An important thing in life. Children’s birthdays! Today, my granddaughter Ally’s is being celebrated.

Thirteen years old. Definitely a young lady. The flower is blossoming.

Ally’s birthday was Friday. Conflicted with Robert’s graduation. Ally wanted her own day. It began Saturday. She had her hair striped.

Terrible! Too young! I am merely a voice in the wilderness, however. Not the parent, not my decision.

What I really was expressing is it pains me to think she is maturing. Not a little girl any longer.

Last night, a sleep over. Which means Ally will be beat this evening for the family birthday dinner, cake, etc. Perhaps a bit grouchy.

Can’t win them all!

In any event, I love you Ally. A big Happy Birthday to you!

My yesterday began with a manicure. Tammy and her husband Rick are entrepreneurs. Mid-thirties at best. Tammy in the U.S. about 14 years. From Vietnam. Became a citizen last year. Rick of Vietnamese extraction. Born in the U.S.

They have a great business. Employ many. Work hard. Achieving the American dream. I doubt they are the type people Trump would praise and acknowledge. They do not rape, kill, pillage, rob, do drugs. Why not?

Chart Room last night. Quiet. Enjoyed a couple of drinks and moved on to the Beach Bar. John was working the Beach Bar last night.

Glad I stopped by. Ran into Dan and Stephanie from Ohio. Never met them before this week. Have enjoyed their company three evenings, however.

Their time in Paradise coming to an end. Leave Tuesday for home. Expect to return some time this summer.

Dan and Stephanie were heading to the Pride Follies. Good choice, I advised. Mentioned that Rick Dery of Dueling Bartenders was the director. Recommended Dueling Bartenders on Monday nights to them.

A quiet Saturday evening. I was home in bed before 9.

The Key West Citizen’s weekend edition ran a major article re Mallory Square and the homeless. The homeless becoming a problem.

Mallory Square is where the sunset is watched every evening. Hundreds of people. All ages. A cat through a wheel of fire, a man swallowing a sword, etc.

A growing group of homeless are getting drunk, argumentative, threaten each other, harass customers and vendors for money, sleep illegally, etc.

Key West is a great venue for the homeless. Many are snowbirds. Visit our island for the season. Then drift off till next Fall because the humidity becomes heavy and uncomfortable. A size able group remains, however.

Key West takes care of its homeless. Two very huge air conditioned tents, showers, cots with clean sheets each night, food at several locations, etc. No reason for them to camp at Mallory Square. A business place for vendors and tourists.

One thing sure in our country, the rich are getting richer while the poor poorer. Corporate America is not and has not for a number of years shared its successes.

An example is Toys R Us. Filed for bankruptcy. One week before the filing voted top echelon people $8 million in bonuses. The 30,000 workers who will be without jobs, nothing. No severance pay. Not a penny.

To compound the wrong, in the year before the filing the CEO was paid $11.2 million.

Much federal legislation has been blocked by a handful of far rights who were elected to Congress. Some, not all, appear a bit wacky when on television.

There appears to be a larger number of crazies running for Congress this year. This group’s ideologies different from the far righters. Some will be elected. It is the way of elections in recent years.

Three examples.

Nathan Larson. A Virginia Libertarian. Running as an independent. Supports abolishing age restrictions for marriage (a nice way of saying pedophilia is ok), supports abolishing laws opposed to marital rape, believes women should be under the control of men, is a white supremacist, believes Hitler was a good thing for Germany, believes incest should be legalized.

Patrick Little. A Republican candidate for the Senate representing California. Denies the Holocaust and calls for a country “free from Jews.”

Little is popular. He is running second in polls to Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein. California’s strange election laws could result in him being elected.

Arthur Jones. Chicago area. A candidate for Congress. Denies the Holocaust, a former leader of the American Nazi Party, believes people of color are mentally inferior to whites.

Jones is the official Republican candidate. He is running in a very strong Democratic district where no other Republican wanted to waste time running.

Some things are hard to understand. The Kim/Trump Summit is scheduled to begin in Singapore June 12. Kim will be staying at the 5 star Fullerton Hotel. The Presidential suite costs $6,000 a night. Kim’s staff has to be housed also.

Kim/North Korea refuse to pay the bill. The U.S. looking for a means to legally pay the bill.

Sung-Yoon Lee is a Tufts University Korean expert. He says re the payment quandary, “North Korea can build nukes and ICBMs, but claim they are too poor to pay for foreign travel costs.”

Trump apparently considers himself the summit king now that the meeting with North Korea is locked in. Trump indicated yesterday he wants a summit with Putin arranged.

Putin will eat him up.

Enjoy your Sunday!







My Country, ’tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty…..Let freedom ring!

No more. We’re losing it.

Democracy is being sacrificed on the altar of Donald Trump. Politicians more concerned with expediency rather than correctness.

Yesterday, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward. Today, Stephen R. Mallory.

Mallory of Key West fame. Confederate fame, also. Key West’s famous Mallory Square is named after him. His bronze bust sits in the Key West Memorial Sculpture Garden. One of 39 recognized for having had a major impact on Key West.

He was a United States Senator from Florida 1851-1861. During that time, he was Chairman of the Committee on Naval Affairs.

He joined the Confederacy when Florida seceded. He served as Secretary of the Navy for the Confederacy during the entire Civil War. He did an excellent job for the Confederacy.

He fled Richmond at the end of the War, was captured, imprisoned, and charged with treason. After one year, he was paroled by President Andrew Johnson.

Mallory rarely if any time returned to Key West. He settled in Pensacola where he practiced law til his death.

I spoke of the Mallory/Confederacy problem last year when the move to remove statues, proclamations, etc. of Southern supporters arose. I asked: Should Mallory Square be renamed? Should Mallory’s bust be removed from the Garden of honor?

My answer then simple. The same today. Leave well enough alone. Broward, Mallory, and all the rest part of American history. Good, bad or indifferent.

History should neither be altered, destroyed nor removed.

Attended the Key West Craft Show yesterday afternoon. Covered half the length of Whitehead. Everything on exhibit, everything for sale. Great craft!

The Craft Show has been ongoing more than 30 years.

I bought my first Jack Baron painting 20 years ago at the Craft Show. A black Madonna and Child. $3,500. My wife at the time said I was out of my mind.

I still have the painting, as well as many other Baron works. It gives me joy every time I look at it.

Visited with Diana Millikan at cocktail time at her Key West home on Hilton Haven Drive. Her tiny condo sits on a canal.

Diana and I have been working on a book together for ever so long. It seems to be taking forever to complete. We are still at the research stage. The novel intended is a history of Key West prostitution. All the way back to 1660.

Diana just returned from a trip to Haiti to attend the funeral of a friend. She was down with dysentery for three days. She said she drank bottled water. Turned out the water was bottled in Haiti with Haitian waters.

Then to the Chart Room. Shaun bartending. Quiet.

Heard a cruise ship could not dock yesterday. Wind too strong.

Spoke with Tom and Fran Dixson in Buffalo last night. They recently returned from a cruise to Cuba. Leave soon for a 2 week tour of Rome and southern Italy. They are traveling with a Buffalo area seminary. The trip includes an audience with the Pope.

Too much on  my mind sometimes. I thought the Syracuse/Pitt game was tomorrow night. It was saturday night. Missed it. Syracuse won 60-55.

Next game wednesday evening against Georgia Tech at 8. I will not miss it.

Donna called last night. They made it to Tampa. Donna hurting bad. Going to find a Tampa orthopedist today.

Terri’s testing began at 6:30 this morning. I wish her well.

New Orleans has Mardi Gras. Key West, Fantasy Fest.

Beads have been clogging New Orleans’ catch basins for years. To the point, water ain’t moving. A bead removal project underway. Estimated 93,000 pounds of beads (46 tons) to be removed. Sixty four thousand catch basins. Cost: $7 million.

Will Key West ever be so afflicted? Hope not.

We have been complaining about Russian interference in our elections. Putin has turned the tables on us. He is complaining of U.S. meddling in the Russian elections to be held March 18. The pot calling the kettle black.

There is no need for any country to attempt to influence Russian elections. Putin either kills or jails the opposition before the election.

We take automobiles for granted. To drive or ride in. There was a time when autos were new, however.

William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. He was the first American President to ride in an auto. September 1901 in a Stanley Steamer.

Enjoy your day!



Dinner at L’Attitudes last night. A very fine dining experience.

L’Attitudes is located on Sunset Key. A boat ride away. All of five minutes. The restaurant sits just off the dock where the boat disembarks customers.

The last time I was at L’Attitudes was 15 years ago. Beautiful then. More beautiful now. It has been remodeled.

I had not been in all that time because of the boat ride. An inconvenience from my perspective. I now realize my loss.

Everything magnificent! From the view to the food to the service. Viewing the sunset while dining is special in and of itself. The sun set through gray clouds in a large orange ball. Mallory Square dressed up.

I asked for a table inside when I made my reservation.  By a window so I could see the sunset. My request was met. Thank you, Chris and Dan.

My waitress was Eve. Short for Ivelisse. Puerto Rico born. She has been in Key West 16 years. Efficient. Charming. Lovely.

L’Attitudes making a ton of money! Obvious. The place full. The boat bringing customers back and forth. The customers tourists. I did not recognize any locals.

Would I return? Yes. To dine alone at the bar and read the newspapers. With the added benefit of the setting sun.

My day yesterday began at Farmers Market. Bought bread. A long thin crispy loaf. Two. Toasted half of one for lunch. To die for.

Then Publix. Picked up a few essentials. Ran into Paul Toppino. Two bachelors grocery shopping. What the final quarter of life brings.

Spent part of the afternoon working on tuesday’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

My evening ended in a bit of disaster. I had to leave my car in the Weston garage. The key would not turn in the ignition.  Walked down to the Chart Room, had a drink, and Emily called me a taxi.

I have not taken a taxi in ten years. Expensive. $27.50, without tip. Pier House to my home in Key Haven. Bring on Uber!

When I finish this blog, I have to find someone to drive me to the car. The key problem happened once before. I left the car in Don’s parking lot. The next morning the key turned with no problem. Hope it works the same way today.

Tons of events scheduled for today as part of Hemingway Days. The one that appeals to me is the second preliminary round of the selection/elimination process in the search for this year’s Hemingway look alike. Sloppy Joe’s at 6:30. A full house guaranteed.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports Sheraton Suites was sold for $94 million. Most if not all of Key West’s major hotels have changed hands the last three years. Why not! Key West is packing them in. Guaranteed high occupancy at high rates.

Last but not least. Perhaps the most important item this morning. Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi announced a budget reduction for the next year. Almost 6 percent. Taxes will be reduced! When was the last time?

Gastesi should run for President!

Enjoy your day!



Tragedy struck on two occasions recently. Both water related. In one incident, a man was left paralyzed. The other, dead.

Sunset is big in Key West! A tourist attraction. The celebration takes place on the Gulf side of Key West at Mallory Square.

Sunday night, a 49 year old man visiting with family and friends decided to jump off the sea wall where the performers were playing. A friend went in first. Then, he.

He could not get out on his own. The current too strong. Two others jumped in attempting to save save him. Too late.

About a month ago, a similar incident occurred. A group of male friends were partying at the Sunset Tiki Bar at the Galleon. One of them decided to run, jump over the heavy rope fence and into the water. It was low tide. He is now paralyzed for life.

People do stupid things. Sometimes resulting in bad happenings. These are two examples. Sad both occurred. There seems to be a tendency with Key West visitors to do crazy things. Not just jumping in the water. Many times what is done has an adverse result.

Physiotherapy yesterday. Grueling again. I had to nap a bit when I got home. I am definitely our of shape. Anything physical tires me. Even sex.

At least, I have stopped falling down.

Spent a considerable time yesterday putting together tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting topics. A police update and my opinion where all this is going, Monsanto’s gall re Roundup, Lake Mead/Hoover Dam going dry, some banks charging depositors for holding their money, and more.

Join me at 9 my time. Guaranteed you will enjoy. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

I went up the keys for dinner. Not far. Mangrove Mama’s. A quiet night. Few customers. I sat at a table in the bar.

A pattern has developed in my life. Sunday, monday and tuesday seem to be heavy writing days. Sunday is the KONK column. Monday is getting ready for tuesday night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday is fine tuning the show.

Not a complaint. Merely sharing. I love writing!

Enjoy your day!