I like Tom and Cindy. Great people! From Iowa. Black hearted Republicans, but we get along.

We had dinner last night at Square One. Cindy looked lovely. A charmer. Life has not gotten her down. One breast and one leg gone to cancer. Still cheerful! She is amazing!

They wanted to go to Don’s Place after dinner. We went. Fortunately, Don was still there. He and Tom bonded. They were talking business all night.

My day started early yesterday. The metabolic test for WeBeFit. I am in terrible shape. worse than I thought. Stayed a while after and did some time on the tread mill. Then an hour at Plantation Coffee House reading the papers.

My TV/internet show tomorrow at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Via television from Key West through Boca Raton on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

My chest/rib is killing me. I did not work out today. Already! I see the doctor at 4.

Enjoy your day!

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