I am up very early this morning. I have to be at Montessori at 9:30. Montessori has what might be described as a Halloween educational parade. Each student is dressed as an historical figure. Each must give a recitation as to who they are and what their costume person accomplished in life.

Robert is Michael Phelps. A gold medal is part of his costume. Ally is Clara Barton.

Ally read some where that Clara Barton founded the Red Cross. She wanted to be Clara Barton. Her dissertation will include Sandy and how the Red Cross is helping. It was a stretch to have Ally fit Sandy into her material. Both Robert and Ally are too young to appreciate the significance of the hurricane.

A different morning today. Next to no breeze and the water calm. The lack of breeze and water movement means that Sandy has defintely left us. As recent as yesterday, the wind was strong.

I walked Key Haven yesterday morning. First time in a while. All six blocks. The wind bent me a bit when I did Floral. On one side of Floral sits the Gulf. Less than ten feet from the road. No homes to block the wind.

It was a working afternoon. Jenna and Sloan with me. At separate times. Jenna early afternoon. Sloan came at five and stayed until after six.

Key West seemed too far away when my work day was done. I was tired. I washed my face and headed over to Hogfish. Enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar and a sandwich. Hogfish. Read the newspapers.

Have to move my ass now. I do not wish to be late for Robert and Ally’s performance. If late, Robert and Ally would be anxiously looking for me and Lisa would chastise me.

Enjoy your day!

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