Key West Sundays are relatively quiet for the local folk. Each the same. Laid back.

I watched the Sunday morning talk shows on TV. The furor over Benghazi is too much. They are at the stage of splitting hairs. Our nation’s leaders have more important things to talk about. The debt crisis is looming.

Syracuse beat Wagner in basketball as expected. A little guy playing a giant. Compliments to Wagner for traveling to the Dome knowing that there was little chance of winning.

At one point early on, Wagner was leading. I could read the players’ minds. Just maybe…..

The basketball game was early afternoon. When over, I went to Don’s Place to watch pro football. Don has the pro football package. There are TV sets all over the place, inside and out, showing the games. I sat in back outside with Don and friends and watched five different games at one time. The TV sets were placed  next to each other in a row.

Good company! Besides Don,  there were Stephanie, David, Keith, Larry, Toni, Frankie, Sandy, Boomer and Angus. Always a good time.

I returned home for a while. Read. I have started a new book. A biography of Ulysses Grant. Recently published, the book is entitled The Man Who Saved The Union. Written by H. W. Brands.

From love and BD/SM sex to a presidential history. A jump!

It was Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family.

Christmas  already in the air. Robert and Ally showed me the letters they had written to Santa Claus listing the 10,000 gifts each wanted. I am surprised they still believe. Robert is 8 and Ally 7. Last year some of Robert’s class mates told him what they perceived to be the true story. There ain’t no Santa Claus! Robert did not buy it. I hope he does not buy it this year either. Nor Ally. Santa Claus is good for them.

I was home to an early bed.

I am into the HBO Boardwalk series. Only two more shows before the series concludes. Everyone is getting killed. Worse than the  Godfather trilogy. I hope the “hero” survives.

This Hostess/Twinkie situation is interesting and sad. An example of a little guy taking down the big guy. In this instance, every one loses however. A hollow victory.

Enjoy your day!


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