This is the day!

I leave this morning for Italy and Greece. I will write you tomorrow from Italy.

I have never taken such a long trip. Two whole months! I am anxious to begin the venture. No, adventure.

Yesterday was busy doing last minute things. Packing took a while.

Dinner last night with the family. Fun, as always. Ally’s birthday is June 1. I will not be here. I gave her her present last night. She was excited. It was a game. I was not sure she would enjoy it. It was the right thing to get her!

Robert and Ally wanted to do something special in view of my trip. They have ice cream cards for Dairy Queen. They took me to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

Love them!

The next time you read this blog, it will be from somewhere in Italy. You will experience the trip with me.

Enjoy your day!

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