The humidity has been unusually heavy the past couple of weeks. Yesterday it was extremely heavy. Coupled with no wind, it was hard to take.

We played bocce last night with the extreme humidity in force and effect. Wow! Instantaneous sweat Even before playing. Just standing around was an effort.

Overall, the team did well. We won 2 out of 3 games. Should have won all 3. Lost the last one 16-15. Won the first two handily.

I woke Don this morning to get the result of the last game.

I only played in the first game. I was beat afterwards. Left at the start of the third game. Even the car was hard to operate by that point.

The first game was interesting. We were up 14-2. Needed only 2 points to win. We had a lapse and the other team a run. Suddenly, it was 14-10. We finally got our heads together and won 16-10.

Enjoyed a great lunch yesterday at Azur. With my publisher, Shirrel Rhoades. A knowledgeable guy. Interesting to talk with. I promised him a book by year’s end. He is a gentleman . He placed no time limit on me. Merely admonished me to keep writing.

Spent my afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. I hopefully will write it this afternoon.

Big morning! Jenna is coming to my home to televise a one hour talk show with me. She will run it next week at the scheduled time for her TV show. I am not sure whether she will have the show shot indoors or outside. The humidity at 11 will determine the site.

Yesterday’s blog was title Kayon. I misspelled the name. It is Kavon. Sorry, Kavon. Mea culpa.

Enjoy your day!


Met what I perceive to be an outstanding young man last night.

It was dinner time. I was in the lobby of the Marriott Beachside. A young Afro-American came in with a bundle of newspapers. This week’s KONK Life. I went over to get a copy. My habit is to check my column for printing errors.

The young man said I know you. He thought for a moment. Key West Lou! Louis Petrone! You write for KONK Life. He then went on to profusely apologize for a mistake he made. He appeared embarrassed. I did not initially understand what he was talking about.

His name was Kayon.

Besides delivering for Konk, Kayon also works in house. One of his tasks is to take my weekly column and reprint it in KONK E-Blast one day a week. Last week’s column was screwed up. E-Blast was one big paragraph. No separation of paragraphs. I complained to publisher Guy de Boer in an e mail.

Turns out Kayon was responsible. He explained he failed to hit a key.

I was embarrassed by how embarrassed and sorry Kayon was.

We chatted a bit. Kayon impressed me. He is a winner!

Spent a couple of hours early afternoon yesterday at a business meeting. Two hours is too much time for business in Key West.

Then visited Lisa. Jake was chewing on a branch he brought in from outside. Fortunately, he did not swallow any of it. Just messed up the living room floor with chips.

Spent some time afterwards at home working on Growing Up Italian. I roughed out a chapter. I have a luncheon meeting today with my publisher Shirrel Rhoades. He is going to ask how I am doing. I am two books behind at the present time.

Wanted to enjoy dinner at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town last night. Looked like rain. The Marriott has indoor parking.

There was room for my car, but not for me. The bar was jam packed. I have never seen it that crowded. It was hello to bartender friend Steve and entertainer Mike Emerson. Then I left.

I tried the Chart Room. Emily bartending Had a couple of drinks and chatted with two couples from one of the Carolinas. Repeat visitors. Their next stop was Pepe’s for dinner.

I think the drinks have gotten smaller at the Chart Room.

I was reading USA Today. There was Ron Grossman’s name. Ron was a Utica attorney. Eight to ten years older than me. I have neither seen nor heard of him in years. His name was in USA Today together with his wife Doris’. The article concerned retirees and the places they picked to settle. Ron was interviewed. He and Doris are living in Sarasota.

I always liked Ron. We had a congenial relationship. Professional, not personal. The reflection that sticks clearly in my mind was a job interview with him. The time 1960. I had just graduated from law school. Looking for a position in a law firm. Ron offered me a job. He pointed to a desk off his reception area. He said you will work there and share your fees with me 50/50.

No salary. No way could I accept his generosity. I had one child and another on the way.

Bocce tonight!

Enjoy your day!



My publisher received a big time award! Shirrel Rhoades was honored recently at a gathering in Montreal, Canada. He received the 2014 Professional Man of the Year Award by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Shirrel is a full time Key West resident and an owner of Absolutely Amazing E Books, the publishing house.

Congratulations, Shirrel! Keep up the good work!

North Roosevelt Boulevard. Grand opening yesterday. Don’t know why all the politicians were taking bows. It took 2.5 years to complete a 1.5 year job.

Yesterday technically was the first day for 5 lane traffic. It existed Monday, also. Monday must have been a practice day.

I drove the Boulevard twice yesterday, in and out. It is lovely! The palm trees in perfect order. Reminded me of the flags at the United Nations. All the same height in perfect line.

Traffic was moving well. Moving along. No slow downs or one way traffic. To a point. I was driving with the palm trees and water to my right. All of a sudden, traffic slowed down to a snail’s pace. All cars moving into the left lane. The problem. Two police officers on bikes had pulled a speeder over. Same thing again a quarter of a mile down the road. Crazy! All I could think was what the hell good is this new road if we are going to be faced with new delays!

I recalled reading in the Citizen earlier in the day that the speed limit was still 25 mph  because of some final work being done. There is a regular and higher speed. I cannot remember it, however. It has been that long!

Did an MRI of my right shoulder in the morning. I was concerned because the doctor had told me the MRI was closed. Those of you who have had MRI’s will understand.

My age came into play. My first MRI has to have been 30 plus years ago. When the machine first came out. It was a closed box all the way around. Smaller and tighter than a casket. The top of the box inches from my face. I panicked for a moment. A bad feeling!

Several years later, they came out with an open MRI. Much better, depending which part of your body was being observed. If the stomach, your head and legs were not covered. If a shoulder, as mine was yesterday, then the head and shoulder covered. More room, however.

Now they have what is described as a truly open MRI machine. Space all around. No chance of claustrophobia coming into play.

The MRI machine I was subjected to yesterday was described as a closed one. Obviously the medical people were a generation or two behind me. I was in the middle one. The original I had my first MRI in was for real closed!

Time different, also. My first MRI took one hour and a half. Yesterday, 20 minutes.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. I thought the atrocities being committed on Mount Sinjar would garner the most response. I was wrong. It was the story of the man who went into a hospital for a circumcision and left with his penis having been amputated. The penis comments were all from men.

Dinner at Roostica. Megan bartends and was bar tending last night. I was sitting at a table. She generally comes over to get me started. Not her job. Just a real nice person. Bobby is blessed with a good staff.

The Islamic religion is the fastest growing religion in the world. Over two billion members. Many kill non-believers. Especially Christians. Convert or die. They believe the killings will get them into heaven. If such is the case, how can we ever hope to stop the killings? Our enemy is religious fanaticism.

Enjoy your day!


I received an education last night at the Chart Room. From an active US Marine. The Marine and team have been in Key West for a week training. They leave this morning.

The Marine was a career person. Served already once in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. An officer.

I got Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia from a different perspective. A learned one. Bush 2 and Obama thrown in, also.

It appeared we do not understand what is going on world wide because we do not know all that is happening. Especially the driving forces/motivations behind decisions.

Education time last night was too short.

I left the Chart Room and walked over to Burger Fi. Very few people. Enjoyed a double cheeseburger and some fries.

Then drove to the Key West Pub. It was a little after 9. The Fabulous Spectrelles were supposed to have started their show at 8:30. I never got out of the car. I could see inside. Three people at the bar and no Spectrelles. It was home for me.

My day yesterday was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. Children Walking Into America. The 50,000 children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Houndrus who entered the Texas from Mexico this year.

Two major events this weekend in Key West.

My publisher Shirrel Rhoades has arranged a mystery writers event. Mystery Writers of Key West Fest. Today at the Double Tree. Work shops and talks. I am not a mystery writer. If I were, I would attend. This is the first such event and people have booked to attend from all over the United States.

PrideFest Weekend, also. Gay celebration time! Duval will be closed today in the area of 801 and Bourbon Street for a street festival. Tomorrow at 5, the parade. Always a big event! Especially the Gay Pride flag.

In recent days, we have been reading and hearing about the roughly 50,000 children crossing the border from Mexico to Texas. These children are not accompanied by adults. They are their own Pied Pipers. Their trips originated in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Many in our country view immigrants unfavorably. Like criminals. This bunch are different. They are children. Only children. They should be viewed from a different perspective.

We must all keep in mind the words emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty…..Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Enjoy your day!


Party time last night. At the home of Larry and Christine Smith. A good time was had by all. Larry and Christine know how to throw a party.

The event seemed to have had a three fold purpose. To welcome our friends John and Ali back from England. They are in Key West for a one month vacation. To celebrate Mary Deasy’s 39th birthday. To welcome Larry’s high school classmates from up north. They are here enjoying Key West, also.

A pizza and salad party! All kinds of pizza! I pigged out. I normally do not partake of pizza. In addition, Mary’s birthday cake. Oh, so good! Chocolate throughout!

As I parked my car to go into Larry’s, I heard…..hello Louis. It was Jackie Lefferts, my doctor. Walking her dog. I went across the street to kiss her and let the dog sniff me. He was a big guy. I wanted to be sure we would be friends. The Doctor mentioned how her husband Michael enjoyed my book The World Upside Down. She gave an autographed copy to Michael for his birthday. Her comment made me feel good.

Would you believe…..bocce tomorrow afternoon  at 4. A make up game. It will be boiling hot! I am not looking forward to the game.

Shirrel Rhoades is my publisher.  Shirrel had a terrific video and tale in yesterday’s Facebook. The video was the first film ever shot in Key West. It was 1898. It was of the burial of sailors killed when the Battleship Maine was blown up in Havana Harbor.

The film was a bit rough. Probably because filming was relatively new at the time. It showed the burial procession, the sailors accompanying the caskets which were on horse drawn wagons, family and friends following in procession.

Why was/is the film such a big deal? Besides the occasion, it was the person who did the filming. Thomas Edison. The man himself. Filming the occasion on the streets of Key West.

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Chernobyl. The Russian nuclear reactor which ruptured and spread radioactive material over much of Europe. The disaster occurred on April 26, 1986.

Illnesses and deformities occurred for many years thereafter. Cancers and deformities especially in new born infants.

Roughly ten years ago, a young mother brought her child to see me in my Utica offices. Her baby daughter was ten months old. She had been born with one arm missing from just above the elbow.

The story was that her prospective husband lived about 15 miles north of Chernobyl at the time of the radioactive spill. They did not marry till about 15 years after. The daughter was their first child.

She visited me with the child. The husband would not come. The husband was of the opinion his wife was at fault. She wondered if Chernobyl had anything to do with it. She told me her doctor said responsibility lie with her husband.

I knew nothing about radiation deformities. I did my homework, communicated with the doctor, and decided I needed more help. The case was out of my class. I contacted lawyers and barristers who had handled Chernobyl cases. They were in London and Rome. I also communicated with a medical college physician in Rome who was considered an expert in these cases.

Turned out the husband was probably the cause. The radiation affected males so that the semen they would make was contaminated in some fashion. The semen could result in a deformed child.

The case was sad. I could not put it together. Even with the help of the London and Rome professionals. It was too late and questionable because of the time factor.

The ten month old baby was lovely. Cute and bubbly.

I do not know how the child has fared since. I have the feeling well. We all make do with what we have. We accept that which life has foisted upon us.

I feel bad to this day that I could not help.

Enjoy your day!




Yesterday was a typical Key West day. What is typical? Not a do nothing day. Such would be referred to as a nothing day. A typical day is one where you do a few things. No sweat or strain things. All pleasurable. All which move the day along in a tortoise fashion.

The morning was quiet at home.

Lunch was outstanding! Food and company wise. I had a luncheon scheduled with my publisher, Shirrel Rhoades. We met at Azur. A one hour lunch turned into almost a two hour one. We were enjoying each other.

Shirrel has a distinguished background in the publishing field. Two notables include his time as Publisher of Marvel Comics and as a Vice President with the Reader’s Digest.

Shirrel wants me to write more books. I had planned on it so we were in accord. I see at least three more by the end of the year. Growing Up Italian, of course. Also a follow up to the The World Upside Down. Shirrel believes a series is in order.

Greece. Recall my first trip to Greece. The plan is to put together the day to day blog reporting for the month I spent in Greece. There will be added material to some to better portray the perils that confronted me. Pictures, too. The book will be fun doing.

I rarely dine at Azur. One does not eat there. One dines. The food commands dining. Why I rarely eat at Azur, I do not know.

For lunch, I had a steak sandwich. Sounds simple. Was not. It was a rib eye pan fried in oil and parsley on a fantastic roll. I repeated myself several times to the waiter and Shirrel how good the sandwich tasted!

Then drove over to Lee Nails. I was overdue for a manicure. It is always a pleasure to share time with Tammy. A beautiful smart hard working young Vietnamese woman.

The place was busy. I mentioned it to her. She said it had become busy just before I walked in. Prior thereto, quiet. The pedicure chairs were mostly occupied. Several ladies were getting manicures.

It has never bothered me to sit among the ladies and get a manicure and/or pedicure. It must be my feminine side.

Stayed in the rest of the afternoon. It was decision time. The subject for my COMMENTARY column in next week’s KONK Life. I am not certain yet. However, I seem to be leaning to something on the genius Putin is showing at the present time and our reactions. The reactions seem to be ineffective.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou was last night. Fun time.  I love doing the show!

Two areas seem to have garnered the most interest. One was my dissertations on Putin and Ukraine. The other, the increasing cost of food.

The Courmayeur landslide I reported yesterday is still a problem. The fall is unstable. It consists of dirt and rocks. The fall started below the snow line. It continues to slide and creep down the hillside. A portion of Courmayeur has been evacuated. The tunnel connecting Italy and France was closed several times.

No one is certain yet what to do.

There have been two other significant mountain slides in recent days. The avalanche on Mount Everest and the mud slide in Washington State.

Nature rearing its ugly head!

Enjoy your day!



Yesterday was a bad day at black rock. My computer got a virus. Not the kind that infects anyone but me. In addition, I felt physically lousy.

My first visit this morning was to Tim Reynolds. The computer guru. I got him out of bed. He was in his boxer shorts.

I am now at Lisa’s using one of her computers to do today’s blog.

Late morning yesterday, I began to feel lousy. Nothing in particular bothering me. Just felt drained. I was to attend Shirrel and Diane Rhoades Christmas Party in the afternoon. No way. I felt bad. I was looking forward to the party. Shirrel is the publisher of my new book The World Upside Down.

Since I was home confined, I decided to do next week’s KONK Life column. It is about oil and wars. Because my body was not functioning correctly, it took me twice as long to do.

I did go out briefly last night. Was feeling better. I had absolutely no food. My third consecutive day that way. Publix was good for me. I got to see and hug two special people. Krystal from the TV station and my friend Pati.

I feel ok this morning.

Guy de Boer sent the picture he had selected of me for the cover of KONK Life. It stunk! It was a poor me. Or maybe the real me. Whatever, I told him no way to use it. He agreed. We are going to have another photo shoot.

The KONK pic is for front page use. The whole page. To announce my book. It will appear front page the December 19th edition.

Jake has been nibbling at my feet the entire time I have been doing the blog.

Enjoy your day!


I had lunch yesterday at Azur with an extremely interesting man. Shirrel Rhoades.

After an exciting life in that other world, Shirrel retired to Key West. Busy his whole life, he needed to fill in his time a bit doing something productive. Sitting around and contemplating his navel was not an option.

Shirrel delved into his bag of experiences. One was publishing. Shirrel started a publishing business in Key West. Actually two. One is Absolutely Amazing e Books. The other The New Atlantian Library.

Shirrel’s publishing concept is simple. He publishes via e mail. As more and more people leave hard copy and go to the internet to read, he may be at the forefront of the transition’s publishing phase.

His background varied and professional. Shirrel has been a writer, publisher, professor, film maker, and movie critic. He has held high level executive positions with the Reader’s Digest, Marvel Comics, The Ladies Home Journal, and Harper’s Magazine.

He was the man who brought us the Captain Marvel comic book for many years.

I enjoyed Shirrel’s company.

I enjoyed Azur, also. I do not eat there enough. The food is outstanding. I am still on my Italian trip kick. I enjoyed a dish of rigatonis.

Stephanie Manaher was having lunch with some lady friends. Stephanie is a school teacher and wife to the infamous Don of Don’s Place. A lady.

Last night was the Chart Room. I was there for several hours. JJ bartending. Peter and I talked most of the time.

Peter can be found every morning at Fort Zachary Taylor Beach. He has a special spot near the tree line on one side of the Beach.

Female turtles have been coming onto the beach, digging large holes, and depositing their eggs. Then covering the eggs with sand. The mother is then gone, never to see her young ones.

It takes 60 days for the eggs to hatch. Each female drops about 100 eggs. Three or four will survive the hatching, trekking and swim out into the ocean.

There was a hole nearby Peter. It had been there for more than 60 days. The Park Rangers carefully removed the sand from the turtle nest in order to determine what was going on. Turns out nothing. No eggs. Whatever the mother may have done, it was a dry run.

Met an interesting couple. Cory and Brieanna. Vacationing at the Pier House. They hail from somewhere on the Florida mainland. Nice people.

Cory is an insurance broker with Allied Solutions in Boca Raton. His company deals with insurance programs for financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Brieanna is a doctor. She specializes in end of life problems. She does much work with Hospice.

Tonight, I return to the air! After nine weeks! Blog talk radio. Nine this evening. One half hour. The entire half hour will be devoted to the rising Nazi power in Greece. You will be amazed by what I learned on my trip!

Join me.

Enjoy your day!