Yesterday was quiet and constructive. It may appear I did little. Trust me, it was a lot.

Started with a morning haircut with Lori. Then to Home Depot for a long walk. Long means twice around the building. Forty minutes.

From early afternoon to 8 last night, I worked on the Greece book. The island of Mykonos. I have been delinquent in not spending as much time recently as I should have. I was hoping to get it to the publisher by the end of this month. No way. It will be July now. Definitely.

Eight for me is too late to go out. By the time I showered again and made the trip into town, it would have been 9. It was bed for me. With all the TV movies available, none appealed to me. So I read for about 3 hours. A new book on Hillary Clinton. HRC. This is not the book Hillary wrote. It is one written by others about her. Interesting so far. I am into her time as Secretary of State. Hillary was a smart woman. Skillful in nurturing relationships.

The history corner on page 2 of the Key West Citizen made mention yesterday of a 1956 De Soto 4 door sedan. Brought back memories. In 1956 while attending Manhattan College in New York City, I drove a taxi cab. It was a De Soto 4 door sedan.

The car was large. All cars were big back then. Nothing like today’s New York City cabs. Huge back seats. Legs could be comfortably crossed.

An observation, night time cab driving in New York City was an education in itself.

The history corner triggered another memory. It mentioned that on yesterday’s date in 1991, the last Soviet troops left Hungary. The same year I was driving a cab in New York, the Hungarian revolution took place. It was the young people who revolted. They had to get out fast when the revolution failed.

The United States took many in and sent them to several colleges throughout the country. One of those colleges was Manhattan. I was fortunate to make friends with them. Became a close friend of one.

The story they told of how the revolution occurred was interesting. The revolution was spontaneous. No one really thought or talked about one.

The young people drank beer. Some nights for fun, they would throw the empty beer bottles at the Russian tanks, laugh and run off.

The Russians started shooting back. The empty beer bottles became molotov cocktails. The revolution had begun.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. I’d rather read your thoughts on that Hungarian student you friended at Manhattan College than your thoughts on Hilliary. Ha.

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