Jean Thornton is back! Following a one month European trip with husband Joe.

Jean in Key West for three weeks. Joe back home in Birmingham working.

Ran into Jean last night at the Chart Room. She got in the day before. Took her four days to fly from Birmingham to Key West. Alberto to blame. She made it to Atlanta the first time only to return to Birmingham.

The European trip was grand. They saw everything. Interestingly, never tired.

Jean is the best! She was my hostess for 12 days when I was escaping Irma. She took in 7 evacuees and 3 dogs from Key West.

Jean is Key West famous. She is referred to as the Key West Golden Girl. Some years ago while diving with Mel Fisher, she came upon gold and emeralds. Changed her life!

Love you, Jean! Everyone in Key West does!

The Chart Room busy last night. John bartending. Sheila and Kevin at opposite ends of the bar. Dan and Stephanie came in. From Ohio. they have rented a condo in Key West for a month. We met last week. At the Chart Room, of course.

Tonight, Dan and Stephanie are having a Meet and Greet for candidate Greg Daniels in the courtyard of their residence at 619 Simonton Street. From 5:30-7:30. Drop in and say hello to Greg.

Jean introduced me to Adam. From England. A frequent Key West visitor over the years.

A quick trip to Publix following the Chart Room. Cupboard really  bare. Down to bottled water.

The Key West edition of the Florida Weekly selected Tom Luna as Bartender of the Week. The article refers to Tom as “Key West Royalty.” He is.

Tom has been a Key Wester for 30 years. Well loved by everyone. He is half of the Dueling Bartenders who perform monday nights at Aqua. The rest of the week he is tending bar at the Marker Resort.

I am always learning. Luna’s article revealed to me that Tom initially had been a ballet dancer. Trained and so educated. Performed professionally for years.

I am smiling as I type the following: It would be amusing to see Tom in tights today. He has put on a few pounds.

Alberto did do some damage to southwest Florida beaches. Alberto landed further north. However, the water was in turmoil all the way down to the Keys.

Affected on the beaches were turtle nests. Each containing many eggs. The nesting season began May 1. Some nests were washed away, others drowned in water.

Three brave guys. I refer to the three who kayaked from Cuba to Stock Island. In not the best of weather.

The three left Cuba 7:15 in the morning. An overnighter. They arrived on Stock Island 10:30 the next morning. The trip took 27 hours, 12 minutes, 30 seconds. A new record for solo rowing without stopping and resting.

The weather is getting better. Slowly. Still raining. Not as much. The sun sneaked  in a few times yesterday, but not for long. The day gray.

Weather reports tell us the sun will return for sunday and monday.

I love it when merchants check $100 and $20 bills. Too many counterfeits around. There was a time bills were not involved. Nickels were the big thing in the counterfeiting trade.

Today’s Key West Citizen’s Keys History section reported that on this day in 1890 counterfeit nickels were being passed in Key West.

The Trump/Kim Summit still on for June 12. Kim seems to be bending over backwards to make sure the Summit proceeds.

Stomach diplomacy involved.

Kim is aware of Trump’s love of the American fast burger. He wished he could have had the time to arrange for an American burger chain  to open in Pyongyang. As a “show of good will.”

Two things are certain. Without fail. Death and change.

Change upon us again. Sears announced early this morning it was closing 72 more stores. The list of stores will be posted later in the day.

The mighty fall. I can recall how unbelievable to me it was when years ago Eastern Airlines closed down. A major U.S. airline. How could it be, I thought.

The next major closing that blew me out was Montgomery Ward.

Change is the way of the world.

This week’s KONK Life is on the stands. Pick up a copy. My article this week one of the best I have written. Much research and thought into it. The column: The FBI of Today The Jews of Yesterday.

Have to hustle. A late morning haircut with Lori.

Enjoy your day!



  1. “Roseanne was fired swiftly for her disgusting, racist comments so why wasn’t Joy Ried when she made her disgusting, homophobic comments?”

    “I think the answer is simple: Roseanne Barr is an outspoken Trump supporter, while Joy is an influential left-wing political commentator with a huge following.”

    “you can get away with homophobia as long as you are a liberal propagandist with a big mouth.” — Michael Lucas, homosexual porn actor

    • First, the employer has the power to consider it an infraction worth termination or not. Second, bias against homosexuals is not protected under the civil rights act.

  2. “Roseanne was fired swiftly for her disgusting, racest comments so why wasn’t Joy Ried when she made her disgusting, homophobic comments?”

    “I think the answer is simple: Roseanne Barr is an outspoken Trump supporter, while Joy is an influential left-wing political commentetor with a huge following.”

    “you can get away with homophobia as long as you are a liberal propagandist with a big mouth.” — Michael Lucas, homosexual porn actor

  3. Hmmm, Rosie has been arrested ? Hadn’t heard that, but, then, I watch Fox and don’t think they mentioned that. I believe she is blaming Ambien [or some drug] so it would have been an arrest for a nonviolent crime and a stupid statement which should still be allowed under our first amendment. So, yep, if she has been arrested and convicted then our President just might pardon her.

  4. Whoa, I hadn’t heard she was arrested, that’s terrible. They should leave her alone, she say’s some strange things, but come on, arresting her for just racial jokes, that’s going too far. It’s not like Benghazi, or killing Vincent Foster. We should push to get Hillary arrested and put in jail, not Rosanne.

    • I’ll go along with the arresting Hillary thing. I keep hearing rumors of the impending arrests of both Clintons. I’m glad I didn’t start holding my breath though.

      I thought the death of Mr Foster was ruled a suicide. But after reading as much as I have about it, I too will going along with killing.

  5. During the 1970s, Oscar Lopez Rivera headed a Chicago-based cell of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN). The FALN claimed responsibility for more than 120 bombings between 1974 and 1983 in a wave of senseless destruction that killed six and injured dozens.

    In 1981, a federal court in Chicago sentenced Lopez Rivera, then 37, to 55 years for seditious conspiracy, armed robbery, interstate transportation of firearms and conspiracy to transport explosives with intent to destroy government property.

    — Released from prison by Obama

    • Yeah, I remember that, wasn’t he the guy they called “Puerto Rico’s Nelson Mandela?” A whole lot of people like Bernie Sanders, Desmond Tutu and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, even Lin Manuel Miranda were calling for his release. He was a Viet Nam vet and had served 35 years in jail when he was commuted. He wasn’t really pardoned was he? Basically just released from prison after serving so long. I think Bill Clinton had tried to get him released during his presidency. All very controversial, although he was imprisoned longer that Mandela. Isn’t it ironic that he wasn’t actually released until May of 2017, during the Trump administration and well after the Obama administration was no longer around? 74 years old when he got out.

  6. It seems I remember Rivera, a decorated soldier, admitted to every charge [ which he then later denied]. His actions resulted in quite a few deaths, one planned action admitted to was the bombing of the Democrat Party office. Rivera pushed for the independence of the island which he wanted to turn socialist. Clinton I believe offered clemency or a pardon which he turned down. Obama then released him. I’ve found it strange that Democrats have offered him help. I think he was returned to PR, I have to wonder if he is still there and what he is doing.

    • I doubt you wonder what he’s doing, but I think I know what he would be doing if he’s read what you think about Puerto Rico and it’s people. Yes, Oscar admitted to every charge, never recanted or apologized, just like Scooter Libby and Oliver North. FALN, the movement he was with is reported to have killed six people in all, far fewer than either Scooter or North were responsible for, and/or fewer than Nelson Mandela too. All political movements have there fans and their detractors, plus and minus – depending on which side you want to view it from. The really bad actors are those who have no skin in their game use something like this for their own personal game.

  7. Hmmm, I happen to like PR and its people, most of its people that is. Those that I have or have had issues with are those that hindered and continue to hinder recovery efforts for personal, political, monetary gain at the expense of other residents. Investigations are ongoing and arrests still being made. So, I would hope that he is doing what he can to find and aid prosecution of the ‘bad actors’.

    • You are really full of it Patrick, and your past posts (sept-nov 2017) on Lou’s blog prove that. You have never posted anything good about the ordinary people of PR ,only your contempt of them, never distinguishing between good and bad, including your tirade about the fear that they (post Maria) will migrate into Florida and ruin your neighborhood. You really are a total fraud.

  8. Well Tim, you are the one full of it. I do and did make the distinction and there was no ‘tirade’, only factual statements that many would and have left their island and many have moved to the US, Estimates I’ve read are from 70K-700K. No one really knows the real number. Your post is total crap.

    • Well Patrick, I too have taken the time to look back on your early posts when all of this was still happening and can only say that either you are the one who is delusional or you just don’t get it. To be kind I could say that because you authored all of that crazy stuff, you probably aren’t a very impartial judge on the subject. Take what you said on October 1st, several weeks after the storm “No one has died since the storm pas*ed like the Mayor is trying to say,” or on October 2 when you said “Cruz says her people are dying – not true.” Both of these seemed to be said with a very aggressive voice and at least to my ear, in a prejudicial and mean way. Judging by the responses you got at the time, I don’t think I was the only one who felt that way. Before you try and make any claim that this was all said innocently and I’m the one whose interrupting it wrong, remember what you said two days later on October 3rd when you wrote that “their homeland is in disaster and they need to get off their as*es…” Now you can say that that’s what was being reported or that’s what you heard, but that wouldn’t be very accurate at all, possibly even you deliberately lying now about what everybody knew and was being reported by the responsible press, back then. People were dying in the thousands. You were blaming the victims, yet at the same time (October 5th) praising Trump for “…getting the job done.” No amount of you trying to wiggle out of it now can be seen as credible. I could go on and on with this, but what’s the point. You only seem want to attack everybody else about any of this and frankly don’t seem to have the personality or guts to own up to being wrong. People died, lot’s of people died while you were posting (incorrectly) on October 6th, that “15,000 Americans were on the island working. 2/3 to 3/4 of the hospitals were working, same number of stores.” All wrong, dead wrong. And no, this isn’t crap.

      • You wrote….I could go on and on with this, but what’s the point.

        Please don’t go on and on until you learn how to use paragraphs to make your rant against Patrick at least readable.

        • I didn’t have any problem reading it’ we’re not talking a two pager or anything. I too think it’s good and makes it’s points clearly without ranting or repeating itself, Scathing yes, but that’s the subject matter. Truth is important. There are too many people out there trying to twist things around that just aren’t true and are really mean.

      • Actually, it isn’t ‘well said’. There are more comments that go beyond nov2017.

        There was a wrong statement though, In regards to the truckers strike. It was reported that the truckers union was on strike by some news agencies, but, they weren’t. The strike was called off and the truckers did go back to work due to the notoriety of the reports and resulting outrage.

  9. While reviewing past comments old names popped up that are no longer here. There have been a number of good loyal commenters that have left and i understand why.

  10. But Patrick, YOU yourself said the trucker’s were on strike in PR (blog reply Oct 2), even though you were called out on that more than once. Even Lou specifically called YOU out on that (Oct 3), yet you persisted, pointing out that only 20% were showing up for work, saying you thought that was “disgusting” as in a not so subtle effort to suggest they were somehow complicit or derelict. How many of those were actually dead by then? How many of those were unable to get to ‘work’ with no public transportation and most roads being blocked? How many of them even knew if there was anyplace to go? All phone service was out and there was electricity? How many of these people were still looking through the rubble for their dead children? All of this while you were making up terrible stories about THEM being wrong!

    Even NOW you continue to blame and disparage them with your totally unsupportable current post by saying “The strike was called off and the truckers did go back to work due to the notoriety of the reports and resulting outrage.” That’s just more mean spirited BS.

    How much hatred is within you for these people? Have you NO shame.

  11. Thats correct, I did say the drivers went on strike, just I said in the last comment. Thats what was being reported by more than one agency. The strike never took place. Only 20% of the drivers did show up for work until the strike was called off. I did and still do not like that some drivers did not show for work due of the impending strike. My complaint was ever toward those that tried to use the hurricane for personal gain.

    If that means to you that I hate these people, fine. I wouldn’t expect anything different from you. I’d still like to know what you have done for any of the hurricane relief efforts, except bitch about someone for for making an incorrect statement.

  12. No patrick, that was not being reported by any credible agency, only by the wacko right operatives and their echo chamber with people like you. It didn’t happen like you’d like us to believe, or perhaps what YOU wanted to believe and you know that. Like I said, you were immediately called out on that by several people including even Lou himself. But even then, as well as even now, still disparage and criticize these people, trying to make it sound like they were the one’s who were wrong. It was you that was wrong then and still wrong now. Mea Culpa, all you want, but remorse is more like what would be called for and something you continually demonstrate to be without. You have dung on your hands with this Patrick and deservedly so.

    I would also like to point out that in your current post you say that you “still do not like that some drivers did not show for work due of the impending strike.” to which I say you need to let go of your prejudice for something that never was. It sure sounds like you don’t “get” this at all.

    Oh, and your statement about your “complaint was ever toward those that tried to use the hurricane for personal gain.” is cute, especially in that is the perfect example of why you like Trump so much? Think about what you said and see if you just haven’t contradicted what you were trying to smear and smear who you were trying to praise.

    And how can you sort out what you would “expect” from me if you don’t really know me and are so conflicted about even yourself.? Or, is that just a lame way of trying to smear me too?

    And why are you interested in what I have done for any of these Hurricane relief efforts? Is this some ploy to help you improve your own self image and sense of self superiority? Look, I was over 3,000 miles away in Berkley when Maria hit and contractually unable to go. But I did contribute financially twice to two different relief efforts. My sister did actually go to PR to help out with relief and she’s told me that things there were worse than anything she’d ever seen. She also told me that she NEVER heard of any trucker strike and also said “what trucks?” their weren’t any drivable trucks or even drivable roads for which to use them, She thought I was joking. When I told her that there were people here saying that, she said that was totally bogus. She said what was really needed was helicopters and at the beginning they only had three. Let me be clear I’m not bitching about you making an incorrect statement, I’m shouting about you perpetuating an outright lie, something you seem to still be trying to do. Spin, Spin Spin, if you want, but may the people who suffer, forever be on your conscious for your unnecessary, insensitive and mean words.

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