Who would have believed that in 2014 I would be sitting in a coffee house in Key
West writing about the danger of a rising Nazism?

First however, the blog is late because I received a last minute call from the realtor. Open house today! A picture of your home is in the newspaper! He never told me. I had to move my ass to straighten up the house, shower, and get out!

Now for a problem/danger that the American media fails to discuss. The growing power of European Nazism.

Lets starts start with this day in history in 1190. The place is York, England.

The English were in the process of embarking upon the Crusades. A battle to save Christianity from the purported Muslim infidels. From the perspective of the English, Jesus was white and Christian. Not Muslim. Nor Jewish. The Jews were despised as well.

One hundred fifty Jews lived in York. They had to be dealt with. Because they were Jews. They sought refuge in Clifford’s Tower. All 150. The Christians gave them a choice. Be baptized or killed! If you prefer, you can commit suicide. Most opted for suicide. They started a  roaring fire and burned to death. The few that preferred to be killed at the hands of the Christians were massacred. Not one opted to be baptized.

The point of this historical tale is the hatred of Jews before 1190 , through the time of York, and to present day. An ongoing forever thing.

I have warned of the Greek Nazi Party (known as the Golden Dawn) for three years. I viewed its operation personally in Greece. I have been talking about the Ukraine Nazi Party this past month since the Crimean situation arose.

The American media has mentioned little regarding the Nazi Party in Greece and Ukraine. The American people are being blocked out.

There is also a Nazi Party in Italy. There is one every where today in Europe where people are suffering economically. The hardships that gave rise to Hitler are giving rise to the European spread of Nazism.

The Italian Nazi Party is relatively small. So small, it does not even have anyone elected to the Italian Parliament. However, Italy is fertile for the growth of Nazism. The economic depravity sweeping the country creates a fertile ground for its spread.

Last week, the Greek Alba Dorata (Greece’s Golden Dawn Nazi Party) met in Milan with leaders of the Casa Pound. The Casa Pound is the Italian Nazi Party. Named after the famous author Ezra Pound. He was a Hitler and fascist supporter during World War II. Hemingway saved Pound’s ass after the war and had him to a large degree redeemed before the literary world. A story for another time.

Another meeting is scheduled this week in Rome. The Rome branch of Nazism is stronger than the Milan one.

The Greek Nazi Party grows daily. The present government is doing every thing to keep the group down. Even outlawed the party. To no avail. The Greek Nazi party is a potent force and continues to flex its muscle daily.

The Greeks even  have what is described as a Greek Nazi Ambassador. He is stationed in Rome. His name is Kostantinos Boviatsos. His title, location and work clear proof the Greek Nazis are not screwing around. Though not there yet, it is like Greece today, the world tomorrow!

Ukraine has its own Nazi Party. A force in the coalition opposing the Russians. Another potent force. They are part of the group that has already received American dollars in support their cause. Senator McCain appeared in a recent photograph with the head of the Ukrainian Nazi Party.

As with the Crusaders of the Middle Ages, the Greek, Italian and Ukrainian Nazi parties are anti-Semitic. Decidedly so. Which means the United States is supporting organized anti-Semites in Ukraine.

Why do we not hear more of this from the American media?

I apologize for devoting a portion of a Sunday Key West blog to the Nazi Party. However… is something we have to start thinking seriously about. Before another Hitler rises. Laugh not. The same fertile seeds that gave rise to Hitler in the 1930s exist in the world today.

Now for some quick Key West dialogue.

I walked Duval a bit last night. The St. Patrick Day crowd was humongous. Tourists galore. Around six, most were blurry eyed. Full of green beer. I doubt many made it through the night.

I enjoyed Don and Chris’ company at the Chart Room. Che and Meri joined us. Earlier, I had walked to the Galleon Tiki bar to see JJ. No JJ. Apparently his night off.

Meri told me Patrick had been in looking for me. I hope he brought my friends with him. Sorry we missed. Our paths will cross soon, I am sure.

I am sitting in the Plantation Coffee house writing this blog. Three Spring Break young ladies just came in and are sitting across from me. I have gotten old! Very old! They do not even look like adults, though they are.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. The one thing to learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.

    There was quite a herd of us, we didn’t stay at the Chart Room long. Too many beers yet to be had.

  2. Nazi’s are Socialists.

    I think the issue is that envy of one’s neighbor is what this is all about.

    It’s the old “takers versus makers” again. With a dose of scapegoatism.


    Right here in the good old USA.

  3. Syracuse plays in buffalo this week. I will be there. Now to find all my Orange stuff. It has been over 25 years since I lived in Syr. But I will wear orange (probably new stuff, since the ols shirts are probably too small!). GO Syracuse!!!!

    • My friend! Take your blood pressure pills before the game. I envy you, however. Wish I could be with you at the game. You and Fran must be pale. When will Key West welcome you?

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