Yesterday was a typical Key West day. What is typical? Not a do nothing day. Such would be referred to as a nothing day. A typical day is one where you do a few things. No sweat or strain things. All pleasurable. All which move the day along in a tortoise fashion.

The morning was quiet at home.

Lunch was outstanding! Food and company wise. I had a luncheon scheduled with my publisher, Shirrel Rhoades. We met at Azur. A one hour lunch turned into almost a two hour one. We were enjoying each other.

Shirrel has a distinguished background in the publishing field. Two notables include his time as Publisher of Marvel Comics and as a Vice President with the Reader’s Digest.

Shirrel wants me to write more books. I had planned on it so we were in accord. I see at least three more by the end of the year. Growing Up Italian, of course. Also a follow up to the The World Upside Down. Shirrel believes a series is in order.

Greece. Recall my first trip to Greece. The plan is to put together the day to day blog reporting for the month I spent in Greece. There will be added material to some to better portray the perils that confronted me. Pictures, too. The book will be fun doing.

I rarely dine at Azur. One does not eat there. One dines. The food commands dining. Why I rarely eat at Azur, I do not know.

For lunch, I had a steak sandwich. Sounds simple. Was not. It was a rib eye pan fried in oil and parsley on a fantastic roll. I repeated myself several times to the waiter and Shirrel how good the sandwich tasted!

Then drove over to Lee Nails. I was overdue for a manicure. It is always a pleasure to share time with Tammy. A beautiful smart hard working young Vietnamese woman.

The place was busy. I mentioned it to her. She said it had become busy just before I walked in. Prior thereto, quiet. The pedicure chairs were mostly occupied. Several ladies were getting manicures.

It has never bothered me to sit among the ladies and get a manicure and/or pedicure. It must be my feminine side.

Stayed in the rest of the afternoon. It was decision time. The subject for my COMMENTARY column in next week’s KONK Life. I am not certain yet. However, I seem to be leaning to something on the genius Putin is showing at the present time and our reactions. The reactions seem to be ineffective.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou was last night. Fun time.  I love doing the show!

Two areas seem to have garnered the most interest. One was my dissertations on Putin and Ukraine. The other, the increasing cost of food.

The Courmayeur landslide I reported yesterday is still a problem. The fall is unstable. It consists of dirt and rocks. The fall started below the snow line. It continues to slide and creep down the hillside. A portion of Courmayeur has been evacuated. The tunnel connecting Italy and France was closed several times.

No one is certain yet what to do.

There have been two other significant mountain slides in recent days. The avalanche on Mount Everest and the mud slide in Washington State.

Nature rearing its ugly head!

Enjoy your day!



I did absolutely nothing yesterday. My back kept me confined to bed all day. Such was my day. Ergo, nothing to report activity wise.

However, there is something I would like to share. It involves neo-Nazis, Ukraine, the United States, the American media, and anti-Semitism. Read on for a most interesting blog.

The sole purpose of this article is to ask why our government and the media fail to keep us informed about that which I am to relate.

Some of you may have seen on the internet last night news reports regarding a television CEO in the Ukraine who was beaten by some far right politicians and forced to resign. Note I said internet, not television. The far right individuals were members of the Ukraine Svoboda Party. The beating itself was shown on two internet sites.

I could be wrong about that which I am about to relate. I do not think so. I did not see any similar news report in/on any American media. Why?

Note that I have been discussing the Svoboda Party and the issues contained herein for three weeks.

The Svoboda Party is far right. It is actually the neo-Nazi Party in Ukraine. It is one of Ukraine’s five largest political parties It was nothing till the 2012 elections when it won its first Parliament seats. Ten per cent of the vote got the party 37 seats in Parliament. Since Ukraine has coalition government, this gave the Svoboda Party major clout in the new government.

The leader of the Svoboda Party is Olah Tyahnybok. He believes in violence as a way of capturing the minds and souls of  people. Just as Hitler did in the 1930s. Personal brutality, beatings, breaking of store fronts, synagogue bombings.

The Svoboda is anti-Communist, anti-Russian, and anti-Semitic.

Anti-Semitism is part of the Party platform. The Party was first named the Social-National party. An intentional reference to Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Party.

The Ukraine neo-Nazis have a youth program. Uniforms and all. At a recent rally, a Svoboda youth leader distributed Nazi propaganda written by Joseph Goebbels.

The Party platform calls for “…..one race, one nation, one Fatherland.”

Tyahnybok has called in the past for Ukraines to fight against the Muscovite-Jewish mafia. Another Party leader referred to the Holocaust as “…..a period of Light in history.”

As I have written over the past three years, neo-Nazism is on the rise in Europe. Hungry people will follow radical leaders who promise and provide more. Greece has an especially strong neo-Nazi party. Italy’s less strong, but growing. Ukraine’s neo-Nazis have been developing strong ties recently with the Italian group.

A prominent Ukraine rabbi is Hillel Cohen. He was recently attacked in Kiev by anti-Semitics. He was beaten and stabbed in the leg. He was called anti-Semitic slurs. He was referred to as zyhd. Ukraine for kike.

Also recently, a synogauge in eastern Ukraine was firebombed. Damage was slight and there were no injuries.

The neo-Nazi Svoboda Party are part of the “good guys” opposing Russia. They are part of the group that the United States and the Euro nations are supporting. It is reported money has already been sent by the United States to this group.

Recently, Senator Mc Cain had his picture taken with Tyahnybok. As has Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. The photos appeared in European newspapers. I am not aware of them appearing in American newspapers or television news reports.

My question again is a simple one. Why are not the American people being made aware of what is going on regarding the Svoboda Party? We hear nothing from the government or news media. We should know who our government is supporting and more importantly, why? There is no transparency.

I am merely sharing. Draw your own conclusions. Ask your own questions. Do your own research.

As always, enjoy your day!


Who would have believed that in 2014 I would be sitting in a coffee house in Key
West writing about the danger of a rising Nazism?

First however, the blog is late because I received a last minute call from the realtor. Open house today! A picture of your home is in the newspaper! He never told me. I had to move my ass to straighten up the house, shower, and get out!

Now for a problem/danger that the American media fails to discuss. The growing power of European Nazism.

Lets starts start with this day in history in 1190. The place is York, England.

The English were in the process of embarking upon the Crusades. A battle to save Christianity from the purported Muslim infidels. From the perspective of the English, Jesus was white and Christian. Not Muslim. Nor Jewish. The Jews were despised as well.

One hundred fifty Jews lived in York. They had to be dealt with. Because they were Jews. They sought refuge in Clifford’s Tower. All 150. The Christians gave them a choice. Be baptized or killed! If you prefer, you can commit suicide. Most opted for suicide. They started a  roaring fire and burned to death. The few that preferred to be killed at the hands of the Christians were massacred. Not one opted to be baptized.

The point of this historical tale is the hatred of Jews before 1190 , through the time of York, and to present day. An ongoing forever thing.

I have warned of the Greek Nazi Party (known as the Golden Dawn) for three years. I viewed its operation personally in Greece. I have been talking about the Ukraine Nazi Party this past month since the Crimean situation arose.

The American media has mentioned little regarding the Nazi Party in Greece and Ukraine. The American people are being blocked out.

There is also a Nazi Party in Italy. There is one every where today in Europe where people are suffering economically. The hardships that gave rise to Hitler are giving rise to the European spread of Nazism.

The Italian Nazi Party is relatively small. So small, it does not even have anyone elected to the Italian Parliament. However, Italy is fertile for the growth of Nazism. The economic depravity sweeping the country creates a fertile ground for its spread.

Last week, the Greek Alba Dorata (Greece’s Golden Dawn Nazi Party) met in Milan with leaders of the Casa Pound. The Casa Pound is the Italian Nazi Party. Named after the famous author Ezra Pound. He was a Hitler and fascist supporter during World War II. Hemingway saved Pound’s ass after the war and had him to a large degree redeemed before the literary world. A story for another time.

Another meeting is scheduled this week in Rome. The Rome branch of Nazism is stronger than the Milan one.

The Greek Nazi Party grows daily. The present government is doing every thing to keep the group down. Even outlawed the party. To no avail. The Greek Nazi party is a potent force and continues to flex its muscle daily.

The Greeks even  have what is described as a Greek Nazi Ambassador. He is stationed in Rome. His name is Kostantinos Boviatsos. His title, location and work clear proof the Greek Nazis are not screwing around. Though not there yet, it is like Greece today, the world tomorrow!

Ukraine has its own Nazi Party. A force in the coalition opposing the Russians. Another potent force. They are part of the group that has already received American dollars in support their cause. Senator McCain appeared in a recent photograph with the head of the Ukrainian Nazi Party.

As with the Crusaders of the Middle Ages, the Greek, Italian and Ukrainian Nazi parties are anti-Semitic. Decidedly so. Which means the United States is supporting organized anti-Semites in Ukraine.

Why do we not hear more of this from the American media?

I apologize for devoting a portion of a Sunday Key West blog to the Nazi Party. However…..it is something we have to start thinking seriously about. Before another Hitler rises. Laugh not. The same fertile seeds that gave rise to Hitler in the 1930s exist in the world today.

Now for some quick Key West dialogue.

I walked Duval a bit last night. The St. Patrick Day crowd was humongous. Tourists galore. Around six, most were blurry eyed. Full of green beer. I doubt many made it through the night.

I enjoyed Don and Chris’ company at the Chart Room. Che and Meri joined us. Earlier, I had walked to the Galleon Tiki bar to see JJ. No JJ. Apparently his night off.

Meri told me Patrick had been in looking for me. I hope he brought my friends with him. Sorry we missed. Our paths will cross soon, I am sure.

I am sitting in the Plantation Coffee house writing this blog. Three Spring Break young ladies just came in and are sitting across from me. I have gotten old! Very old! They do not even look like adults, though they are.

Enjoy your Sunday!


I bought and furnished my Key West home 16 years ago. Deck furniture was among the items purchased. Included was a round table with a blue shade umbrella. The umbrella survived all 16 years till yesterday. Let me say first that the enemy of anything on the ocean is sun and salt. Neither bothered the umbrella. I was impressed. It took strong winds to bring about its demise.

Yesterday was sunny and lovely. In the afternoon, a storm came upon us that quick. In a matter of minutes, it gets dark, the temperature drops 10-20 degrees and it begins raining like hell.

I worked for a while. Kept the glass sliding doors behind me shut. The rain would have gushed in. After a while, I was tired. Took a nap. Two hours later, I woke. Still raining, but not as bad. I went downstairs and opened the glass sliding doors.

The first thing that hit my eyes was the pool. The wind was was still strong. There were ripples on top of the pool which clouded the water. I saw what I thought was a body in the deep end. I hurried out to investigate. It was the umbrella. The metal parts I could see where broke. Lying on top of the umbrella was a large ceramic vase. It was the vase that gave the initial impression of a body.

The vase was purchased 16 years ago, also. I have two sitting at the shallow end of the pool by the steps for decorative purposes. The vases are heavy. Three feet tall, 1.5 feet wide and thick. It takes all I have to lift one one inch.

The metal umbrella post must have snapped.Then it hit one of the chairs at the table. The chair is destroyed. The umbrella must have then hurled sideways of the chair and picked up the ceramic vase on its way into the pool.

There is a 30 foot distance between the table and where the umbrella landed in the pool. Had to be a hell of a wind!

I already called Keith. Told him to come over saturday with Jennifer. Wear their bathing suits. Get the stuff out of the pool!

It is not going to be easy. It is about seven feet down. The vase has to be full of water. The umbrella will hold water in its pocket as it rises. Not a job for Louis. It would be heart attack time.

The loss of the umbrella is my fault. I know better than to leave it open during a storm.

ABC and Good Morning America did themselves proud this morning. Key West was featured on the show. ABC has been doing this show in Key West for several years. I always thought the show sucked. They did not show Key West as it truly is. From what I saw this morning, this year they did.

ABC’s Ginger was broadcasting. The first shot was of her and a crowd of shorts and tee shirted people at Mallory Square. Yes, the rain and wind are gone. It is sunny and warm once more.

The next segment showed two Key West favorites. Key Lime Pie and Stone crabs. A great last meal! The following segment were walkers at Smathers Beach. Then came the Westin Dock with a huge cruise ship in the background.

Ginger kept referring to Key West as Paradise. She was correct.

I could give the show no more time. I have a big morning. I believe my friend Howard Livingston is going to do a guest appearance at some point. The best of the best.

The only negative in the show was that I saw no locals during the time I watched. They were all tourists. I recognized no one.

Bocce obviously rained out last night. I did not have to call in and beg off due to my back.

Two Ukraine observations.

First, what is going on is not unlike our Civil War. The South seceded. They had no right to do so under the Constitution. Crimea is in effect seceding from the Ukraine. This matte can only be handled properly and honorably if there is an Abraham Lincoln in the Ukraine of today.

The other observation involves the pipelines. Russia’s income comes from its oil and gas exports. Seventy five per cent. The pipelines go through Ukraine. One of the reasons Ukraine is important to Putin. I think Ukrainian leaders should slowly start sabotaging some of those pipelines. With the added threat that if Russia interferes in any way, all the pipelines will immediately be blown up. Putin has to back off immediately. The opposition for once would have the upper hand. The problem will then be possible of immediate resolution. Fire must be met with fire. When dealing with a bully, you must hit harder back than he hit you.

So thinks Louis.

Enjoy your day!



1898 was a significant year in Key West history. The USS Maine was sunk in Havana harbor, a number of the sailors killed were buried in the Key West Cemetary, and the Custom House  became the site for the formal inquiry into the sinking of the USS Maine.

Threats of war had prevailed. There was an inevitable feeling that a war between the United States and Spain would occur. It did. The USS Maine was sunk in Havana harbor to flame the fires of war.

Many US sailors were killed. A good number were buried in the Key West Cemetary. On this date in 1898, a dedication of the plot where these brave men are buried was dedicated. It was estimated 10,000 people attended the ceremony. Can you imagine! There were not that many people in Key West at the time. They had to have come from all over the United States.

Later, a formal inquiry was held to determine the cause of the USS Maine being sunk. The cause was clear. However rules and regulations required a hearing. The inquiry was held at the Custom House.

The Custom House had been completed on 1891. It was a Federal building. It housed the post office, custom offices and federal district court.

Today the Custom House is home to the Key West Art and Historical Society. Best described as a museum with frequent art exhibits. Dear friend Sheila from the Chart Room recently joined the staff of the Custom House. Her office oversees the waters off Key West.

Daughter Lisa is a part of the history of the Custom House. When she first settled in Key West some 15 years ago, her initial employment was at the Custom House with the Key West Art and Historical Society. She was with the organization for several years. She served as Development Director. A major fund raising effort was underway at the time to secure funds for the repair and reconstruction of the Custom House. Lisa played a significant role in the fund raising and her effort was most respectable. She did her job. She raised a lot of money.

Yesterday was a bit busy. I started with an early morning pick up of my computer from Tim Reynolds. It is now fixed. I am doing this blog on it at the moment.

I walk and then do not walk. I am becoming frustrated with myself. Realizing I need some regimentation, I went to a gym yesterday to sign up. With a trainer and everything. I went to We Be Fit. The gym that advertises on television that it can keep seniors in good shape and probably add on to their years.

I wanted to sign up. They would not let me. I first had to have a one hour consultation with whoever my trainer was to be. Whoever was not there at the time. I would get a call later in the day to schedule an appointment. No call. I will call them this morning. I find it strange that sometimes people are not anxious to make a dollar. I was there with credit card in hand prepared to pay for the whole thing up front.

I lunched at Mangrove Mama’s. I have not been there in 10 years. It is up US 1. Somewhere north of Key Haven and south of Big Pine. I ate in the bar and read the newspapers. The bar is small. A couple of booths. I sat at a booth and enjoyed a fish sandwich.

Yesterday afternoon was spent completing preparations for last night’s blog talk radio show. The show went on at 9 as scheduled.

I spoke about the Iceland revolution that we never heard about in the United states. I am going to dwell on it during my friday TV/internet show. The heart of the discussion centers on the failure of the American press to tell us about it. I blame corporate ownership of the major media companies for hiding news that might hurt them.

Protesting is getting out of hand on the streets of the Ukraine. Police joined with demonstrators yesterday in Turin, Italy in support of the protestors. Greece remains in turmoil. Africa a series of revolutionary wars.

Any one of these happenings can kindle World War III. Not the Middle East, as I have been saying. These are dangerous situations. Are we paying attention as we should? Do we care?

Buffalo’s Tom Dixon wrote and said he had ordered 5 copies of my book The World Upside Down. I wrote back and told him that made for a total of 6. His 5 and my 1! Joking, of course. I certainly hope that more than 6 have been sold.

Enjoy your day!




The Statue of Liberty has been in view the past few days. The Barclays Golf Tournament was played in New Jersey directly across the river from New York. Many of the television shots of the players had the Statue of Liberty in the background.


I visited the Statue of Liberty twice.

The first time was when I was 4 or 5 years old. My father took me. I remember the mob of people, the elevator, the long walk up a spiral staircase, the heat, and finally reaching the crown. The arm and torch were closed off.

My father had to lift me so I could look out of one of the small windows surrounding the crown.

A memorable occasion for a young boy. Here I am more than 70 years later and can still remember as if it were yesterday.

The second time was when I was a father. I took my four children to visit the Statue of Liberty. They were early grammar school age at the time. Unfortunately, all we could do was take the boat ride over and walk around the island. The entire Statue was off limits to visitors. I cannot recall why. I believe my children never the less were impressed with the majesty of the Statue.

Visited the Chart Room last night. JJ, Sheila and Frankie at the bar.

JJ asked me about Le Grand Bleu. I mentioned Le Grand Bleu in one of my blogs while on the Greek isle Amorgos. A French movie, part of which was filmed on Amrogos. JJ had come across it and recalled my having mentioned it. Today on Amorogos there is a restaurant by the name. Every wednesday evening, the restaurant plays the movie for free outdoors to induce persons to patronize the restaurant.

A family of three came in. The father was a big man. Like 6’6″. Big chested, also. A dark black beard. Big black eyes. His wife was very short. Around 5’2”. Pudgy and wore round steel rimmed glasses. The third person was their son. A teenager.

Just prior to the family arriving, two men came in. One was with the U.S. Navy and stationed in Key West. I believe he was an officer.

The big guy father of the family announced in a booming voice…..We are Russian!

We were all immediately interested in the family.

They were vacationing in Key West.

The Navy man said he once had a beer with a Russian in Korea. The father immediately came back with…..North Korea? The Navy man said no, my recollection is South Korea. Pusan.

With that, the mother said….Let’s go. And away they went saying their good byes as they left the Chart Room. It was a quick exit.

I pondered. How many Russians have I actually met? Few, when I thought of it. I know some from the former Soviet states. I have a close friend from the Ukraine. However as to real Russians, maybe only this family and one other.

The one other was Alexander Kerensky. He was Russian born and taught me Russian history for one year at Manhattan College. He was a most interesting professor. Especially as concerned the Russian revolution. He had been part and parcel of the revolution.

Kerensky was the second Prime Minister of free Russia. The Russia that existed after the Czar had been deposed. He was the boss.

Following the Revolution, the Russians were divided into two groups. The Whites and the Reds. Kerensky was a White. The two groups were not of the same thinking. Civil war began.

Eventually, the Reds took over. They were also known as Bolsheviks. The Reds were led by Vladimir Lenin.

Kerensky had to flee Russia. His life was in danger. He eventually made his way to Germany. When the Nazis gained power, he left Germany for England. Then he made it to the United States.

I took Kerensky’s course in 1956. Kerensky was teaching at Columbia University. He would take the subway to Manhattan College twice a week to teach the course.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Tuesday means Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Nine in the evening on the internet. A fast moving interesting one half hour show. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

One of tomorrow’s topics involves Bruce Manning and transgenders. There is much that most people are unaware of regarding transgender persons. The discussion promises to be an eye opener.

Enjoy your day! It looks like a rainy one in Key West.