A wonderful tune. It has to bring back memories. Judy Garland, the Yellow Brick Road, the Munchkins.

The last of the Munchkins has died. Jerry Maren. Ninety six.

He’s on the Yellow Brick Road…..He’s off to see the Wizard!

My foot controlled activities yesterday. I spent the afternoon laying in bed. Kept my foot up! The swelling receded about 50 percent.

I went out last night. Needed to get out. When I returned home, the swelling had returned.

Started at Don’s Place. Sat with Stan and Clare. Former bocce partners. They were glad to see me. I, them

Someone said put the Syracuse game on. I did not even know Syracuse was playing. I stayed at Don’s and watched the game. Syracuse lost to #8 North Carolina 75-70. The game was not as close as the score suggests. It was North Carolina all the way. Syracuse played poorly.

March Madness is around the corner. I am worried Syracuse may not make the tournament.

Not Syracuse’s year!

The game was over at 9. I was hungry. I had skipped lunch. Headed to Outback for dinner. I have mentioned before, Outback’s lamb chops are outstanding. It was lamb chops for me last night.

Met Scott and Veronica who were sitting next to me at the bar. Nice people. We exchanged phone numbers. We will see each other again.

I cancelled physiotherapy for the week. No way could my left foot handle the treadmill.

Today there is an air that a king will be crowned. Trump. Today being Super Tuesday. Eleven states. Bad for the country. I cannot understand people gravitating to him. He’s a disaster in the making.

I am going to conclude with a political story. Concerns someone who early came out in support of Trump. Sarah Palin. Another crazy.

Last May during March Madness, Palin guested on the Mike and John Talk Show. The tournament was being discussed. Palin commented: “The biggest surprise is how many white guys I see playing in this tournament. I thought the NAACP was supposed to be about black people.”

Another genius! She and Trump running for the highest posts in the country. At different times. Can you imagine the show/entertainment if both ran together. Trump for President and Palin for Vice President.

Almost forgot. My blog talk radio show tonight. Nine my time. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



Let the drums roar! I am done with physiotherapy!

I went because I was falling. My doctor said I needed balance sessions. I disagreed, but went. The doctor was correct.

I only attended 3-4 weeks. Twice a week. Grueling! Hard! Knocked me on my ass! I was exhausted when I was done each day.

Hopefully, it worked. I was told yesterday that I now have an 8 percent chance of falling. As opposed to 20 percent when I started.

The physio worked on my core. That is the lower part of one’s stomach. Had to strengthen my core. The physio included a how to climb stairs program also. I thought it a joke when I started. No joke! It has made me very conscious that I am climbing stairs when I do so. I now concentrate on each step. Sounds foolish, I know. But we forget as we age.

Now, we shall see. Hopefully no more falls.

I did the physiotherapy at Body Owners on Stock Island. I was pleased. The group is very professional, attentive and knowledgeable.

Part of my session included 20 minutes on a treadmill. Not the usual type. It is called an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Cool! Lowers your body weight as you walk on the treadmill. In my case, made me feel 50 pounds lighter. Ergo, I did not tire easily.

To describe the machine is difficult. You wear some kind of big shorts. The shorts and a large box you are in are blown up with air. The air lifts your body a bit. The reason why you feel lighter as you walk.

I am taken by the machine. Today, I start a three day a week program just using the treadmill. Thirty minutes each time. This is not part of the physiotherapy program I just concluded. I hope it will make me stronger and get my body in better shape.

Spent a couple of hours yesterday fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My police/black discussion garnered the most interest. I said today police/black, tomorrow black/white. The  black economy a motivating factor. The scenario could be upon us as soon as this summer. Hope I am wrong.

This week’s KONK Life column hits the stands today. 99 44/100 % Pure. The story of Ivory soap. Very interesting. Even has sex thrown in. A change of pace article for me. Thought it was time for something light.

I read somewhere this morning that the poppy fields in Afghanistan  experienced the highest production level in 2014. Afghanistan is the world’s largest supplier of opium and heroin.

I make mention because of something that came to my attention about three months ago. I discussed it briefly on my blog talk radio show at the time.

We all now the devastation the war has wrought on Afghanistan. Destruction everywhere. But one place. The poppy fields. Not one poppy field has been damaged in the fighting.

A message here?

Let me close with Hemingway and Truman.

I watched A Farewell to Arms on television last night. The second time in two weeks. Much of the story takes place in northern Italy near the Swiss border. One of the locations is Lake Maggiore. Scenes of Lake Maggiore frequently appear in the movie.

I have been to Maggiore several times. A beautiful place. The lake has several islands. One I visited for dinner in a quaint small Italian bistro. I thought at the time and do now how lucky I have been to enjoy Lake Maggiore. It is a God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world place.

Came across an interesting statement by Truman. I share it with you.

“My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference. I, for one, believe the piano player job to be much more honorable than current politicians.”

Enjoy your day!


Tragedy struck on two occasions recently. Both water related. In one incident, a man was left paralyzed. The other, dead.

Sunset is big in Key West! A tourist attraction. The celebration takes place on the Gulf side of Key West at Mallory Square.

Sunday night, a 49 year old man visiting with family and friends decided to jump off the sea wall where the performers were playing. A friend went in first. Then, he.

He could not get out on his own. The current too strong. Two others jumped in attempting to save save him. Too late.

About a month ago, a similar incident occurred. A group of male friends were partying at the Sunset Tiki Bar at the Galleon. One of them decided to run, jump over the heavy rope fence and into the water. It was low tide. He is now paralyzed for life.

People do stupid things. Sometimes resulting in bad happenings. These are two examples. Sad both occurred. There seems to be a tendency with Key West visitors to do crazy things. Not just jumping in the water. Many times what is done has an adverse result.

Physiotherapy yesterday. Grueling again. I had to nap a bit when I got home. I am definitely our of shape. Anything physical tires me. Even sex.

At least, I have stopped falling down.

Spent a considerable time yesterday putting together tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting topics. A police update and my opinion where all this is going, Monsanto’s gall re Roundup, Lake Mead/Hoover Dam going dry, some banks charging depositors for holding their money, and more.

Join me at 9 my time. Guaranteed you will enjoy. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

I went up the keys for dinner. Not far. Mangrove Mama’s. A quiet night. Few customers. I sat at a table in the bar.

A pattern has developed in my life. Sunday, monday and tuesday seem to be heavy writing days. Sunday is the KONK column. Monday is getting ready for tuesday night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday is fine tuning the show.

Not a complaint. Merely sharing. I love writing!

Enjoy your day!



Forty five years ago today, four Kent State students were shot dead by Ohio State National Guardsmen. The students had been protesting the Vietnam War.

I was 35 years old at the time. The TV film of the shootings chilled me. TV showed a large number of screaming college students running across a large grass field and the guardsmen shooting at them. This was the United States. What I was viewing did not happen in the United States.

I had lived through the time of the 1960s New York and Rochester black riots. I was in the middle of the New York one the first night.

The anti-Vietnam demonstrations concerned me. Citizens against a war our country was involved in. Parents sending their children off to Canada to avoid the draft.

To a 35 year old attorney, husband and parent, none of these happenings were consistent with the United States I knew or thought I knew.

The Kent State shootings were the worst. There was no valid reason for the students to be shot at. Apparently some guardsman got nervous and others followed.

This past week we experienced the Baltimore protests. There have been others in recent months. All over the same issue. Police shooting of blacks.

What am I saying? Merely that all these events bother and bothered me. Kent State especially. And now the police/black shootings. Not the country I grew up in. Not the lessons I was taught about the United States in my formative years.

I spent several hours yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. A strange title. 99 44/100 % Pure. The story of Ivory soap. Interesting, as well as a bit checkered.

After finishing the column, I hustled over to Salute’s for a little Louis time. I sat outside in the shade, had a drink and enjoyed a fish sandwich. Read the Sunday papers. Sometimes looking up to view the bikini clad ladies.

Then to Publix. The cupboard almost bare. A comment re prices. Grocery prices continue to rise. Like gasoline did. A little bit at a time. You do not notice until you are at the check out counter and are paying more than normal for the usual amount of groceries.

Wind is blowing strong this morning.  From the northwest. Sunny and cloudy. Maybe rain at some point.

Some local group involved with the homeless did a recent study. One of its findings was that there were 339 homeless children in Monroe County (Florida keys) as of January 27. Three hundred thirty nine is 339 too many!

Physiotherapy this morning. Have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!


Larry Smith is friend and foe. Foe formerly on the golf course and presently the bocce courts. Tonight, Larry has prepared what I am sure will be a great evening of music. He has assembled 24 of Key West’s finest entertainers for what what I can guarantee will be an outstanding show

Larry can be anal. Especially when he is working. The show is two hours. Two segments. One hour each. A 15 minute break in between. Larry assures me the 24 entertainers will comfortably fit into the two available hours.

I believe Larry. He has everything down to the minute. He has been working on this show for a month. Woe anyone who screws it up!

Join me tonight at Larry’s show. Eight o’clock at The Studios of Key West.

No bocce last night. It was a bye night. Time for those teams who had games cancelled to play them. We had none cancelled.

I substituted the Chart Room and Hogfish in the place of bocce.

David was sitting alone at the round table when I entered the Chart Room. I sat with David about two hours. I enjoy his company.

The previous day’s flooding entered into the conversation. The flooding was gone by evening. The worst was early afternoon when the tide was high. By evening it was low tide. The storm water system was able to handle the problem at that time.

We talked about Che. Che is the only Key Wester I know who is older than me. I believe he is 83. Che is one of the last two persons alive who has his name on the Chart Room bar where some of his ashes will be interned.

No one has been able to find Che for three weeks. No answer at his apartment door or on his telephone. His car gone. Strange. Turns out Che was in a Miami hospital recovering from pneumonia. He is now home

Che, stay home!

Ollie stopped in. Ollie has been a leader in the fight opposing genetically modified mosquitoes. The ones that were to be tested on my home island, Key Haven. He and his group has been successful in obtaining a delay of the vote scheduled for last week. No date was scheduled for the next vote. Good job, Ollie!

Hogfish for dinner. I sat at the end of the bar, enjoyed hogfish and read the newspapers. No one talked to me and I did not attempt to initiate conversation with anyone. I was content to sit and read.

I had physiotherapy in the morning. Wow! Still tires me out. Big time! I basically spend the hour standing on one or two feet in strange positions with my eyes closed. Hard to balance with the eyes closed. Grueling. The sweat runs off my forehead.

Enjoy your day!


My good friend Larry Smith has a terrific show planned for friday evening. The location is The Studios of Key West. The time 8 o’clock. The event is a history of Larry’s music, vision and friends. More than 24 musical friends are appearing with him. A guaranteed good time! Hope to see you there!

Physiotherapy yesterday morning. It’s getting easier. Still leaves me dead tired after one hour.

Around 5 yesterday afternoon, it rained. Big time! Like a monsoon or tropical storm. A very strong wind from the northwest. My palm trees were blowing every which way. The rain coming in sideways and loudly crashing into my windows facing the water.

This morning is black. A wind, though not as strong as last night. Rain is predicted for a while this morning. It is predicted all night this evening starting at 8.

I had a good time last night doing my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

I touched briefly on Baltimore. The media had it covered. There was another police story I thought worth telling. Kinloch, St. Louis County, Missouri. Kinloch is five miles from Ferguson. Population 300.

A mature motherly appearing short black woman had won the election for Mayor with 76 percent of the vote. She had been certified by the County Board of Elections. She went to her office for the first time. The entrance to City Hall was blocked by 24 police officers.

With a population of 300, I cannot believe Kinloch has that many police officers. They had to have come from adjoining communities also. The Mayor never got in. The pictures on the internet and TV showed her standing alone in front of the 24 police officers. David and Goliath.

The police and some with them told the newly elected Mayor she was going to be impeached, fraud had been involved in her election, etc. Amazing! She got 50-60 votes in winning. Understandable with only 300 residents, including children. Fraud?

This happened last week. I have not been able to ascertain the final outcome. When I do, I will share it with you.

Baltimore last night was considerably quieter than the evening before. There were a few disturbances and arrests. No buildings burned down. Everyone on TV this morning is suggesting the worst is over.

I look at it another way. Last night could very well have been the calm before another storm. Those who rioted might have strategically withdrawn to asses the situation and plan their next moves.

I hope I am wrong.

Last night’s blog talk radio show was structured to close with the story of the Oregon bakery owners who last year refused to bake a wedding cake for a same sex marriage. I spent too much time regarding Baltimore and Kinloch and never got to it.

Worth telling, however.

What I intended to share was a determination by the State re the issue. Oregon forbids discrimination by private businesses. It is illegal for a private business to refuse service based on sexual orientation. The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries recently fined the couple $135,000. An expensive lesson!

I have to move. I have a manicure appointment this morning.

It is now raining. Just like last night.

Enjoy your day!



The Conch Republic Celebration continues. Tonight…..The Great Sea Battle. One of the best experiences Key West provides.

The battle will take place off the Ocean Key deck. Pirate ships, Coast Guard vessels, Conch bi-planes and Navy Jets participating.

Conch Air Force members will drop rolls of toilet paper as bombs from the bi-planes. You have not seen anything till you see the toilet paper unfurl as it falls.

Conch Republic pirate ships will shot at the Coast Guard vessels using hoses of sea water. The opposing ships will toss ammunition at each other. Wet Cuban bread, lettuce heads, ripe tomatoes, etc.

A fun time!

The event raises a point of interest. The pirate wenches are attired in bikinis. Bikinis by their very nature are skimpy and revealing. Even more so when wet. Will those certain puritanical Key Westers complain as they did with Fantasy Fest?

Physiotherapy yesterday. Tiring. As bad as when I tried to climb the volcano on Santorini.

I have had physio over the years for very ailments/fractures. None affected me energy wise. What I am presently doing does. Big time! I am wiped out after one hour.

I suspect learning to balance by standing on one foot contributes. First with my eyes open. Then closed. My feet on soft squishy plastic that makes it even more difficult.

It may very well be because I am not physically fit. I let my self go over the years.

Bocce last night. We won 2, lost 1. Should have won 3. The result still ok, however.

My friend Larry Smith. One off Key West’s finest musicians. An entertainer! Larry is performing next friday evening, May 1, at The Studios of Key West. The show’s marque  reads…..Larry Smith…..His Music-His Visions-His Friends.

Sort of a history of Larry’s musical exploits. A walk down memory lane.

More than two dozen performers will join him. Among them, Kathleen Peace, Peter Diamond, Skipper Kripitz, and Larry’s very talented wife Christine.

Reunion time, also! It has been several years since Jenna Stauffer and Larry have appeared together. Back when, they co-hosted an internet show. Jenna will be co-hosting the Studios event with Larry.

I plan on attending. You should also.

This week’s newspaper column Drought and Water Profiteering published wednesday in KONK Life. It appears archived as of yesterday on my Key West Lou Facebook page. Read it. An eye opener as to certain greedy groups who are and will be benefitting from water shortages. You should know who they are.

Enjoy your day!


Even in this day and age, secession is a part of our political diatribe. My recollection is Texas was the last state to threaten secession. Governor Perry so announced on one of his soap box days a couple of years ago.

Secession was on the mind of Key West this day in 1982. The U.S. Border Patrol had done its damage and was to be tolerated no more. A group of Key Westers visited the roadblock at Florida City and announced Key West would tolerate the situation no more.

Key West seceded. The Conch Republic was born.

I had an early morning visit with my dentist yesterday. My implants were implanted no more. The problem was as I thought. Two screw caps had worn down. They were replaced and voila!, it was as if nothing had occurred. Took all of five minutes.

I can remember dentist visits back in time. As far back as the late 1930s. Dentistry was brutal in those days. Dentists hurt! Each visit was with fear and trepidation.

As with Virginia Slims…..Dentistry, you have come a long way baby!

I rested most of yesterday. Monday and tuesday had left me tired.

It was back to Louie’s Backyard for drinks last night. The weather was perfect.

I was heading for a small table near the end of the bar. Someone had a huge black dog. He jumped at me. Suddenly. Scared the hell out of me. Fortunately, he was on a leash. Fully extended, the leashed dog and I were inches apart.

I did an immediate about face and headed for a table at the other end of the deck.

Then to Ibis for dinner. I was in the mood for stone crabs again. Ibis’ stone crabs were much better last night than they had been a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed the meal.

Big day ahead! A haircut this morning, physiotherapy this afternoon, and bocce tonight. Amazing how in retirement the mundane becomes important.

Enjoy your day!



My yesterday started with physiotherapy. Grueling. Leaves me completely tired afterwards. Yesterday, a young lady named Amanda contributed to my discomfort.

We may be making progress. After only two visits, it has been determined that I walk with my knees rather than hips. Makes for a shorter step. Could explain step fallings.

Stopped at Publix after physio. Ran into Stevie. Had not seen him in months. Stevie was the bartender at the Wine Galley for years. Thereafter, at Tavern ‘n Town. He is no longer bartending. Has some sort of office job. A good guy!

Spent a portion of the afternoon final prepping my blog talk radio show for last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

The show went well. Provided an opportunity for me to expose people who do not know what they are talking about. I refer to Social Security.

New Jersey’s Chris Christie spoke yesterday in New Hampshire. He is concerned with the national debt. Said Social Security has to be cut back. One way is to raise the eligibility level to 69.

What no one talks about is why Social Security periodically looks like it may suffer 15-20 years down the road. Either they do not know or do not want us to know. I honestly believe they do not know the true story. Especially members of Congress, from both parties.

The biggest creditor of the United States is the Social Security Fund. The government owes Social Security $1.7 trillion. We only owe China $1.3 trillion.

President Johnson needed money to wage the Vietnam War and support his social programs. Social Security had a ton of money sitting in the bank. Money that would never be used. Note that Social Security takes in more than it pays out. Then and now. Surprising, isn’t it.

Johnson got Congress to pass appropriate legislation. The government was empowered to borrow the money. No promissory note in return, however. Merely an IOU. Not legally enforceable. The intent was to pay the monies back. Per custom, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Not a penny has ever been paid back! And, the government continues to borrow here and there from Social Security whenever it can.

No one cares. Few know. We are never told.

The Conch Republic Independence Celebration begins friday. Ten days of fun! The best part for me is the Sea Battle. Conch forces defeating U.S. sea vessels and planes.

Key West has a new City Planner. Thaddeus Cohen. He attended his first Commission meeting last night. Suit and tie! Obvious he was new to Key West. He was jokingly told no one dresses in Key West. Casual everything and everywhere.

I remember the first Key West wake I attended. I wore suit and tie. Back home, it was called respect. I was the only one so dressed. Even the deceased was dressed casually. I learned. I attend wakes today in shorts  and a sport shirt.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Richard Boettger has an excellent article in today’s KONK Life E-Blast. Peary Court and Walmart’s Scrooges. One of the best articles I have read re the issues.

Michael Shields deserve congratulations, also. Mike organized the Policing in Paradise ACLU Seminar monday night. Key West is buzzing. Everyone complimentary.

The Titanic sunk this day. Sad. More than 1,500 lives lost. Passengers and crew.

Enjoy your day!


Racial bias/selective police enforcement in Key West was a primary topic at the ACLU town hall meeting last night.

I had intended to attend the town hall meeting. Unfortunately, I could not. This morning’s Key West Citizen ran an informative article re the event.

I have spent a quarter of a century in Key West. Having had previous experience with police (I represented 55,000 full time civil service police officers at one time in my legal career), I probably have paid closer attention to police than most. This includes the Sheriff’s Department.

I have never seen the racial bias/selective enforcement complained of. That does not mean it does not exist. I do find fault with Key West police re the Charles Eimers case. Regardless of the official outcome, it leaves me concerned and worried.

Sheriff Department personnel are more congenial. They talk in a respectful manner. Key West officers come across tough, their tone intimidating on occasion.

Perhaps Key West has more difficult problems than Monroe County. Ergo, a different attitude is required. I do not know

Such are my impression of things.

I spent a good part of yesterday working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Great topics! One involves the major thieves of all time. Banks.

Water is predicted to be the oil of the 21st century. The mega banks are buying water sources world wide. It is possible at some point that water will be as costly as gasoline and as profitable for the banks as derivative trading, exorbitant interest rates, etc.

Join me. Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

I finished Elizabeth Warren’s book A Fighting Chance. Read it. Worth while.

The narrative portion of the book is outstanding. Warren writes in a talking fashion. Her story easy to follow.

The only negative I thought was what followed at the end of the book. Pages of excerpts from records of her daily professional activities. Boring. I could not complete that portion. The only thing I can think of is that the excerpts were added to give additional volume to the book. Bulk/number of pages enters into the cost of a book.

Pru Somers has done it again. The woman can write. I recommend her article in this morning’s KONK Life E-Blast. The topic involves affordable housing. She points out there is a lot of room for construction. However, the City cries it has no money to build.

Key West does not spend its funds in a thoughtful process. It overpays for public buildings, replaces public multimillion dollar structures after 20-30 years, talks of building more parking garages, spends money on studies never used, on and on. In the meantime, the working people of Key West do not have affordable housing.

I have to hustle. Physiotherapy this morning. I hope the program cures my falling incidents.

Enjoy your day!