I stayed up late last night. Ergo, slept late this morning. That is why the blog is being posted so late. Sorry.

It has been announced…..Bernie Fine’s wife Laurie is holding a press conference tomorrow morning. Part of the ongoing Syracuse University  pedophile scandal.  It has been reported she will be addressing the “…false accusations and scandalous lies” spread by certain persons.

I cannot believe her press conference will add anything of substance to the matter.

Walked Key Haven yesterday morning. Up and down the streets. A picturesque walk. Some lovely homes.

Babysat later in the afternoon. Ally is now sick with what her brother had. She seems to be recovering faster than Robert did.

I began at the Chart Room last night. Mary bartending. Chatted with Jean and Frankie.

Then across the street to the Hot Tin Roof. Very, very few people. A monday night. In addition, this is a quiet time for tourists. About three weeks from now the streets and restaurants will be jammed again. School will be out. Families will be driving to Key West for their vacations. Prices for everything are generally cheaper. Merchants recognize it is a slow time. They attract families with their cheaper than ever prices. Motels/hotels can be as much as fifty percent cheaper. Dinners in many restaurants half price. You can’t beat it!

Big day to day. Robert’s birthday! He is 8 years old. I remember when he was born. We were fearful he would not live eight days. Robert was born with cancer of the liver. He had two major surgeries the first eight days of his life. Thank God he is A-OK since.

We are eating dinner at Lisa’s tonight. Lisa baking a cake. Robert’s choice as to take out. He picked Wendy’s. I do not know why. We rarely go to Wendy’s. Robert is having a cheeseburger. I am having two.

Happy birthday my beloved grandson!

Enjoy your day!


  1. No one in Syracuse would allow Laurie Fine to have her press conference, so, she is having it at the Belhurst Castle here in Geneva..

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