Happy Easter!

I love holidays. Things change as one gets older however. I miss my grandmother and mother’s Easter cooking. Especially the ghzzad (probably spelled wrong) and sausage pies. Easter foods. Heavy. Took forever to digest. So good, however!

I attached an Andre Rieu You Tube presentation on my Good Friday blog a few days ago. If you did not see and hear it, go back and do so. It is my Easter gift to you. Andre and his violin, together with the Nun’s Choir  with a rendition that may bring tears to your eyes.

I spent all day yesterday writing. Received a call about 5. It was Jenna. What are you doing? Lets go out. We did. Square One for dinner. It was catch up time. I do not see Jenna as often as I did. She is too busy with her television career.

I stopped at Don’s place after dropping Jenna off. Don and David at the bar. Don asked…..Where were you? Where was I what? The holiday dinner party at Hershel, Erika, Stan and Clare’s. Three smoked pigs.

I forgot!

Embarrassing, wow! More embarrassing when just at that moment Stan and Clare walked in. I told them the truth as I apologized. I forgot.

This seems to be Maggiore week. A couple of nights ago, I ran into Rocco Maggiore at the Chart Room. He used to live in Utica. This morning I received an e mail from Anna. She is spending the holiday on Mount Santa Maria Maggiore.

She is with her son Antonio, his wife Mariam, and their two children. Antonio has a chalet near the top of the mountain. Anna reports it is cold and there is 20 inches of newly fallen snow.

Enjoy the holiday!

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