I have a few comments re footwear. The comments are limited to footwear appropriate for Key West wear.

I have been wearing crocs since they first came out. Several years ago. A long several years. I have found them the most comfortable “shoe” I have ever worn. Easy to get in and out of. Slide them on, slide them off.

One of the joys of old age for some is the extra foot bone that appears. It is on the inside of each foot. In the middle. Pushes out. It has happened to me.

Which means that I can only wear shoes, etc. that have low or no sides and do not cover the bone. Otherwise, it hurts like hell!

For whatever reason, I recently decided it was time to get away from crocs. Perhaps a boat shoe.

Key West is limited in its offerings. I went to Sears. Anything that turned me on also covered the bone. No success.

Then to the Croc store on Duval. Not to buy the usual croc. I recalled they had some soft material shoes.

I came across a croc that is all material above the sole and heel. A soft material. It covered the protruding bones, but did not hurt. I bought them.

New foot wear I have, though still in the croc family.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon preparing for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Nine my time. Join me.

Eye opening topics. Like a Sharia court operating in Texas, Venezuela’s Maduro accusing Biden of trying to instigate a bloody coup, what happens if Greece walks out on the euro, St. Louis PBA threatening to not police effectively if City establishes a Civilian Oversight Board, Spain getting ready to follow Greece re the euro, the NFL being a not for profit/pays no taxes, who paid for Super Bowl security, and more.

Dinner at Hogfish last night. Enjoyed a lobster roll. My diet is terrific! I have not weighed myself in a few days. Perhaps today.

Syracuse plays Virginia Tech this evening. At 9. The same time my blog talk radio show begins. I will miss most of the first half of the game. That which I am able to watch will be from home. I do my blog radio show from home, also.

Syracuse beat Virginia Tech early in January by 2 points. Syracuse a 12.5 point favorite tonight. We play with the team we have. We will win some and lose some. I have arrived at that point in my thought process. Que sera, sera. What will be, will be.

I was shocked to learn that there are an average of 22 military suicides a day. A black mark on our country. There is a bill pending before Congress that will be voted upon soon that hopefully will assist these troubled souls. I believe we owe them help.

When I was young (grammar school age) and it snowed, a friend and I would toss the shovels over our shoulders and go door to door offering to shovel walks and driveways. There was always a lot of snow in Utica. Most people my age did the same thing.

A flat fee was charged. No negotiation. Whatever the property owner offered. Generally $1 for a sidewalk, $2 if the driveway had to be done. The driveways were a bad deal. They were long and took a while to do.

Looking back, we were enterprising young men.

In New Jersey recently, two high schoolers wanted to perform as we did. Except that they printed flyers and dropped them off door to door.

The police stopped them. The police said what they were doing involved solicitation and it was barred by law. Made the young men sound like street walkers.

We have too many laws. Not properly applied in many instances. Generally because local legislatures passing the laws do  not give enough thought to their impact.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. “Generally because local legislatures passing the laws do not give enough thought to their impact.”

    Local legislatures are bought and paid for corrupt fun houses of idiocy. Both parties have managed to enact thick endless tomes of laws designed to help this crony or that donor and now, we have a morass of idiotic laws on the books almost everywhere.

    If I were the kids in the story I’d have asked to police to show me their business license to offer security services. Of course, the night in Juvenile lock-up would not have been as much fun.

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