I was uncertain whether to go out last night. I thought I might just sit back and do some pleasure reading. Going out won over staying in. Glad it did.

Started the night at the Chart Room. Mary bartending. I was surprised to see Charlotte. Charlotte is from North Carolina and had returned home about two weeks ago. I thought she was not due back for a couple of months.

There is a reason for her returning to Key West so soon. Her boy friend. Skip Sher. Skip is a  new Key West radio celebrity. He does a music/talk show on 104.9 from 6 to 10 evenings. Charlotte told me she intends to move to Key West full time and should be down here in about three months. A welcome addition to the Key West family!

It was a big night at the Chart Room. Nate was there with friends. Nate my team golf partner when I played. Nate a Don’s Place and Schooner Wharf bartender.

An old friend Ron John at the bar, also. Plus Sean, Key West’s premier newsman.

Charlotte and I had a long and enjoyable conversation. I suggested she try Burger Fi. She said she intended to meet Skip there for dinner. I agreed to join them.

Burger Fi was booming. As I thought it would be. By the way, the season has arrived. No question about it. Tons of people.

Skip came in. He had left his program airing with recorded music. However, he had to return soon. He asked if I would come over later to join him on his show. I agreed.

While at Burger Fi, met Steve Lieber. He is director of Franchise Sales for Burger Fi. A nice guy.

Dougie was bartending once again. He told me they had just turned out 200 burgers in an hour. Impressive!

Skip left. Charlotte and I remained for a while chatting.

Then to the 104.9 studio. It was like the whole world was there. Met some new and interesting people. Jack Allen Terry who I already knew. He is a bartender at Hot Tin Roof. Bobbie who has run the Southern Guest House the past ten years.

And Gary Ek. A most interesting individual!

Gary is a radio man, also. His show starts at 10 when Skip’s ends. His show is from 10 in the evening till 6 in the morning. Wow!

Gary’s radio moniker is Soundman From Hell. His show is also available on the internet at www.thexkeywest.com. Gary has been doing blog talk radio for seven years. If I can stay up late enough one evening, I have to listen to Gary’s show.

I ended up a guest on Skip’s show. Two times last night. One with Skip alone, the other with Skip and Gary. Some Key West chatter followed by heavy political commentary.

I enjoyed myself very much!

As I was leaving, Gary was pitching my book The World Upside Down to his audience and that it was available for purchase on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

A terrific evening chock full of interesting people!

Tonight…..my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Fast moving and timely topics. Tonight I will be revealing some shocking aspects of the new $1 trillion Farm Law, new examples of governmental waste including a $100,000 outhouse in Alaska, UN criticism of the Vatican, NSA spying on Congress, freedom of speech and speed trap warnings, and more.

Again, please join me for a fast moving half hour of political commentary. I might even throw in a bit of Syracuse basketball. Syracuse plays Pitt tomorrow night.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Lou, you haven’t met anyone ‘interesting’ till you meet me. ha. i can tell a story as well as local author Robert Stone claims he can. i will beck to kw from the up North tundra arrive feb 24- march 13 at Banana Bay.

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