I love politics. Without question. Governmental and social issues have become my forte. I am happy it has occurred. Over my Key West years, the internet show, TV show, blog talk radio show, and KONK Life column have created this monster in me that enjoys speaking out. I almost forgot. Also, the book I wrote.

For many years, I have been of the opinion that Key West should have a Cheers type TV show. Generally regarding political and social matters. There is genius undiscovered in Key West. My words fall on deaf ears. No one envisions what I see.

There are two bars where untapped genius can be found. Don’s Place and the Chart Room. My vision is a camera at a corner of Don’s outside bar. Then a group drinking and chatting for three hours. Edit the time down to one half or an hour.

The comments elicited would blow your mind! The humor factor.

I seek the political and social, also. There are inquiring minds at Don’s Place. People like Hershel and Jimmy. I love talking politics and world events with these guys. Both are extremely and surprisingly knowledgeable. Jimmy is a house painter and Hershel an engineer of sorts. Both a bit left of center.

The Chart Room is another story. A great venue for a show. However, I prefer Don’s. There is less seriousness at Don’s Place. In any event, I doubt the Pier House would permit a politically engaging show to be performed on its premises.

I enjoy chatting with my local friends at the Chart Room. Emily can be tough, Sheila loving, David right on, Che opinionated.

My friends would provide the flavor. There are other minds that would make the political jargon challenging. It is the tourists. A good number are from middle America. Politically they range from conservative backward to tea party mentality. Most however conservative. Rock hard Republicans.

I enjoy chatting with them. I try to ease the conversations into politics to see how others think. They are happy to share. I have one problem. The middle country folk always seem to repeat Republican speaking points. I rarely find deviation.

I have only met one tea party person. At least, I think so. He was crazy! Enough said.

If anyone out there has any interest in my Don’s Place concept for a show, let me know. I would love to get such a show off the ground.

Hemingway Days start tomorrow. One of my favorite Key West events. The Hemingway look alikes. Some 125 strong. And the running of the bulls, Key West style. The bull run is saturday afternoon.

Me thinks I have a black cloud over my head. The car last week. Last night, my kitchen sinks and one of my toilets started working in reverse. I needed my friend Frankie the Plumber. Nowhere to be found. He is somewhere in New York City. After about seven telephone calls, I was able to track down one of his men. Mark or Pete. I cannot remember for sure. One of them will be here this morning.

Which means… gym again. I missed last week and will be missing this morning. Makes me unhappy. My routines will be more difficult when I return.

Enjoy your day!


5 comments on “CHEERS KEY WEST STYLE

  1. The streets of Duval & area smell like NYC’s Village Bleecker Street – vomit & urine. How’s that for being nice, Lou? Ha.

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