I was up early yesterday morning. I had to be at Lisa’s by 8:30 to babysit. Robert, Ally and Jake were waiting when I arrived. Jake went in the cage. Robert and Ally in the car.

We discussed where to have breakfast. I decided to give them a special treat and take them to a new place. Schooner Wharf.

About fifteen members of the breakfast club were at the bar. My friend Angus bartending. I called over to him. We waved, including Robert and Ally.

We sat at the row of small tables with white plastic chairs next to the boardwalk. Docked boats were less than 10 feet away.

The closeness to the boats and the large number of boats blew the grandkids out. They got excited each time one pulled away from its dock.

Robert and Ally had pancakes. I, eggs benedict. Screw the diet!

The pancakes came with bacon. Robert asked if it was the real stuff. Their mother Lisa is all health foods. She serves turkey bacon.

Robert was on a one week trip for cancer survivors last summer. The one sponsored by Miami Children’s Hospital. Kids 6 to 16 make the trip. About 30 of them. Some as Robert are cancer survivors. The others still in treatment. The purpose of the trip is to celebrate life by those who are cured and give hope to the others that they too can be cured.

On the trip, Robert had real bacon for the first time. Pork bacon. Loved it! Lisa will not buy it. It is still turkey bacon at home. however when out, Robert wants the real stuff. He asked me, is it for real? Yes, I told him. Go for it!

Robert has Ally hooked on it also. She too had bacon with her pancakes.

After breakfast, I took them home. Showed them Poppa on TV via You Tube. One segment. Eight minutes. Had them listen to one 30 minute blog talk radio show. They were good about it. Asked a few questions. When the showing were concluded, Ally asked if they could go play now. I realized they were being kind and humoring me while watching.

Interestingly, Jake sat there watching and listening also.  Perhaps he liked it.

My afternoon and early evening were spent watching the Syracuse/Clemson game. A disaster! Clemson won 49-14. Not worth going through the details. Except to say the Syracuse defense was impressive in the third quarter. They held Clemson to 6 rushing yards most of the quarter. Then the roof fell in again!

The Vegas line was 14 points. I write earlier this week that if Syracuse lost by 14 points, it would be a victory. I projected a 30 point defeat. I was close. It turned out to be 35.

Clemson deserves to be ranked #3. A fine team. A great quarterback. The team could end up #1 in the nation.

I am glad Syracuse moved into the ACC with its football program. There are several good teams in the league. Top 10 and top 20 teams. Syracuse will have to up its game to play at their level. which is good. Syracuse will and some day we will be ranked #3 striving to be #1.

One final observation. Syracuse’s quarterback is green. Only a sophomore. He will be much better next year and dynamite his senior year.

The ankle pain came back last night. Horrible! Again this morning. I am sitting here with the big black boot on.

A reminder. My Friday TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available on You tube. In case you missed the show, it can be viewed there. Go to You Tube and enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

I telephoned Jenna this morning. No answer. She is a big Church goer. Left her a message to call. I would like to see Gravity tonight with her.

Enjoy your Sunday!




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