Happy 4th of July! A day of American pride. Independence day.

To my readers living in foreign lands, this is the day in 1776 that a group of men signed the Declaration of Independence. The written document by which the colonists declared their independence from England. An act of courage by these men. They were now traitors. Never the less, they stood tall.

Arthur continues to vent as it leaves North Carolina. Turned into a #2. Could have done more damage than it did. Fortunately, Arthur is a swift moving hurricane. Hits and gets out. Surge is still a concern.

I find Key West weather at the moment absolutely amazing. Quiet. Nothing is moving. There is not a speck of wind. Yet 800 miles north, Arthur is blowing up a storm.

A big day in Key West. A big day in every community across the United States.

Party time here in Key West. One of the events is the 6th Annual 4th of July Pub Crawl. Key West celebrates everything with a pub crawl! It will be attended by local military personnel. Those making the bar stroll will be attired in red, white and blue. The crawl starts at 2 at Schooner Wharf.

Tonight, fire works! Always a big event in Key West. Per custom, off the far end of the White Street Pier. Everyone will be there!

Last night for me began at Don’s Place. Don has been away for several days. A family reunion in Buffalo. He returns sunday. I chatted with Jimmy, David, and Hershel. Exchanged hellos with Grant, John, and Erika. Michael was bartending.

Jimmy and I were into golf again. His head is totally immersed in the game. We also talked about what precipitated the Revolution. I thought the Boston Tea Party. Jimmy said the Massachusetts Massacre. I suspect both had something to do with it.

Then to the Chart Room. Emily bartending. Looked good! Chatted with Che, Ollie, Sheila, Frankie and others.

As I was leaving, ran in to David. David showed me his leg. Something bit him more than a week ago. It happens in Key West frequently. Whatever it was gave him an infection. David said it hurt like hell and he is medicating. I told him he should not complain, the bug probably died after biting him.

David is one of Key West’s best people.

Stopped at Burger Fi for a cheeseburger. I was not very hungry. Lucas was bartending.

Met Scott from Boulder, Colorado. He is visiting with his wife. Cindy is her name. I met her later in our conversation. They are in Key West with their 13 year old daughter. Scott is in property management.

The family is staying at Casa Marina. Their room $420 a night. Wow! Next weekend, it will be half the price.

I asked about the pot situation in Colorado. Recreational marijuana is now legal. I was surprised at Scott’s response. Thought he would be enthused about it. I view it like gay marriage. It is something whose time has come.

Scott is concerned. Apparently, there are problems. Pot comes in many forms. One is candy bars. It is suggested that one square at a time be eaten. Teenagers are getting hold of the candy bars and eating the whole thing at one time. With adverse consequences. Alarming. Better control is obviously required.

Enjoy the 4th!

One comment on “HAPPY JULY 4TH

  1. The revolution ? One or two things ? Many things resulted in that war.
    Proclamation of 1963 or 4
    sugar act
    currency act
    quartering act
    stamp act
    Townshend act
    tea act intolerable act
    many more I can’t remember
    The british love their ‘acts’
    The Tea Party and the Boston Massacre resulted from some of the above.

    Who was the first person killed in the revolution [ Boston massacre].
    Who fired the first shot at Breeds hill. [ Some would think it was Bunker Hill]

    I love history, especially American.

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