. An age thing, I suspect.

I watched the Republican debates last night. Each Republican debate is worse than the previous one. I don’t understand. There is much talent on the stage. The moderators are a major problem. Last night’s were the worst. The questions stupid, no respect for the candidates, not fair with follow ups.

Mike Huckabee got into something close to my heart. Social Security. He talked about the $3 trillion the government in effect stole from the Social Security Fund.

My day yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. The power went out while I was on the machine. About 10 minutes into my workout. Power failure common in the Keys. Some people left. Never know how long these things last. I waited it out. Locked into the treadmill. Power returned in fifteen minutes. I was glad I waited.

My next  chore was to get the flat fixed. The tire was sitting on my back seat. With a rim in it, the tire would not fit in the Volkswagen Beetle trunk.

Got to Sears at noon. Told it would take to 4 or 5 before car was done. I suspected it would take that long. I was like 88th in line!

I left the car. Walked over to Regal Movies. I figured I would have lunch and then go to the movies. That would kill the 4-5 hours.

No afternoon movie available at the theater.

Enjoyed a two hour lunch at Outback. Read the newspapers. Left at 2. How long could I sit there? I even ordered a dessert to kill time.

Then to T.J. Max and Sears. Looked over men’s clothes. Not much time killed. Looked at everything else, except ladies’ underwear.

It was now three o’clock. Where was I to go? I was at the Sears Shopping Center without a car. I opted to return to the tire facility. My car was still in the lot. Had not been touched yet. Asked the guy about when. He said many still ahead of you. About five o’clock.

Went into Sears’ waiting room. Air conditioning not working well. Slept off and on.

Finally, the car was finished at 5:30. They could not find a hole. Did not know why tire went flat. Cost, $24.

I am concerned it will go flat again. We shall see. The tire is only six months old.

I hurried home to watch the debates which began at 6. First thing I did was pour myself a gin. Then blended into the recliner chair to watch.

I was tired.

Never got to watch the Royals/Mets game. Mets down 2. Next two games in New York should be interesting. The Royals almost won the World Series last year. I think they are committed this year and will be difficult to deny.

This week’s KONK Life column Boudicca, Warrior Queen linked to my Key West Lou website this morning.

Syracuse plays Florida State saturday. Syracuse a 20.5 underdog at the moment.

Bocce tonight. Play Larry’s team. We are tied with his team in third place. Serious business tonight.

Enjoy your day! If you are in Key West, add to it. Visit Toga tonight at Sloppy Joe’s!


Papa is Italian for Pope. Papa is the vernacular for father and grandfather. I am Papa to my grandchildren Robert and Ally. Though we spell it differently. Poppa.

Francis is Papa Francis because he is father to all. Catholics and non-Catholics. The non-Catholic portion from his perspective.

Papa was in Washington yesterday. Big time! Addressed a Joint Session of Congress. I was scheduled to be on the anti-gravity machine at the time he was to speak. I cancelled the treadmill appointment.

I continue to be taken by Papa. How can anyone not like someone who says feed the poor, love one another?

This Papa is extra ordinary. He touches everyone. Again feed the poor, love one another.He asks the haves to share a bit with the have nots.

Some dislike Papa’s views. The 1 percent. Papa advocates for the 99 percent. The 1 percent are reluctant to see the 99 percent get a piece of the pie. No one wants to give anything up. Especially the rich when it comes to money.

Did some shopping for Louis in the afternoon. A pair of crocs and 2 pairs of sneakers. The sneakers were what got me out. I have reached the point where it is difficult to bend over and tie the laces. Problem solved! I now wear what I always viewed as old man’s sneaks. No laces. Velcro straps.

Bocce last night. We won all three games. Our record now 13-2. Last night was relatively easy. This is the first year the other team has played. They have only won 1 game. Fifteen years from now, they will be 13-2.

I will be on the radio about 12:15 today. 104.9 The X Key West. My 10 minutes of chatter on the KONK Life News Show. I will briefly talk about this week’s KONK Life column U.S. Ready For War? Then some Middle East observations. If time permits, seed vaults. Something I knew nothing about till one week ago.

Enjoy your day!


This is what you do when retired in Key West. Go to Publix, talk about Publix. Maybe because I never grocery shopped back home. What can I say, I enjoy Publix.

Publix has two stores in Key West. Must be money makers. I shop at the new Publix. Opened 2-3 years ago. Remodeled at the time. Being remodeled again.

Amazing. The renovations appear significant. Things being moved around. Confusion awaits.

What really impressed me yesterday were the new carts. Yes, new carts. Not metal and chrome. Black ones. Appear to be made from heavy duty plastic. Thick wheels. The carts larger than the old ones.

Easy to drive. Weighty. I can envision a major accident as two come around a corner and crash into each other.

How is that for a sense of humor this morning!

Publix remodeling proves one point. The supermarket chains are gouging us. The price of food creeps up a bit at a time. You don’t feel it till you realize your bill is now $10-20 a week more.

My day yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. It helps.

Followed by a stop at the bank.

Time for new tee shirts. Holes appearing. Went to Sears. Grabbed a few on sale at $9 and $14. Two lines at the check out counter. Both checking someone out. No one in line behind one. Two behind the other.

I stood in the no people waiting line. The man closing out had bought a pair of sneaks. Ten minutes later he was still checking out. Sears has too many special deals going and their check out staff too many things they are trained to say.

The sneak guy was finally checked out. The clerk says to me…..She’ll take care of you. And walks away. The other clerk was still working on the same check out she was when I got there. The line behind had grown to four persons. I have to stand in that line? No way! I placed the tee shirts on the counter and walked out.

It was lunch time. I wanted something bad. Turned out to be a Cheeseburger and fries at 5 Guys. I always feel too full when done and ask myself why I did it.

Spent most of the afternoon preparing for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Nine o’clock my time.

Interesting topics. Black Lives Matter, George Soros, Oath Keepers, police shooting numbers, cost of military transgenders, Margaret Sanger’s anti-black position and her participation in Klu Klux Klan events, Clintons renting a home in the Hamptons for two weeks at a reported cost of $100,000, and more.

The Chart Room first last night. Opened the door and closed it without entering. Two inebriated guys at the bar.

Walked over to Hot Tin Roof for a drink. Entrance chained barring entry. Did not make sense to me. Stepped over the chain. The door was open. Went it. It was 5:50. Learned they do not open till 6. I was an early customer.

One drink later, I was on my way home. Only got to the bottom of the steps to Hot Tin Roof. Decided to sit at the round Sunset bar for a drink. Tourists coming in like crazy. For the sunset.

A good place to sit. Much to see. Tourists and whatever else was going on. The atmosphere pleasant. The roof blocking the sun.

Big day today! On this date in 1920, women got the right to vote. The 19th amendment was ratified. Ladies, you have come a long way since then!

Enjoy your day!


I have a few comments re footwear. The comments are limited to footwear appropriate for Key West wear.

I have been wearing crocs since they first came out. Several years ago. A long several years. I have found them the most comfortable “shoe” I have ever worn. Easy to get in and out of. Slide them on, slide them off.

One of the joys of old age for some is the extra foot bone that appears. It is on the inside of each foot. In the middle. Pushes out. It has happened to me.

Which means that I can only wear shoes, etc. that have low or no sides and do not cover the bone. Otherwise, it hurts like hell!

For whatever reason, I recently decided it was time to get away from crocs. Perhaps a boat shoe.

Key West is limited in its offerings. I went to Sears. Anything that turned me on also covered the bone. No success.

Then to the Croc store on Duval. Not to buy the usual croc. I recalled they had some soft material shoes.

I came across a croc that is all material above the sole and heel. A soft material. It covered the protruding bones, but did not hurt. I bought them.

New foot wear I have, though still in the croc family.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon preparing for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Nine my time. Join me.

Eye opening topics. Like a Sharia court operating in Texas, Venezuela’s Maduro accusing Biden of trying to instigate a bloody coup, what happens if Greece walks out on the euro, St. Louis PBA threatening to not police effectively if City establishes a Civilian Oversight Board, Spain getting ready to follow Greece re the euro, the NFL being a not for profit/pays no taxes, who paid for Super Bowl security, and more.

Dinner at Hogfish last night. Enjoyed a lobster roll. My diet is terrific! I have not weighed myself in a few days. Perhaps today.

Syracuse plays Virginia Tech this evening. At 9. The same time my blog talk radio show begins. I will miss most of the first half of the game. That which I am able to watch will be from home. I do my blog radio show from home, also.

Syracuse beat Virginia Tech early in January by 2 points. Syracuse a 12.5 point favorite tonight. We play with the team we have. We will win some and lose some. I have arrived at that point in my thought process. Que sera, sera. What will be, will be.

I was shocked to learn that there are an average of 22 military suicides a day. A black mark on our country. There is a bill pending before Congress that will be voted upon soon that hopefully will assist these troubled souls. I believe we owe them help.

When I was young (grammar school age) and it snowed, a friend and I would toss the shovels over our shoulders and go door to door offering to shovel walks and driveways. There was always a lot of snow in Utica. Most people my age did the same thing.

A flat fee was charged. No negotiation. Whatever the property owner offered. Generally $1 for a sidewalk, $2 if the driveway had to be done. The driveways were a bad deal. They were long and took a while to do.

Looking back, we were enterprising young men.

In New Jersey recently, two high schoolers wanted to perform as we did. Except that they printed flyers and dropped them off door to door.

The police stopped them. The police said what they were doing involved solicitation and it was barred by law. Made the young men sound like street walkers.

We have too many laws. Not properly applied in many instances. Generally because local legislatures passing the laws do  not give enough thought to their impact.

Enjoy your day!



Ten this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

Broadcast world wide on the internet.

Join me. Fast moving and interesting.

My trip to Italy and Greece is just around the corner. About ten days away. I picked up some things for the trip. Like new shorts and bathing suits. Shopped at Key West’s store of choice for men. For women, also. Sears! There is nothing else of consequence in Key West.

Ally was still sick. I was scheduled to babysit in the afternoon. Lisa telephoned and said Ally wanted bagels. So I stopped at Publix and picked up six.

Ally looked a lot better. She had returned to the world of the living. It is amazing how young children look so beat up when they are ill. Ally was talking and coloring. The anti biotics were working.

Ate at John Lucas’ Big Ten Sports Bar. Watched Miami/Indiana. Miami obviously misses Bosh. Miami better get its game together. Or they are going to lose. They are already down 2-1. Miami was beaten by roughly 20 points last night. The difference in the score was not in any one’s contemplation.

John stopped by. Several times actually. It was his night off, but he came in any how. I like John. A good person. We have become friends.

Valerie and Clayton were at the bar talking with John as I was leaving. John gave me a hug, Valerie a kiss, and Clayton a hug. A big night for me!

Valerie and Clayton own Vino’s on Duval. A good place to stop. Enjoy a glass of wine, some good company, and watch the world go by.

I have to move this morning. Need to be at the studio one hour before the show to review my notes.

Enjoy your day!