On the way home last night after the basketball game, I stopped at Don’s Place. Kurt was bartending. Several friends at the bar.

One was Nate. One of the nicest persons I have met in Key West. Every one was talking about him.

Turns out Nate is a Notre Dame fan. Said if Notre Dame lost to Alabama by more than 12 points, he would cut his hair bald. Nate’s hair was down to his shoulders.

We all know what happened to Notre Dame.

Nate no longer has long hair. He had 11 inches cut off. Not to his bare skull, however. His girl friend Missy intervened and said no way. Nate has what now might be described as a normal haircut.

Looks good. Nate has gone from Key West bartender to Wall Street banker in appearance.

Kurt was bartending. Looked like he had  lost a lot of weight. He had. About 60 pounds. Looks good. My question to him was how. He is on a beer diet. He drinks a lot of beer and eats very little.

I think I am on the wrong diet!

I have a bicycle. In fact, two. One was for my former wife. I have not ridden a bike in about three years.

The bicycles have been sitting in a corner of the garage. The tires were flat. I have an air machine. Filled them. Got a wet rag and cleaned one of the bikes off. A ton of dust.

I went bicycle riding around Key Haven. Another small contribution to my good health kick.

My cell phone was the problem that kept me from getting into my blog talk radio show the past two weeks. Went to Verizon.

The problem was easily resolved. My phone had to be rebooted. Corrected several problems I had been having. I will be on the air next Tuesday morning with the radio show!

Worked off and on yesterday on friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour. A good show in the making. Join me on television or the internet for a fast moving enjoyable hour.

The show is at 10 in the morning my time. Airs on TV via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. From Key West all the way up through Miami-Dade County. On the internet, world wide.

Syracuse basketball last night. They beat Providence by around 5 points. Could have lost game.

Syracuse again did not look good. The team is not running up and down the court at a fast pace. The team is supposed to be a physical one. Last night they played a half court game. Fouls shooting sucked also till the last two minutes when they made the ones that counted.

I watched the game at John’s Big Ten Sports Pub with Dan and Lisa Reardon. A huge Syracuse crowd also in attendance.

Fun time this morning. I need a haircut. Get to see Lori. I am going to have her trim my beard a bit. It is starting to look unruly.

Enjoy your day!


I am up very early this morning. I have to be at Montessori at 9:30. Montessori has what might be described as a Halloween educational parade. Each student is dressed as an historical figure. Each must give a recitation as to who they are and what their costume person accomplished in life.

Robert is Michael Phelps. A gold medal is part of his costume. Ally is Clara Barton.

Ally read some where that Clara Barton founded the Red Cross. She wanted to be Clara Barton. Her dissertation will include Sandy and how the Red Cross is helping. It was a stretch to have Ally fit Sandy into her material. Both Robert and Ally are too young to appreciate the significance of the hurricane.

A different morning today. Next to no breeze and the water calm. The lack of breeze and water movement means that Sandy has defintely left us. As recent as yesterday, the wind was strong.

I walked Key Haven yesterday morning. First time in a while. All six blocks. The wind bent me a bit when I did Floral. On one side of Floral sits the Gulf. Less than ten feet from the road. No homes to block the wind.

It was a working afternoon. Jenna and Sloan with me. At separate times. Jenna early afternoon. Sloan came at five and stayed until after six.

Key West seemed too far away when my work day was done. I was tired. I washed my face and headed over to Hogfish. Enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar and a sandwich. Hogfish. Read the newspapers.

Have to move my ass now. I do not wish to be late for Robert and Ally’s performance. If late, Robert and Ally would be anxiously looking for me and Lisa would chastise me.

Enjoy your day!


My internet show tomorrow morning at 10. Ten my time. World wide. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Join me.

In addition to topics set forth yesterday, I am going to chat a bit once more about Sharia law. There have been some recent interesting revelations. Some time will also be dedicated to a discussion of puppy mills and the Amish and Mennonite involvement with them.

An interesting show. Miss it not!

Babysat all day yesterday.

Robert, Ally and I drove to No Name Pub for lunch. We destroyed ourselves. Robert and Ally enjoyed foods their mother Lisa keeps away from them. It is a grandfather’s responsibility to provide such pleasures.

No Name Pub is an interesting place. it is located in the woods no where. Hard to find. Always packed. No Name Pub also has a distinctive history. In the 1930s, a brothel operated on the second floor.

After lunch, we were off to Boondocks for miniature golf. Robert and Ally played. I refereed and offered suggestions. They played equally well. They ended in a tie. Robert and Ally enjoyed the competition.

Some how Robert won a free ice cone. We had two. One for each. I tried both. Tastey and refreshing.

Then to my house for swimming. Lisa arrived later to pick them up.

I took a quick half hour power nap. Needed it.

I was scheduled to have dinner with Billy and Cindy Schoot last night. Met them at the Chart Room. Sheila was there. With family and friends from Indiana. Talked a bit with them.

Dinner was at Hot Tin Roof. A long leisurely dinner. Great conversation. Many laughs.

Yesterday was National Tequilla Day. I ordered Patron Silver shots for the table. It was that kind of evening.

Have to hustle. I have a ten o’clock hair appointment.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning!

A lovely Saturday to you!

It rained big time yesterday. All day. This is Key West’s rainy season. However not as much as yesterday. Normally, it rains once a day around one in the afternoon for 10 minutes.

I was driving home at one point and it started pouring. Heavy. Like I almiost could not see. It started on the boulevard and continued on US 1. I turned into Key Haven. Went 100 feet and noticed everything was dry. It had not rained in Key Haven where I live. This is not an uncommon happening. Many times Lisa will telephone to warn me not to go out. The rain was too heavy. I ask…..What rain? It would be raining in Key West, but not Key Haven.

A humid Friday morning yesterday. Heavy. Felt like you could cut it with a knife.

My morning was busy.

My first stop was the dentist. My cell phone was broke and I wanted to make an appointment. For my teeth, not the phone. I see the dentist Tuesday at 10. My implants screwed up on the trip again. My teeth do not stay in.

Then it was to KONK Broadcasting to do my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. The show was good. A bit of a travelogue, followed by a segment of news commentary. I was pleased to be back doing the show. I had missed it.

KONK Broadcasting is on the third floor of an old renovated building in Key West. Actually, it is in a very well done remodeled attic. There are two flights of steps to KONK. Many and steep. Prior to the trip, I had to pause at the first landing to catch my breath. When I reached the top, I had to pause again.

Yesterday, I moved up those two sets of steps like a young kid. Easy and swift. No concern. No getting winded. The trip had helped me in this regard. All those hills and steps I complained of in Italy and Greece had conditioned me a bit.

My cell phone was not working. Ergo had to stop at Dr. Leffert’s office to make an appointment. My little finger on my right hand is infected at the tip. Swollen. Reddish. Looked pussy. It got cut getting a manicure in Athens ten days ago. An appoinment was made for one o’clock.

The next stop was Verizon. My man there is Diego. He swiftly took care of the problem. It was not the phone. It was me. I did not know what I was doing.

Then to Walgreens. I had picked up one of my prescription drugs the day before. It was not correct. I had a new prescription that Walgreens had already filled and failed to cancel the old one. The mistake had cost me $134, even with insurance. I am in the doughnut. A screw job in and of itself.

Got my $134 back. Had to wait 15 minutes for the manager to do it. An inconvenience. Walgreens never learns. They are inconsiderate to their drug customers. Long lines, waiting. With all the money they are making off prescription drugs, they could hire another two people and not even feel it off their cash flow.

Back to Dr. leffert’s office. Yes, I had an infection. She told me what to do. I will do it as well as taking an antibiotic. My pinkie will be well in short course.

I needed to publish a column on Amazon Kindle. Did. The title: Life Begins First Day of a Woman’s Last Menstrual Cycle. A bit confuing. You havve to read the title a couple of times to fully grasp it. There was no other way for me to say it.

Arizona is anti-abortion. They have a new law designed to shorten the time within which an abortion may be performed. They passed the law just to cut two days off the time frame. In order to do it, they had to disregard and manipulate medical science and natural law.

An interesting column.

I am getting better with the jet lag. However at 4 I was tired. I intended to go out for dinner. Layed on the bed for a short nap. Woke at 9. Too late to go out. Stayed in.

Tom Dixon lives in Buffalo. He is a Key West snow bird. Owns property here. He wrote me toward the end of my trip and said that the jet lag was not as bad flying back. He was right! It is no where as heavy as the initial trip to Italy.

Enjoy your day!



This is the day!

I leave this morning for Italy and Greece. I will write you tomorrow from Italy.

I have never taken such a long trip. Two whole months! I am anxious to begin the venture. No, adventure.

Yesterday was busy doing last minute things. Packing took a while.

Dinner last night with the family. Fun, as always. Ally’s birthday is June 1. I will not be here. I gave her her present last night. She was excited. It was a game. I was not sure she would enjoy it. It was the right thing to get her!

Robert and Ally wanted to do something special in view of my trip. They have ice cream cards for Dairy Queen. They took me to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

Love them!

The next time you read this blog, it will be from somewhere in Italy. You will experience the trip with me.

Enjoy your day!



I stayed up late last night. Ergo, slept late this morning. That is why the blog is being posted so late. Sorry.

It has been announced…..Bernie Fine’s wife Laurie is holding a press conference tomorrow morning. Part of the ongoing Syracuse University  pedophile scandal.  It has been reported she will be addressing the “…false accusations and scandalous lies” spread by certain persons.

I cannot believe her press conference will add anything of substance to the matter.

Walked Key Haven yesterday morning. Up and down the streets. A picturesque walk. Some lovely homes.

Babysat later in the afternoon. Ally is now sick with what her brother had. She seems to be recovering faster than Robert did.

I began at the Chart Room last night. Mary bartending. Chatted with Jean and Frankie.

Then across the street to the Hot Tin Roof. Very, very few people. A monday night. In addition, this is a quiet time for tourists. About three weeks from now the streets and restaurants will be jammed again. School will be out. Families will be driving to Key West for their vacations. Prices for everything are generally cheaper. Merchants recognize it is a slow time. They attract families with their cheaper than ever prices. Motels/hotels can be as much as fifty percent cheaper. Dinners in many restaurants half price. You can’t beat it!

Big day to day. Robert’s birthday! He is 8 years old. I remember when he was born. We were fearful he would not live eight days. Robert was born with cancer of the liver. He had two major surgeries the first eight days of his life. Thank God he is A-OK since.

We are eating dinner at Lisa’s tonight. Lisa baking a cake. Robert’s choice as to take out. He picked Wendy’s. I do not know why. We rarely go to Wendy’s. Robert is having a cheeseburger. I am having two.

Happy birthday my beloved grandson!

Enjoy your day!