I introduced Cathy to a smoothie at Date & Thyme yesterday. She enjoyed. 

Last night, it was Happy Hour at The Grand. Good time! We were joined by Theos and Dina from Greece and Steve and Cindy.

It was good to be back to The Grand again. My last visit was in January before the heart problem hit. Unfortunately, I could only partake of tomato soup and diet Coke. Still having my teeth worked on. Difficult to chew. Actually, impossible. I must admit I do not enjoy watching other people eat. I have now lost 24 pounds due to the inability to chew. I have refrained from going out because of that. 

It was a no choice situation the last few days. Cathy was a surprise visit and how could I not go out with Theos and Dina who came to visit from Greece.

Then there is alcohol. Doctors say my drinking days are over. Ok. Still it is difficult to watch friends have a few and enjoy their time by getting a bit high. While I remain stoic and bored.

Such is my life now. I will adjust.

Cathy and I plan on doing Higgs Beach today and then dinner at Antonia’s tonight. It will be soup again for me. I will not begrudge Cathy a meat or fish entre and a few drinks. The good host I shall be.

Galileo was a scientist making discoveries. Discoveries true, however the timeliness of some too early to be accepted. One of Galileo’s specialties was astronomy. He believed the Earth revolved around the sun. Heresy back then! The popular concept was the sun revolved around the Earth.

Even the Catholic Church was involved. In an area that did not touch God. The Catholic Church labeled Galileo a heretic.

On this day in 1945, President Harry Truman announced Nazi Germany had surrendered.

Hitler was a Jew hater. The world knows that. The atrocities he heaped upon those of the Jewish faith will never be forgotten. 

An example of Hitler’s hatred of Jews was the Nazi order in 1942 to kill all pregnant Jewish women in Kovno Ghetto.

Hitler did not create nor discover anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism goes back centuries. On May 7, 1355, 1,200 Jews in a particular community in Spain were killed by a Count Henry of Trastamara.

Vietnam stood strong in saying don’t screw with us. The Vietnamese defeated two major powers in the process. France and the U.S.

The French in 1954, The U.S. in 1972-73.

President Johnson expanded U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Overall he was a good Presidnet. However, he failed where Vietnam was concerned. Johnson wanted to be a “successful wartime Presidnet” as Roosevelt had. He failed in that regard.

Vietnam turned into a major failure for the U.S. and disrupted American society drastically.

Is Trump embarrassed that his sex life is openly being disclosed in a public trial in New York City?  I suspect not, even though some things are private. Sex is a personal private matter. One does not go round bragging about his or her conquests.

Donald does.

Now he is stuck in the Stormy Daniels hush money case in New York. She says they did it together. Describes Trump personally and other factors that make it appear they did it. Trump has consistently denied sex with Stormy. Wonder if he will testify. If he does, would he perjure himself?

Judge Aileen Cannon decided another point in favor of Trump yesterday in the documents case. Her decision favored Trump once again. She ruled the documents case would not be ready for trial later this month and adjourned the trial date to some future time to be decided. 

A victory for Trump. Means the case will not be tried before the election nor this year at all.

The quality of judges is important. Trump appointed a lot of favorites and misfits. Cannon one of them. He is reaping the benefit of the appointment.

Not American justice!

Trump is not one to waste time. The Judge in the New York City hush money case agreed to give Trump a day off from the trial to attend his son Barron’s graduation. The graduation is at 10 am in South Florida.

It was announced yesterday that Trump will also be speaker at a fundraiser later that same day in St. Paul, Minnesota. A 3 and 3/4 hour flight from Palm Beach to St. Paul.

Trump wastes no time, especially when it comes to money.

“Organized anarchy.” Leon Cooperman is a billionaire and Columbia University graduate. He describes the campus student protest as “organized anarchy.”

I do not know if I would go that far in describing the protests. I openly admit I disagree with the present protests. College students may be getting a hell of an education. However their mental and judgmental development is not yet sufficient to handle the Gaza problem. Most are nothing more than smart asses thinking they are big shots by espousing various theories.

Many comment to my expressions of not believing we should be guided by the judgment of the young and inexperienced. They disagree with me. They’re right as mine is to disagree with them. My problem is I do not understand why young inexperienced persons should lead/guide us. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Because they are better than those who ARE leading/guiding us!

    Are you blind, Lou? So many of our leaders since Ronald Reagan haw shown us to be incompetent.

    George W Bush, Donald Trump, Newt Gringrich, Mitch McConell, MTG etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,

    and btw, they weren’t trying to lead us, they were commenting and protesting AND by far (!) lest destructive and threatening than Trump has been (without brutal restraints) just since his presidency. He’s treated with respect, they got treated badly.

    The list is ENORMOUS

    Lou, you should show more respect where respect is really due!

  2. I agree with you, Lou. In general, college students, whether undergrads or graduate degree students, do not have the experience in the real world or the maturity to lead in matters of national or global issues. They have every right to voice their opinions, especially as some of them will become FUTURE leaders and as current voting citizens, and to PEACEFULLY protest. But the fact that many have taken their grievances far beyond peaceful protests is indication that they are lacking, at the very least, the maturity to conduct themselves in a civil and democratic manner while airing their grievances.

  3. Lou, the New York Post, you quote, is a very well known sleazy tabloid, to be a very “conservative” rag and never worried about telling the truth. I am surprised you or any other educated person would quote them on this or any other issue.

    Shame on you Lou

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