Good morning! Another lovely Key West day! A totally blue sky, water the same color, sun shining, a slight breeze. What could be better!

I wrote about Katherine the great white shark earlier in the week. Spelled her name with an e in the middle. Today in the title, I spell it with an a. I am confused. Not sure which is correct. Suspect it may be the one with the a. I researched the spelling on the internet and came up with both versions. Some stories use the e, others the a. For the time being and until further notice, I shall spell Katharine with the a.

Katharine is in the news again this morning. Front page of the Key West Citizen. Main article. Reported Katharine now heading south and last pinged off the coast of Marathon.

What is most interesting is how Katharine has captured the attention of people world-wide. Earlier in the week , it was reported her Twitter followers numbered 4,000. In less than a week, the number has moved up to 6,000. Katharine must be thrilled!

I wrote next week’s KONK Life column yesterday in the afternoon. Renounce Your Faith or Be Crucified. The story of cross hangings which have become popular in certain Muslim countries. I also did a bit of a historical walk. I traced crucifixion from Jesus Christ to present day. Interesting.

The article will be published in KONK Life beginning next Wednesday.

It was all Chart Room last night

Met two new friends by prearrangement. Betty Whilley and Larry Sullivan. Both first timers to Key West. Both from Selma, North Carolina. They are here for several months. Their RV is parked at Fort Zach Beach where they lending a hand.

We chatted forever.

Betty is known as BJ. She and Steve were high school sweet hearts. They have reunited in their later years. True love! BJ has a small business. She make hand crafted soaps and ships world-wide. Larry is a retired federal agent with a most interesting background.

We talked about everything. Became instantaneous friends. We met through the blog. BJ is a loyal reader. Wrote me to say she would be in Key West for a while and could we get together. Happy she did.

While I was spending time with BJ and Larry, I ignored my friends Don and Chris. Only caught a fleeting glance of Don and a quick exchange of hellos. David was a the bar. I do not see him enough. After BJ and Larry left, I chatted a while with David.

Dined well last night. At Burger Fi. Me and the newspaper.

The bar at Burger Fi was packed. They now have karaoke. A new bartender, also. Alice. I don’t know what it is, but there is a different bartender each time I stop in.

Alice is an attractive young lady. Has been in Key West two years. Does not like Key West. Took me back a bit. Rarely have I run into some one not thrilled with our community. I could not ascertain why. She was too busy working the crowded bar.

Book sales are moving along. Whether sufficient, I cannot tell. This is my first book. The publisher is happy. Must be a good sign.

If you have not purchased the book, consider doing so. It will make for enjoyable summer reading. The World Upside Down can be purchased at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

I have nothing to do today. Work on the Greece book? Take a walk? Go to the beach? Do nothing? I have not made up my mind.

Enjoy your day!

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