I had dinner last night at Square One. Third time in recent weeks. I must like it. I do.

The new owner Carmelo has done a wonderful job in remodeling. An interior of soft dark colors. Lights always dim. The atmosphere soothing. The food of course outstanding.

My rediscovery of Square One does not mean I am abandoning my other haunts of choice. Hot Tin Roof is still tops with me. In fact, I am having dinner with Cheryl and Roger there Friday night.

The new Square One does not serve breakfast or lunch. Only dinners. They have a children’s menu. Terrific! Everything between $5 and $7. Some night when I am watching Robert and Ally at diner time, I will  ring them. I would have us seated at the outside terrace. Robert and Ally do not need dim lights.

Dinner was with Amy Culver. We have known each other for years. Merely to say hello when we would see each other. Last night was the first time I ever had dinner with Amy or talked with her to any extent.

Amy was an excellent dinner companion. She is the former owner of Mangos. The jumping outdoor restaurant in the middle of Duval. She sold it several years ago.

Amy travels extensively. For the past 11 years, she has visited Africa for at least a month at a time. Sounds like my visits to Greece. She initially went 11 years ago on a trip/mission to help the Africans. Got so taken with the place that she returns yearly to continue.

As you are aware, even  though book one is done, I am working on two others. One is a biography of an international figure. I have been into serious research for six months regarding him.

Writing is very similar to the work I did as an environmental attorney. Tons of records need to be searched. Always looking for that small piece of information or paper that will lead to some thing of value. While I was digging, I came across the program handed to those who attended his funeral at a large church in New York City. The program listed something like 15 persons who gave eulogies. Lo and behold, Amy was one of them!

The purpose of last night’s get together was to start digging into Amy’s wealth of recollections. I learned much. Much I did not know. I thought I knew everything about the man and was using Amy to merely fill in the holes. She opened new doors to me. I anticipate Amy and I will be spending many hours together over the course of the next year.

I was pleased when I arrived at Square One to see my booce partner Frankie and his wife Sandy. They were with several friends having dinner. Guy, the owner of KONK Life, came in with his lady friend of many years, ML. That is what she is called. I know her by no other name.

The Christmas Parade is next Saturday evening. KONK Life has a float. I am supposed to be on it in a Santa hat throwing candy to the kids.

Met Suzette. A lovely tiny young lady. An intriguing accent. We talked a bit. She is from Russia. Served as hostess last night.

Met also for the first time our waiter. Amy knew him, however. Robert Perlow. He once was a writer for Jay Leno.

There is a wine bar between Square One and La Te Da. I do not recall its name. First time I was there. Amy dragged me after dinner. I am not a wine drinker. I had a bottle of water while Amy imbibed.

Diane May was there. I had not seen Diane in quite a while. We have mutual friends. Donna and Terri. Diane is a beaming charming woman.

I asked Amy if it was true that Christopher had sold Antonia’s. Restaurant and former restaurant owners know everything. Yes, it was true. What surprised me was that Christopher turned around and bought La Te Da. Wow!

Tonight at 9 is my blog talk radio show. If you are home, flip open the computer and listen in. It is only a half hour and a fast moving one at that.

Interesting topics tonight include courts gone crazy, Saudi Arabians beating their maids, future wars perhaps being fought over water, whether Black Fridays are the picture of how people will behave if there are food shortages, and my thoughts regarding Pope Frances’ recent Papal Mission Statement.

Enjoy your day!

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