Amazing how many championship sport games get to be the best ever. Last night was not different. Though I thought it was going to be.

I was partying at Giorgio and Sharon’s home. Patriots down big time at half. A new champ was in the making.

I was tired. Opted to leave at half time.

Home and into bed. Turned on the game. score S8-10. Maybe? I did not think so. However remained awake to see the rest of the game.

A game of games! Tom Brady one of the best quarterbacks ever. It was come back time big time!

The Patriots won 34-28 in overtime. The Patriots scored 31 unanswered points.

The Patriots had been there before. They knew what had to be done. They did it. True professionals.

Stock Island has another great food place.

The French Croissant has been on Duval for more than a quarter century. It still is. It does its baking off premises, however.

French Croissant recently moved its baking operation to Stock Island. The same building Roostica is in. On the side. Where the laundromat was.

I stopped in yesterday morning to buy some pastries to bring to the party in the evening. Beautiful pastries! Outstanding in appearance! Later found them to be exceptional in taste.

They have an outside fenced in dining area. Simple. I must stop by for a sandwich and try it.

My pastries went over well at the party.

Spent the afternoon working on tomorrow night’s podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Wanted to get a head start on the show this week.

I am enjoying Go Live with Key West Lou on Facebook. Fun! Join me. Only a few minutes each time. See as well as hear me. Many comments controversial. Depends where you sit on an issue.

Tough people in Key West. Whether local or tourist. Yesterday the proof. This morning’s Key West Citizen reports 200-300 people took the plunge in the Atlantic Ocean at noon. The event…..The Polar Bear Plunge. On Higgs Beach behind Salute’s.

The water temperature was 74 degrees. That’s cold! I had a pool up north. Only usable during summer months. Discovered 70 degree temp cold. Water had to be 80-82 degrees to be comfortable.

We all had pool heaters.

There is something called a Grab Your Wallet movement in the U.S. Purpose: To boycott stores that sell Trump merchandise.

Ivanka taking a beating. Nordstrom dropped her clothing line. Neiman Marcus in the process of dropping her jewelry line. Macy’s presently targeted to drop Ivanka products.

One thing that can be said for Trump is he has aroused the opposition. There is a group encouraging a national strike day to evidence its opposition to Trump. A day where no one works. The day being zeroed in on is February 17. The friday before President’s Day.

National strike days are common in Europe. Everything comes to a halt.

I recall one instance when I was in Livonia for a month with the family. Rome was 45 miles away. We took the train when we wanted to go to Rome.

The train station parking lot was always a problem. Packed.

This particular day the parking lot was empty. I could not understand. Parked the car and waited for the train. The train never came.

A woman saw us standing at the tracks. She explained. It was a national strike day to protest something. The trains were not running. No one was working.

That is how it would be here if we had a national strike day.

Enjoy your day!


Memorial Day. A day of remembrance. A time to recall those who paid the ultimate price for their country. They died.

What concerns me is that man will always have a Memorial Day. It is man’s nature to make war. To kill one another.

World War I was to be the last major war ever. World War II was the war to end all wars. Nevertheless, wars have been ongoing.

My yesterday was divided between two major events. Writing this week’s KONK Life column and spending time at Schooner Wharf watching the Minimal Regatta.

Yesterday morning, my mind was a blank as to what to write about. I had several thoughts. None came together for me.

I was doing my morning Facebook routine. There was a posting by Joseph Lyles. A friend. A good man in every respect. He posted a several line column of statistics. All had to do with the economy’s impact on various groups of people..

I used Joseph’s posting as the basis for my column. America Has Lost Its Promise. My observations were that the economy is what has made a Trump and Sanders successful. Further, if things did not change, America was headed for an Arab Spring.

Once the column was done, I was off to Schooner Wharf. Minimal Regatta time. Yesterday, the 25th Annual Minimal Regatta.

Participants construct their boats. Construction  items limited to plywood fasteners, duct tape, and 2′ x 4’s. Nothing else. Most boats do not complete the race. They fall apart.

Presidential politics found its way into the Regatta. Trump and Clinton participated. Look alike copies.

Stepin Fetchil was born in Key West this day in 1902. I have written about him several times over the years. Though not generally recalled in Key West, he attained national fame.

Stepin was born of Indian parents. His birth name Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andew Perry. Nothing appears re his Key West years. He lived in Key West only 8 years. His parents moved the family thereafter to Tampa. Stephin never returned.

Stephin’s claim to fame. He was an Afro-American comedian and actor. Most famous during the 1930s. The first Afro-American movie actor to become a millionaire.

This year many have say there should be a third party. One will be there on election day. The Libertine Party. Not new. Has been around for years. However, this year putting forth quality candidates at a time America is crying out for a third party.

The Presidential candidate is former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. The Vice-Presidential candidate former Massachusetts Governor William Weld.

Johnson is a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

The team will not win. However, they will make noise. Hopefully enough to qualify the Libertine Party for the Presidential debates.

In  recent months, I have written and spoken on my blog talk radio show of the new close relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel. One example being the King of Saudi Arabia giving Netanyahu $80 million for his campaign last year.

It has been announced Saudi Arabia is going to build a gigantic embassy in Israel. In Tel Aviv.

I find this surprising. The two countries have not had formal diplomatic relations since the late 1940s. They still do not. In addition, Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront to annihilate all Jews in Israel and to destroy in every respect the nation of Israel.

Strange bedfellow

Joan of Arc was burned at the stake this date in 1431. In English controlled Normandy. Her judges, Church authorities. Her crime, heresy. She followed God’s words as spoken to her rather than the rulings of the Church.

An interesting point seldom mentioned. Not one witness spoke in support of any of the charges. The Court wanted to find her guilty and did. Ecclesiastical due process 1431.

Enjoy your day!



St. Patrick’s Day again! Everyone Irish!

This is Spring Break time in Key West. Will add to today’s revelry.

The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade occurred in New York City. Irish soldiers serving in the British Army in 1762 decided to celebrate their homeland.

I marched twice in the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parades. I was in Manhattan College’s Air Force ROTC. Still recall the sharp eyes right each time we passed St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Another recollection is the partying. Big! The best day of the year!

Visited the dentist yesterday. Check-up time. Even implants get checked.

The dental assistant doing the checking irritated me. She kept treating me like an old man. Late twenties lady. When she mentioned how sad it was that I was unable to get out evenings and party, I said…..Lady, I party more than you and have more fun than you!

Started the evening at Don’s Place. Don, Stan and Clare. Great conversation. The conversations should be recorded and placed on You Tube.

Don and I were to eat together. Don decided he was not eating. I had to eat. Skipped lunch. I was famished.

I went to Outback. Thought I might not be able to get a seat. Outback is crowded during season same as Duval restaurants.

The place was empty. Only about 1/3 full. Four persons at the bar, including me.

One of the best evenings I have enjoyed chatting with those round me.

To my right, a couple. We started with the NCAA tournament. Then the Hungarian revolution, Hungary today, Flora, Albania, and cursive writing.

Never got their names. He was 80, she 43. He the best 80 I have ever seen. Still working. At Publix. A butcher. She originally from Hungary. Has been in Key West three years.

They were celebrating their two year anniversary. I congratulated them. Two years married or partnered? No. Two years living together? No, we live separate. We met two years ago.

Typical Key West. Any reason to celebrate.

We got into handwriting. I mentioned my column re the issue. She knew kids are not being taught to write today. He did not.

A waitress overheard the conversation. She came over and joined in. Knew everything about cursive writing. Was unhappy her children were not being taught handwriting.

The fellow several seats to my left joined in. Then came over. He was really into the failure to teach cursive writing in most schools today.

My KONK Life column was Goodbye Handwriting.. Of all the issues I have written about over the years, this garnered the most comment. In writing and on the street. I was amazed! I feared people might be bored with the subject.

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board met with County Commissioners last night. The Board is pushing for a new building. $4.2 million. It would require raising taxes 10, 15 and 14 percent respectively over the next three years. The group insisted taxes had to be raised immediately.

The Mosquito Control group is an entity unto themselves. They do an excellent job. Ergo, no one bothers them. They generally ask and receive. High ranking staff are paid excessive salaries. Extremely so.

I say lets hold up a moment. The group has brass testicles asking for an immediate tax increase to pay for a building not yet even approved by the County Commission. Some Commission members heard the $4.2 million figure for the first time.

My immediate concern with the Mosquito Control Board is its intention to test GMO mosquitoes. The Mosquito Control Board wants to test them for the British Company Oxitec. The test would take place on the island where I live. Key Haven. Key Haven  is small. You could put it in your back pocket.

I am opposed to the testing. I do not believe my neighbors, our island and I should be used as guinea pigs.

After six years, the FDA came out last week with its determination re the use of GMO mosquitoes.. The FDA said the process was effective and safe. I questioned it then and now.

There is a lot of preaching going around that the use of GMO mosquitoes should not be held up in view of the safe and effective declaration by the FDA.

Sometimes people do not know. Many not properly informed.

The FDA regulates the genetic material introduced into the mosquito. The genetic material is safe and effective for mosquitoes. No federal determination has ever been made with regard to its safety as regards humans.

My message simple. Do not be mislead when told the FDA ruled safe and effective.

Fantasy Fest is back in the news. Some City Commissioners want the City to stop making its contribution to Fantasy Fest. The group who run the event are unfunded this year. The several year contract with the City ran out. Fantasy Fest is six months away.

There is no rush in arriving at a determination apparently. The vote to extend the contract one year while matters are further looked into has been adjourned one month.

Typical of governmental mentality in the Keys. Determinations are made too fast or too slow.

Enjoy your day!


Dancing and frivolity of old will exist once again tomorrow evening in Key West. At East Martello. Midsummer’s Night Dream & Spectacle. In its ninth year.

The show, though proper in every respect, is a throwback to pagan days when the beginning of summer was celebrated with  big time partying. Way before Shakespeare’s time.

The show is Michael Shield’s baby. The originator nine years ago, he has continued to produce the event every year. Co-producer is the Key West Art & Historical Society.

My dear friend Jenna Stauffer is the emcee. I can visualize her in days of old. Prancing around in her fairy wings, tip toeing through the tulips. Orchestration by Skipper Kripitz. Perhaps the most honorable man in Key West. Singers include Larry Smith and Kathleen Peace. I love Kathleen! I love her singing! The walls of the East Martello Fort will shake during her performance.

My day yesterday began with a noon walk along the Atlantic Ocean. In the heat of the day. Not the best time. However, I did it. Then to the Cuban Coffee Queen for Cuban cheese toast and Cuban coffee.

Steve Braddock is a care giving Key Wester. He is a Catholic priest. He is active in assisting the homeless. A Saint Francis.

He is pissed off. The Lower Keys Medical Center claims he owes a balance for a hospital stay. $1,975. The hospital has sued in Small Claims Court. Before suit and since, Braddock has asked for an itemized bill. No itemized bill has been forthcoming.

The good priest is aware from prior assistance to the homeless that hospitals have a tendency to overcharge. Dramatically. He is defending himself in court. I would not want to have him as an opponent under the circumstances.

We have genocide in the United States. I refer to it as American genocide. The killing of blacks by whites. It has been going on since the earliest days of our country. It has to stop. Will it ever? I do not know.

The last 48 hours have brought the story of nine blacks in a church bible class shot by a white 21 year old. The place, Charleston, South Carolina. The 21 year old, Dylan Storm Roof. The killings in cold blood.

During the shootings, he said…..I have to do it…..you rape our women and you’ve taken over our country, and you have to go.

Roof has a history evidencing a drug problem. His father gave him a gun for his 21st birthday.

Roof was obviously misinformed as to the black conduct he described during the shootings. Probably heard it at the dinner table from his father.

These shootings are what they are. Racial hatred expressed with a gun. It must end! Otherwise as I have been saying on my blog talk radio show, the battle will not be between police and blacks. It will be blacks against whites. A people will take abuse only so long. There is a new generation of blacks and they will not be as patient and forbearing as their forefathers.

Anna is in Camogli. She has a beach front apartment. Camogli is part of the Italian Riviera. Next door is Portofino. Home of the renown Silvio Berlusconi. His close friend Putin has built a home nearby.

Tomorrow night’s emcee Jenna Stauffer is my date tonight. We are going to dinner. Love Jenna!

Enjoy your day!


Tragedy struck on two occasions recently. Both water related. In one incident, a man was left paralyzed. The other, dead.

Sunset is big in Key West! A tourist attraction. The celebration takes place on the Gulf side of Key West at Mallory Square.

Sunday night, a 49 year old man visiting with family and friends decided to jump off the sea wall where the performers were playing. A friend went in first. Then, he.

He could not get out on his own. The current too strong. Two others jumped in attempting to save save him. Too late.

About a month ago, a similar incident occurred. A group of male friends were partying at the Sunset Tiki Bar at the Galleon. One of them decided to run, jump over the heavy rope fence and into the water. It was low tide. He is now paralyzed for life.

People do stupid things. Sometimes resulting in bad happenings. These are two examples. Sad both occurred. There seems to be a tendency with Key West visitors to do crazy things. Not just jumping in the water. Many times what is done has an adverse result.

Physiotherapy yesterday. Grueling again. I had to nap a bit when I got home. I am definitely our of shape. Anything physical tires me. Even sex.

At least, I have stopped falling down.

Spent a considerable time yesterday putting together tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting topics. A police update and my opinion where all this is going, Monsanto’s gall re Roundup, Lake Mead/Hoover Dam going dry, some banks charging depositors for holding their money, and more.

Join me at 9 my time. Guaranteed you will enjoy. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

I went up the keys for dinner. Not far. Mangrove Mama’s. A quiet night. Few customers. I sat at a table in the bar.

A pattern has developed in my life. Sunday, monday and tuesday seem to be heavy writing days. Sunday is the KONK column. Monday is getting ready for tuesday night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday is fine tuning the show.

Not a complaint. Merely sharing. I love writing!

Enjoy your day!



In the last few days, Mickey Spillane has come to my attention. I cannot recall where. The name brought back memories.

Spillane was a writer. Many mystery novels. He was the creator of Mike Hammer.

In 1952, Spillane wrote Kiss Me, Deadly. An instantaneous success. Caused a furor. It was considered a dirty book by 1952 standards. Sex was a big no no in 1952. Not as it is today. When I read the book back then, I read it for the off color passages. I was a college senior and my blood was always boiling.

An example of the off color material typical of the book is found in the first few pages. Mike Hammer picked up a female hitchhiker in a rainstorm. She was wearing a rain coat. At some point, she took his hand and placed it under the raincoat and on her thigh. She was wearing no clothes. That is as far as it went.

Don’t laugh. Such was porn back then.

The Catholic Church considered the book immoral. They placed it on the Index. Which meant it should not be read. The U.S. Congress also made damning comments about the book.

All the preceding did nothing more than to increase sales. The publisher could not print enough copies.

My dorm floor consisted of 60 students. Someone had the book! With the good pages and paragraphs marked. The book found its way into each of our hands.

I doubt the book would be a best seller today if written as it was in 1952. The juicy portions would be considered too mild. Extremely so.

Staying with book writing, I attended the Friends of the Key West Library session last night. A series of lectures by writers.

The speaker Mark Childress. I had never heard of him. He was most enjoyable to listen to. He traced his writing career. The good and the bad. He has been a Key West resident for several years now and continues to write.

His most famous published work is Crazy in Alabama. In the late ’90s, it was made into a movie starring Melanie Griffith.

I was taken by his talk. I intend to place Crazy in Alabama on my list of books to read. It may take me a week or month or year to get to it. But, I will.

The days are warm. The heat can be felt. The cool breezes gone. Sweating time. I wanted to walk. I rarely do outside. I did not feel guilty when I did my walking yesterday in Home Depot.

Home Depot was not as cool as it should have been. A bit sticky. I made comment to one of the assistant managers I knew. He said I was correct. The full system is scheduled not to be turned on till the end of the month.

It was still better than walking outside.

Had my routine checkup with my heart doctor. McIvor his name. I am alive and well as far as my heart is concerned. May I stay that way. I will see him again in three months.

Last night, the Chart Room. I ended up speaking with five bikers. Black leather, long beards and all. Most were in their 60s and retired. All from the Chicago area. Good guys. Softies at heart who like to dress bad.

Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A half hour of political and social commentary. The show provides the opportunity to express my opinions. Love doing it!

The show is at 9 my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. If you miss it and would like to listen another day, the show is archived on Blog Talk Radio and You Tube. It can also be found by going to my Key West Lou page where you are reading this blog. The navigation bar on top lists Blog Talk Radio. It is my personal archive and you can listen there if you like.

Topics to be covered tonight include the letter the 47 Senators sent to Iran, a man in jail for life without parole for being involved in a $20 pot purchase, and an update on Venezuela’s President Maduro.

Enjoy your day!


Netanyahu’s speech yesterday was great theater. Better than any State of the Union address. The content worthy of the Biblical expression…..Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

He indicated he knew the contents of the US/Iran deal. Does not surprise me. Israel has the best intelligence service in the world. My problem with the talk was that it offered no alternative. Merely that a better deal should be had.

I took what he said with a grain of salt. This is the same man who said authoritatively that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction back when Bush and Cheney were promoting an Iraqi invasion.

The Republicans beamed as never before. They had insulted the President.

While I am at it, a comment re Petraeus. The mighty shall fall. Unfortunate in his case. The man was an exceptional military leader. Similar to Eisenhower. Considered Presidential timber.

We have lost what might have been a great leader. He took a bite of the apple.

My blog talk radio show was last night. Love doing it! I talked about everything. It was that kind of evening. Actually, week. Many things happened.

The topic that garnered the most interest however was my advising a new type banking on the horizon. At some point, banks will pay you to take out a loan and charge you for holding your deposits. A reverse! Already being done in many European countries. So far in the U.S. only by J P Morgan Chase with big accounts.

My yesterday began with a manicure. Tammy always good company. Then a walk at Home Depot. Followed by a business meeting downtown.

The World Almanac section of this morning’s Key West Citizen set forth that there were 77,865 ready people in the U.S. waiting for body transplants. Makes it easy to understand why the black market in body parts is such a big business. Most body parts go for $100,000 to $150,000. Even ISIS is in the  business. They remove body parts from some captives. Men, women and children.

This week’s KONK Life hits the stands at 5 this afternoon. My column this week is on the light side. The Minnie Ball Pregnancy. I guarantee you will find it amusing.

Enjoy your day!


Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve are much alike. Amateur night. Many out who normally are not. Restaurants and bars packed. Ergo, I decided to stay home. I was a couch potato most of the day.

Other than watching the Syracuse/Duke game, writing next week’s KONK Life column What recovery?, and some reading, I did nothing.  Enjoyed every minute of it.

Duke defeated Syracuse 80-72. Both teams played well. Syracuse fell behind with about 10 minutes to go and never caught up. Syracuse and Duke meet in two weeks again. Crazy ACC scheduling!

I wrote next week’s KONK Life column. The recovery is not what Washington touts it to be. Which is what I wrote about. Hit certain areas of poverty that still exist. Like 16 million public school children homeless.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports the Key West City Commission is working on a custom made parking lot for tour buses. Tour buses are those that bring people in generally for a day. They come from all over Florida. The passengers spend some money. I cannot believe it is much.

The City Commission has already authorized$18,220 for preliminary design plans.

Screw the tour buses! Take care first of the car parking problem. Those living outside Key West (as I do) find it extremely difficult to find a parking spot since the new parking ordinance went into effect. Typical of this City Commission that seems to lead with their asses rather than their heads.

Enjoy your Sunday!


In the annals of Key West history, Harry Truman was one of the greats. He left his mark on Key West.

Truman made 11 trips to Key West for a total of 175 days. Truman’s vacation home, his rest and relaxation spot. While in Key West, Truman stayed at the Commander’s quarters on the Naval Base. Today that building is the Little White House.

This day in history, February 10, had special significance in Truman’s life. It was 1941. World War II had not yet begun. Concern had, however. Concern for the European War and the thought of many that we might soon be involved. Roosevelt and Congress created a law appropriating $10.5 billion to bolster our defenses.

On February 10, 1941, a little known Senator from Missouri rose and made a speech concerning profiteering, favoritism, corruption and waste with regard to defense contracts. His words were tough. He exclaimed that cheating on price and quality was no different than being a draft dodger.

The man was Harry Truman.

The speech skyrocketed Truman to prominence. A Committee was formed to oversee defense spending. Truman was made Chairman. He served on  the Committee till elected Vice-President in 1944. He was a hawk. He oversaw defense spending as you would have expected. Those who cheated were severely treated.

Strange, no one seems to confront defense spending abuse today as Truman did. In reality, we have no one watching how our money is spent.

I spent the better part of yesterday working on my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The shows airs tonight at 9 my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Join me.

The world we live in is in frequent turmoil. Each week surprising and sometimes shocking developments arise. I bring a few to your attention.

Valentine’s Day is saturday. Time for flowers and candy for the one we love. Not just flowers and candy any more. Roach naming is in vogue and has been since 2011. I am referring to cockroaches. The details tonight.

Other topics include the NFL being tax exempt, Germany and Greece in a fight to the death, Greece’s new government very casual in their dress even for high level government matters, Venezuela running out of condoms, taking cell phone pics up a female’s skirt Constitutionally protected, the man who needed to break a $100 bill and won a $20 million lottery, and more.

My bedroom is done! Finished yesterday. I am very pleased with the final result. Will share some pics with you soon.

The room was redecorated on the cheap. Pier 1, Office Max, Ross, Rooms to Go, and Home Depot. Threw a few paintings on the walls. Voila! My new bedroom!

Boston the new snow capital of the world. I have not seen snow in 8 years. I do not miss it.

Bocce starts thursday. I am excited!

Enjoy your day!



God is good!

Aurora Phoenix recently celebrated her five month birthday. Yes, five months. A wonder she is alive.

Her parents are Key West entertainer Rock Solomon and Michele Musel.

Aurora was born three months premature. Weighed less than a pound. She was not expected to make it through the first night. Within two weeks of her birth, she had heart surgery and 11 blood transfusions. She was kept alive at certain periods via a breathing machine. Her hospital stay was 100 days.

You say wow! She is a miracle baby! There is more. Aurora was a twin. An identical twin. Her twin sister Aria did not make it.

Aurora had PTTS, a rare condition that affects only identical twins and which had claimed her sister Aria’s life. The doctors thought Aurora would be blind. Via special treatment, the problem is receding and it is now believed Aurora will not suffer any loss of vision.

Aurora continues to need specialized medical care. Her parents take her once a week to Miami.

God bless!

I wrote early afternoon. Next week’s KONK Life column. The National Football League Tax Exempt. An interesting portion is the revelation of what motivated Congress in the first instanced to grant the tax exemption. Old fashion horse trading.

This week’s KONK Life column Greece In The Driver’s Seat was posted on my Facebook site this morning.

Later in the afternoon, Sloan was over. We worked on this and that. Her technical assistance is invaluable. I need her. I am from that generation which is not computer literate.

My Saturday night was typical. Tavern ‘n Town and Bobby Nesbitt. Not many people. I sat at the bar and read while humming to whatever Bobby was singing.

I ate a little more, also. Actually, a lot more! Salmon, spinach and risotto. Plus, two rolls. I almost went for desert. Key Lime pie. Better judgment prevailed, however.

In between Sloan and Tavern ‘n Town, I watched the Syracuse/Pitt game. Syracuse lost 83-77. A close game all the way. Decided in the last 3-4 minutes. I thought Syracuse played exceptionally well.

A small note of interest popped up on the internet last night. An announcement by the NCAA that a 30 second clock would be experimented with in the NIT. Apparently the numbers are not as good as previously re persons watching college basketball. The NCAA wants to make the games faster and supposedly more exciting. I learned from the article also that girls’ college basketball is played with a 30 second clock.

Last week, I mentioned an unusual sunset. The sun behind a bank of gray/black clouds. Radiating through in a reddish/pink color. I was not the only one taken by the sunset. This week’s Conch Color ran several photos of the sunset taken by various Key West persons. Amongst them,  Carmelo Vitale, Amy Culver, and Vicki Gordon.

Money abounds in some quarters. It was announced that China’s Sunshine Insurance Group was buying the Baccarat Hotel in New York City. Paying $2 million plus for each room, the highest price ever paid on a per room basis for a New York hotel.

After renovations, the cheapest room will be $900 per night. Not a recession figure

Starwood has contracted to manage the hotel.

Brian Williams was an asshole. The only way to describe his statements. What to do? Hillary Clinton did the same thing. The Senator from Connecticut lied as to his military service. No punishment was involved in either case. The public was quick to forget.

Does his being a news announcer make a difference? I do not know.

Generally, people who misspeak have excellent credentials without the lie. Why do it?

A birthday party this afternoon! For my dear friend Jenna.

Enjoy your Sunday!