Netanyahu’s speech yesterday was great theater. Better than any State of the Union address. The content worthy of the Biblical expression…..Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

He indicated he knew the contents of the US/Iran deal. Does not surprise me. Israel has the best intelligence service in the world. My problem with the talk was that it offered no alternative. Merely that a better deal should be had.

I took what he said with a grain of salt. This is the same man who said authoritatively that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction back when Bush and Cheney were promoting an Iraqi invasion.

The Republicans beamed as never before. They had insulted the President.

While I am at it, a comment re Petraeus. The mighty shall fall. Unfortunate in his case. The man was an exceptional military leader. Similar to Eisenhower. Considered Presidential timber.

We have lost what might have been a great leader. He took a bite of the apple.

My blog talk radio show was last night. Love doing it! I talked about everything. It was that kind of evening. Actually, week. Many things happened.

The topic that garnered the most interest however was my advising a new type banking on the horizon. At some point, banks will pay you to take out a loan and charge you for holding your deposits. A reverse! Already being done in many European countries. So far in the U.S. only by J P Morgan Chase with big accounts.

My yesterday began with a manicure. Tammy always good company. Then a walk at Home Depot. Followed by a business meeting downtown.

The World Almanac section of this morning’s Key West Citizen set forth that there were 77,865 ready people in the U.S. waiting for body transplants. Makes it easy to understand why the black market in body parts is such a big business. Most body parts go for $100,000 to $150,000. Even ISIS is in the  business. They remove body parts from some captives. Men, women and children.

This week’s KONK Life hits the stands at 5 this afternoon. My column this week is on the light side. The Minnie Ball Pregnancy. I guarantee you will find it amusing.

Enjoy your day!

9 comments on “GREAT THEATER

  1. Israel has to be concerned about their survival. If Obama had the ground based missile defense in Poland and the Czek republic, he would have a bargaining chip with Iran and a radar that could track Russian troops and their hardware. Obama continues to make mistakes on the world stage that are JV!

    • Agreed. Our foreign policy is in the pits. Kerry to me seems almost laughable as he pontificates…he reminds me of the absent-minded professor. It is as if our Government, Congress, both parties and everyone in between has forgot how to govern and are in DC to fleece us and feather their own nests. Say it isn’t so!

  2. One more try, interested in your
    present life and what prompted the dramatic
    change. Ordered your book, another curiosity .
    Caught the very end of your radio “blog”, something
    I need to learn about. I am now in the great state ok
    OK , Thunder up ! Is this really you ! You sound
    so content !

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