In the annals of Key West history, Harry Truman was one of the greats. He left his mark on Key West.

Truman made 11 trips to Key West for a total of 175 days. Truman’s vacation home, his rest and relaxation spot. While in Key West, Truman stayed at the Commander’s quarters on the Naval Base. Today that building is the Little White House.

This day in history, February 10, had special significance in Truman’s life. It was 1941. World War II had not yet begun. Concern had, however. Concern for the European War and the thought of many that we might soon be involved. Roosevelt and Congress created a law appropriating $10.5 billion to bolster our defenses.

On February 10, 1941, a little known Senator from Missouri rose and made a speech concerning profiteering, favoritism, corruption and waste with regard to defense contracts. His words were tough. He exclaimed that cheating on price and quality was no different than being a draft dodger.

The man was Harry Truman.

The speech skyrocketed Truman to prominence. A Committee was formed to oversee defense spending. Truman was made Chairman. He served on  the Committee till elected Vice-President in 1944. He was a hawk. He oversaw defense spending as you would have expected. Those who cheated were severely treated.

Strange, no one seems to confront defense spending abuse today as Truman did. In reality, we have no one watching how our money is spent.

I spent the better part of yesterday working on my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The shows airs tonight at 9 my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Join me.

The world we live in is in frequent turmoil. Each week surprising and sometimes shocking developments arise. I bring a few to your attention.

Valentine’s Day is saturday. Time for flowers and candy for the one we love. Not just flowers and candy any more. Roach naming is in vogue and has been since 2011. I am referring to cockroaches. The details tonight.

Other topics include the NFL being tax exempt, Germany and Greece in a fight to the death, Greece’s new government very casual in their dress even for high level government matters, Venezuela running out of condoms, taking cell phone pics up a female’s skirt Constitutionally protected, the man who needed to break a $100 bill and won a $20 million lottery, and more.

My bedroom is done! Finished yesterday. I am very pleased with the final result. Will share some pics with you soon.

The room was redecorated on the cheap. Pier 1, Office Max, Ross, Rooms to Go, and Home Depot. Threw a few paintings on the walls. Voila! My new bedroom!

Boston the new snow capital of the world. I have not seen snow in 8 years. I do not miss it.

Bocce starts thursday. I am excited!

Enjoy your day!


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