JJ was one of the bartenders at the Chart Room. He changed his place of work to the Galleon a couple of weeks ago. I decided to visit JJ.

Good luck! I have been twice to the Galleon and no JJ! The first time was my fault. I did not know his schedule and went on a day he was not working. Yesterday was my second time. However, I checked first. JJ was working thursday and friday from 4 on. I was there at 4:30. JJ nowhere to be found. The bartender Todd told me JJ had gone home.

The Galleon sits at the end of Front Street. Water on two sides. People own condos, time shares, and a few rent. I had been to the outdoor bar only twice. For weddings. Yesterday, for a drink.

The bar sits directly on open water. Boats going back and forth constantly. A large square bar, well shaded.

I did not enjoy my time there. The atmosphere was strange. Every bar I go to in Key West is full of friendly drinkers. Whether locals or tourists. No one talked to anyone at the Galleon. Everyone stayed to themselves. Most starred straight ahead. Even couples. Sad. Could it be the ownership factor? I do not know.

After the Galleon, it was the Chart Room. Quiet. Early. Around 5. Just me and Emily. Then me, Emily and Sheila. I had one drink at the Galleon. Was not in the mood to drink any more. Had two diet Pepsi’s at the Chart Room.

Ate some popcorn. Emily makes the best popcorn on the island!

Where to have dinner? I finally decided on Orgami. It was a while since I had enjoyed sushi. I sat outside at a small table.

Orgami is located in Square One. Just across from Square One Restaurant.

Big basketball tonight! Dayton/Florida. Six o’clock. I have decided to watch the game from the comfort of my home. I am curious to see if Dayton can continue its winning streak. A tough game. Florida is #1 on everyone’s list of top teams.

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “JJ…..WHERE ARE YOU?

  1. I hope you find J.J. soon and report back on a location.. Otherwise my trip in June will be a lot tamer than usual if he is still on the missing list…

    I also look forward to bumping into you again at the Chart Room, we didn’t have much chance to chat at the 45th anniversary party.

  2. Hey Lou!

    We have a big time every Friday night with JJ and CBell behind the bar at the Sunset Tiki Bar. Come see us! JJ has been a great addition to the Tiki. He took last night off, I don’t know why.

    And I think Todd’s an excellent barkeep.

    It’s true, Galleon is a different animal… I’ve played a lot of hotels, but this is the first timeshare property I’ve played. Some weeks in the year are better than others. Crazy. But I’ve met some families and watched some kids grow up there over the last four years. It’s nice. And the view can’t be beat!

    Please introduce yourself to me when you come back. I’d like to meet you.

    Clint Bullard


    (I play every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 6-9.) Fridays, when JJ usually works, are fun nights with a lot of locals.

    I have followed you on the interwebs for quite some time… Good job.

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