Friday began with The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV/internet show. Jenna was out of town. It was just me and Krystal.

I spent a lot time talking about present day poverty in the United States. Reductions in the food stamp program was my motivation.

Permit me to share three observations.

I recently read that one out of every four Americans works for $10 an hour or less. I also read that one out of four American children are enrolled in the food stamp program. If true, we are in more trouble than most think. Seeds have been sewn that can have serious consequences.

The last item concerns members of the House of Representatives. They went home yesterday. Their schedule for the balance of the year was announced. It indicated little time in Washington, much at home.

We have budget problems and a multitude of other matters confronting the Nation. Some with specific deadlines coming up in the next 2-3 months. What the hell are these guys doing?

Whatever I said on the show apparently hit home. Post show comment indicated a gigantic interest in the poverty issue.

After the show, it was off to Lisa’s for a while. A little father/daughter time. Jake was with us. Yesterday, he did not bark at me once. Was quiet and sedate. Just  hung around my feet. I cannot figure him out.

I continue to be tired. Maybe the blood pressure. Perhaps the diet. Could be a combination of the two.

Dinner with Pati last night. At the bar at the Marriott Beachside.

Pati is an environmentalist of the first order. To the extreme, I occasionally think. Motivated by goodness all the time, however. In one of my recent shows, I made a mistake. The issue involved the environment. Pati wrote. First apologizing all over the place. Then telling me she did not wish to offend. Then laying the error upon me.

I appreciated her letting me know. Last night was a sort of thank you. Also, we have always been saying lets have dinner together. Last night was the occasion.

The bar was packed. Michael Emerson was playing the guitar and singing. He chatted with us during breaks.

I ate a diet meal. Four shrimp. a little  tiny bit of some shredded beef, and a roll. One gin. My big meal of the day! Of the week!

It was a nice evening. I enjoyed Pati’s company.

Three brief comments regarding Greece, Egypt and Germany.

Two members of the Greek Nazi party were shot and killed this week outside a suburban headquarters. A couple of weeks ago, the leaders of the Nazi party, the Golden Dawn Party, were arrested on some BS charges and are in jail awaiting trial. Good cannot come of what is happening.

More than a year ago after my first trip to Greece, I wrote Greece was a tinderbox. Do not be surprised if the match is being thrown.

Egypt’s last President, Mursi, goes on trial Monday. He was arrested and has been confined to jail for months. Has not been permitted a visit by his attorney nor has he been provided with the written charges against him. And monday his life is on the line!

So much for the new democratic Egypt that our leaders cheered about when Mubarak was overthrown. I hope lessons have been learned. A massive street demonstration is no guaranty that a democratic government will follow.

I do not like Angela Merkel. She is a trouble maker and opportunist. It was announced yesterday that she had sent her intelligence people to Russia to interview Snowden about who knew what and when concerning the U.S.’s bugging of her cell phone.

Merkel has economically destroyed many European countries with the Euro Union and the euro. She recently indicated that the member nations of the Euro Union should have one army. With Germany being in charge of the air force and navy. She is blowing the cell phone tapping incident out of all proportion. She is another Putin.

Now to the important. Syracuse plays Wake Forest today. The Vegas line has Syracuse a 4.5 favorite. My fingers are crossed.

Enjoy your day!












2 comments on “BUSY DAY YESTERDAY

  1. May I point out that the Gooferment should have no role in “poverty”. Parents have to provide for their genetic material. We have “taught” learned helplessness.

    My aunt likes to feed feral cats. Recently she observed she had a lot of cats showing up for free food. I, respectfully, she’s my Mom’s oldest sister, inquired why she thought that was? “Because I feed them, I guess I am creating a problem.” She has since stopped feeding them.

    The local Gooferment had threatened to fine her. But some simple humanity, solved that particular problem.

    So, why do we think humans are any different?

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