On the way home last night after the basketball game, I stopped at Don’s Place. Kurt was bartending. Several friends at the bar.

One was Nate. One of the nicest persons I have met in Key West. Every one was talking about him.

Turns out Nate is a Notre Dame fan. Said if Notre Dame lost to Alabama by more than 12 points, he would cut his hair bald. Nate’s hair was down to his shoulders.

We all know what happened to Notre Dame.

Nate no longer has long hair. He had 11 inches cut off. Not to his bare skull, however. His girl friend Missy intervened and said no way. Nate has what now might be described as a normal haircut.

Looks good. Nate has gone from Key West bartender to Wall Street banker in appearance.

Kurt was bartending. Looked like he had  lost a lot of weight. He had. About 60 pounds. Looks good. My question to him was how. He is on a beer diet. He drinks a lot of beer and eats very little.

I think I am on the wrong diet!

I have a bicycle. In fact, two. One was for my former wife. I have not ridden a bike in about three years.

The bicycles have been sitting in a corner of the garage. The tires were flat. I have an air machine. Filled them. Got a wet rag and cleaned one of the bikes off. A ton of dust.

I went bicycle riding around Key Haven. Another small contribution to my good health kick.

My cell phone was the problem that kept me from getting into my blog talk radio show the past two weeks. Went to Verizon.

The problem was easily resolved. My phone had to be rebooted. Corrected several problems I had been having. I will be on the air next Tuesday morning with the radio show!

Worked off and on yesterday on friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour. A good show in the making. Join me on television or the internet for a fast moving enjoyable hour.

The show is at 10 in the morning my time. Airs on TV via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. From Key West all the way up through Miami-Dade County. On the internet, world wide.

Syracuse basketball last night. They beat Providence by around 5 points. Could have lost game.

Syracuse again did not look good. The team is not running up and down the court at a fast pace. The team is supposed to be a physical one. Last night they played a half court game. Fouls shooting sucked also till the last two minutes when they made the ones that counted.

I watched the game at John’s Big Ten Sports Pub with Dan and Lisa Reardon. A huge Syracuse crowd also in attendance.

Fun time this morning. I need a haircut. Get to see Lori. I am going to have her trim my beard a bit. It is starting to look unruly.

Enjoy your day!

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